Employee Nomination Letter - Format, Sample, Example, and Write a Nomination Letter

Employee Nomination Letter – Format, Sample, Example, and Write a Nomination Letter

January 5, 2023
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Do you have award ceremonies at your company?

How do you select the deserving person for an award in your company?

Nominations are a great way. A nomination is an act of officially suggesting or recommending someone for a prize, award, position, or role. The nomination process involves submitting an official recommendation on a candidate’s name for appointing him/her for a particular position, award, or prize.

In such situations, an Employee Nomination Letter can be written to the respective person for the nomination.

Normally the companies arrange such nominations for employee of the month awards. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss what an employee of the month nomination is, the steps to write an employee nomination letter, and offer a few employee nomination letter templates and examples.


Learn the basics of an Employee of the Month Nomination Letter. Let’s dive deep!!

What is an Employee of the Month Nomination?

An employee of the month nomination is a proposal used to identify the team member who meets or exceeds the criteria of a workplace reward system. For example, the company may reward an employee who successfully completes 10 projects by the month’s end. And if the employee completes 11 projects by month’s end, he/she exceeds the criteria and will be credible for the nomination.

Nominations are a business management technique that promotes team connection and appreciation. The team members can nominate their co-workers according to the pre-defined reward system criteria. With the nomination(recommendation), an employee usually needs to provide the reason behind the nomination. The reason could be any including a person’s work commitment, dedication, teamwork, respect, etc.

The management takes these nominations into consideration before making the decision and may give the employee of the month award to the person who gets the most nominations. With some gift as a prize, companies can also give a recognition letter to the employee as proof of his/her hard work.

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What are the Benefits of the Employee of the Month Program?

Organizing an employee of the month program at your workplace can give public recognition to hard-working team members. Also, it can act as a way to motivate other employees to work better and increase their productivity. There are many benefits of implementing an employee of the month program, which include:

  • It creates healthy competition among employees.
  • Help employees feel valued.
  • Promoting an environment that supports high performance.
  • Increasing customer service ratings.
  • Improves employee retention rate.
  • Producing higher quality products/services.

Apart from rewarding the employees, you also need to track the productivity of each employee in order to know what is affecting their productivity. Click here to know how you can measure and improve employees’ productivity.

How to Write an Employee of the Month Nomination?

Below are some steps to follow when you are writing an employee of the month employee nomination letter:

1. Address the Review Committee

Start your employee nomination letter by addressing or greeting the review committee, which is mostly the HR department. It is always recommended to use the first name of the reviewer if you know it.

2. Give Context

In the first paragraph, start by stating why you are writing to the committee. Your first paragraph should tell them that the letter is regarding the employee of the month award. When recommending someone for the award, include their full name and the designation within the company.

3. Elaborate on the Employee’s Relevant Contribution to the Company

Most of the body text of your letter contains information about why you are nominating the employee for the award. In this, you can include the tasks they accomplished. Also, include the characteristics they demonstrated, for eg., commitment to deadlines. Be specific about what made you nominate the employee for the award.

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4. Mention How they Helped you as a Team Member

Apart from explaining how the employee positively affected the company, ensure to include the ways they have been a good team member. In this section, you can include the time they helped you make your work easier or their friendly personality made your day. Also, you can include any work habits or qualities you observed that are beneficial for the company.

Employee Nomination Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Employee Nomination Letter Format

Employee Nomination Letter Format

Employee Nomination Letter Example

Employee Nomination Letter Example


The Employee nomination program is a great way to encourage team connection and appreciation. Also, rewarding employees with various awards help you to motivate your employees to do better and increase productivity.

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