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Biometric Attendance Management System

One place to manage your attendance, quickly and accurately!

What is Biometric Attendance?

Biometrics – Biological measurements are the physical features used to identify individuals. Examples of biometrics include facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and retina scanning. These features are helpful for security purposes. However, you can use the same to manage your attendance with added security.

Biometric attendance can be incredibly beneficial when you try to inculcate it in your work environment. It uses advanced technology to scan your fingerprints. It can give you an accurate time that you logged in. It prevents time theft and attendance abuse. You can simplify your entire attendance and manage your record-keeping in real-time.

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What is a Biometric Attendance Management System?

For every organization, be it a small-scale industry or medium-scale enterprise, a biometric attendance management system helps you to maintain a record of the workforce. With a traditional paper-based attendance management system, it becomes tight to track the routine activities of our team members. For example, the exact work duration, exact time of lunch, any kind of break, or even check and check out time. Thus, it hinders the overall productivity analysis.

In such instances, when you have a Biometric Attendance management system. You can have a real-time attendance monitoring system. It enables project managers as well as the HRs to accurately track the daily attendance records. A biometric attendance management system identifies, verifies, analyzes, and matches the fingerprint of the individual and thus, matches it with the original biometric information. The data is already stored in a highly secure cloud database.

The process here eliminates the chances of mishappens in the calculator of attendance. Thus, you can use this data for accurate salary calculations. Biometrics attendance management helps you to have one of the most economical, efficient, and accurate attendance data.

Features Of Biometric Attendance Management

Multiple aspects of a system that helps you handle your attendance smoothly

Access Control

Easily manage the access of your employees or non-employee to particular areas at your workplace.

User Capacity

Manage the access based on the number of employees and people in a particular area.


Stay in touch with all the employees and how their attendance is tracked, regardless of the location.

Identification time

Quick, easy, and reliable. You can add your employee’s in time or out time, with a swift move or touch.

Durability and ruggedness

Such a system comes in handy and it is a one-time installment that works for a longer period.

Integration to Payroll

With an accurate date for attendance, when you integrate it with the PAYROLL system, the payroll processing becomes quick


You can have 24*7 support to handle your system and check the data regarding the same.

How does Biometric Attendance Work?

From the main entrance to the workstation, the employee is offered a way to manage their in-time. The employee can scan their fingerprint with the device kept at the entrance. There are three steps to consider, as you introduce biometric attendance management in your company

Step 1: Scan the fingerprint
To ensure the biometric system gives you an accurate result, the admin has to scan and map the fingerprint of all the employees.

Step 2: Centralize your data
Store your scanned data at a centralized cloud platform. Every time someone tries to punch in, you can use the source to map the fingerprint.

Step 3: User authentication
If and only if, the scanned data matches the fingerprint data stored in the system, the entry will be clocked in or clocked out.

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Why is Biometric Attendance System important?

This biometric attendance management system not only tracks employees’ schedules but also offers the added benefit of controlling access to employees and non-employees. It controls the access of employees to certain areas.

You have a highly secured cloud-based platform to keep attendance data centralized. Thus, use this data to manage your employee payroll with few clicks.

Designed & developed with advanced security measures & role-based access provision, the biometric attendance system allows faculty to analyze attendance details at any time & from anywhere.

The biometric attendance software auto-generates daily/weekly/monthly/yearly attendance reports of your employees to ensure real-time & accurate time-attendance tracking.

How to choose the perfect Biometric Attendance system?

  • It is important to ensure that your data is kept safe. Especially your fingerprints. Get a centralized data management system, to ensure there is no data theft.
  • User-friendliness of the system in the workplace will help your employees as well as the HR to adopt this system as early as possible,
  • Use accurate technology to give you appropriate data for your biometric attendance. 
  • The biometric attendance system needs to have cloud accessibility to handle your remote employees and their attendance as well.
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Do you have any troubles with attendance management?

Let us make your organization a smarter workplace with the help of technological advancement, thereby leading you towards easier employee management.

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What is a Biometric Attendance Management system?

This biometric attendance management identifies, verifies, analyzes, and matches the data of your fingerprint or thumbprint with the original data stored in the system. It helps you record the clock-in & clock-out time. You can use a cloud-based platform to store these data and use them to process payroll or even create performance reports.

Is the Biometric Attendance Management system good?

Yes.Absolutely, yes. If you are looking for an accurate way of managing your employee attendance and tracking the time duration they have spent at work. Do check out the above-mentioned features of a good biometric attendance management system.

How does Biometric Attendance Management work?

A biometric system usually takes into consideration your fingerprint data or your face scan, to handle the respective attendance. It will clock in or clock out, based on the identification made.

Why should I choose a biometric attendance system?

The first and foremost reason, for you to choose a biometric attendance management system, is to have your employees manage their attendance with ease and accuracy. You can check out more benefits above.

Is a biometric attendance system more secure than other attendance systems?

If you have a biometric attendance engagement system, that duly takes care of your data and keeps it centralized and safe, then, you can rest assured that this is one of the safest attendance management systems.

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