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Punch Card Attendance Management System

Mark your attendance in no time with a swift swipe or touch of a card

What is punch card attendance?

One of the most popular ways to handle employee tracking is with the help of a single card. It is a flat and stiff card used to store digital information.

In punch card attendance, employees can use the card to ensure attendance marking. The punch card attendance prevents any proxy attendance. You can also use this same card as an ID card for the employees. Here, you do not have the authority to tamper with the attendance tracking reports.

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What is a punch card attendance system?

The employee used this punch card to track attendance. A punch card attendance system consists of a system that supervises and keeps track of time, whenever the employee swipes or taps the card on the sensor.

Here you have the ability to monitor the time. The tracking of time is so accurate, so time theft is negligible here. The employee can not even make changes to the once recorded time. You can make sure your device, once set up, helps you easier data collection for payroll processing.

Benefits of Punch Card Attendance Management

Incur successful and efficient tiem tracing benetis with a punch card system

Simple and effective

With a punch and you can easily track time with a single tap

No more time frauds

As you have to track time in an automated system, employees can not alter it.

Maximum accuracy

The device can give you an exact time to detail the attendance tracking.

One-time affordable charges

The system installation is easy, one time, and takes up less energy and changes to install.

Single and unique identity

No one can fake or create replica digital cards, as they are very unique.

Quick and Efficient

Punching a card is a fast process. It hardly takes 1 to 5 seconds only.

Accurate reports

You get completely organized reports of all the individuals to check performance.

Easy payroll integration

You can have the system reports help you create accurate payroll for the month.

No more manual blunders

Automated systems such as card attendance diminish manual information section blunders.

How does punch card attendance work?

When the employee tries to capture and compare their attendance with the help of a face scan, the system automatically checks your employee data. It measures the total time, overtime, late arrival, and well as early exit with the help of the face recognition attendance management system. It takes place in three steps.

Step 1: Scan the card for detection
To ensure the punch card attendance system gives you an accurate result, the system has to scan and store the time of all the employees on the cloud platform.

Step 2: Transform and centralize data
Store your scanned data and transform it into a set of data for feeding it into the system. Every time someone tries to scan the card, you can use the source to map the data and add the record to the system.

Step 3: Match the user’s card
If and only if, the scanned data matches the data of the previously stored punch card in the system, the entry will be clocked in or clocked out, This data will then be stored in the system.

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Why are fingerprint punch card systems important?

In the punch cards method, it is impossible to bypass using falsified information, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching and other forms of employee time theft. 

It leads to an employee being paid for time in which they were not working and typically occurs through the falsifying of time records. While in the Biometric Attendance System, there is no possibility of such a mistake.

The process of tracking the time is not transferable. It is with the help of our digital card that you can help the system with your punch-in.

You can reduce the human labor behind tracking every employee. This time can be used somewhere else, to do productive and strategic work.

How to choose the perfect punch card attendance system?

  • Look for a system that allows your employees to record hours in a swift moment. The less time it takes to punch the card the easier it is to have multiple entries from employees.
  • Make sure the system is accurate and meets all your system requirements. It needs to take care of the actual hours that employees work.
  • Search for a punch attendance system that is easy to use. It needs to have an uncluttered way of allowing efficient employee self-service. It shouldn’t be hard to understand.
  • Use a punch card attendance system that provides notifications when employees are nearing overtime or forget to clock in or out. This can be helpful in payroll processing.
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Do you have any trouble with Attendance Management?

Let us make your organization a smarter workplace with the help of technological advancement, thereby leading you towards easier employee management.

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Want to know more about the Punching Attendance System?Check out the question-answer below.

What is a Punch Card Attendance System?

A punch card attendance system is one where you use a digitally transcribed card to punch in and put your attendance. It helps the company keep a log of employees’ attendance.

Importance of Punch Card Attendance System?

A punch card attendance system can help you with managing your employee tracks. Note down the ins and out of your employee attendance and create attendance reports with the same. IT can help you with accurate reports or payroll processes.

Is the Punch Card Attendance System better?

With on-premises systems, you pay all your costs upfront with the help of an integrated system to manage your punch card attendance. There are no monthly fees for the service thereafter. However, the one-time costs don’t typically cover any ongoing support or software updates.

Why Do Punch Card Attendance Systems Need?

The biggest benefit of digital time and punch card attendance tracking systems is that you can have all the time collected electronically, with the calculations made for you and stored in the cloud-based platform.

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