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Project Management Software

Track Your Work With A Systematic Ease

Project Dashboard

With capabilities to automate and streamline all your daily tasks related to a project, PMS improves the efficiency. Create a project, assign your work to individuals and manage them through a single portal.

  • Create private channel in UBS CHAT for discussion
  • Clone project for easier handling
  • Archive your project once finished
  • Add/Remove project members
pms create project
pms create project

List View

An easy way to use front of your project management software where all your tasks are listed. A simple approach towards handling operations, adding filters to suit your requirements and manage a detailed lookout.

  • One click access to check task details
  • Add tag, Initiate or Stop timer, Assign tasks, Set due date
  • Running Tasks filter
  • Add tag for easier categorization
pms list view
pms list view

Kanban View

Provides us with a view of tasks enlisted for you. It depicts the stages of your work and keep you updated with progress of every task on a single screen. Easy to access and quick look up for a view of task details.

  • Single view at one place for all the tasks
  • Task drag and drop
  • Start/Stop task timer, Assign Employee/User, Set due date, Clone Task
  • Running Tasks filter
pms kanban view
pms kanban view

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A Discussion helps to define and manage project scope, functional work flow and keep all important details within the project. It can be shared with the project members to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Media files, links and relatable documents can be laid out at same place
  • Loaded with comments, message formatting, emoji reaction, likes
  • Discussion for myself, all project members, subscribers
pms discussion
pms discussion

Project Timesheet

With a timesheet for every project, track the time spent by every employee on a project for a particular activity. Create a chart to help you analyze the productivity and represent it in a graphical way.

  • Set the data for reports according to different days
  • Analysis of number of hours spent on a task
  • Department wise performance chart
  • Activity wise distribution of hours
pms project timesheet
pms project timesheet

Project Activities

Track what is being done on the project. Stay updated with every employee’s work. Choose tasks and projects every member of the team is working on. Choose filters to keep an eye of real time activities

  • Date wise, day wise or month wise activity filter
  • Link click for particular task and subtasks
  • Filter by Activity Type, Employees/Users.
pms project activites
pms project activites

Quick, Easy Clutter-free
UBS is the best app that we ever used to manage our team, It’s very easy to use. The ability to view real-time resources allocation is the most loved feature in my organization.

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Maulik Vora

Zluck Solutions  |  CEO

Add/Remove Member

When you create a project, it allows to select project manager and add/remove members to the project. Besides that, the project access can be given to all Employee/Users of the organization with single selection and let the Employees/Users create a task to resolve their query/concern.

  • A detailed view of members of the project
  • Decide permissions depending upon responsibilities
  • One click to add all the members of organization
  • Bird eye view to look for project manager, creator and members
pms add remove member
pms add remove member

Email & Push Notifications

Notifications are alerts that will keep you updated with the activities in PMS. This will help you stay on track with every activity. Get notified on Email according to your time convenience or receive web notification instantly.

  • Customized notification settings for every project
  • Email of daily reports on the basis of daily activity
  • Get notified when you are assigned a task
  • Manually update your notification settings
pms email push notifications
pms email push notifications


On the basis of your project and the tasks involved in it, create different categories in your task management system. You can even add subtasks to your main task.

  • Pin comments to the comments for better notice
  • Add or remove followers who can stay updated with activities
  • Set a priority list according to the project delivery
  • Add tags to your tasks or subtasks depending on description
pms task subtask
pms task subtask

Task Timer Widget

Ensuring that the work being done is constantly monitored. Start the time of the particular task and stop it, when the work is done. You can only start one task timer at a time. This way you can also see who else is working on a project.

  • Helps to maintain worklog history
  • Add/Edit worklog manually for convenience
  • A filter to see all the timer running tasks
  • Availability to work on one task at a time
pms time tracking
pms time tracking

My Tasks List

A whole new section where you can only see the tasks you are involved in. Sort your tasks on the basis of priority or you can also keep a view of incomplete tasks assigned to you.

  • Mark a task complete or incomplete
  • Filter task according to requirement
  • Check the due date and set priority
  • Sort tasks on the basis of requirement
pms my tasks list
pms my tasks list


Track daily or monthly data for task done on a particular project. And, to make it simpler to understand we have made sure you can sort it out on the basis of employee name, project details and type of activity.

  • Keep a track of time spent on a particular task
  • Different activity for every project
  • Availability of an employee at the office
  • Single click access for every task details
pms timesheet
pms timesheet


A very important feature here that helps you with the contact details of all your team members. With board view, you can easily check up on the working status. And if someone looks, free you can easily chat with them, assign a new task or even seek for help on your task.

  • Interconnected with UBS CHAT
  • Status of tasks and what everyone is working on
  • Check attendance status with connected HRMS
  • Contact numbers and Email addresses
pms resources
pms resources

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