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Exit Interview Letter – Format, Definition, ToDo, Examples, and More

October 11, 2022
HR Toolkit
Exit Interview Letter

Exit Interview offers an excellent opportunity for the departing employees to communicate with the management and express their thoughts and feelings about the company.

However, how is an exit interview helpful for organizations? Let’s see.

Since exit interviews provide the thoughts of employees to the management, this information can help the managers improve the culture and strategies of the organization which thereby leads to greater success down the road. You can invite the departing employees for an exit interview using an exit interview letter.

exit interview letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

So, how do you define exit interviews? How do you write an exit interview letter? Read the blog to gain insights about this letter. You can also get access to the Free exit interview letter template and example with UBS HR Toolkit.

What is an Exit Interview?

An exit Interview is a discussion between an organization and a departing employee. Contrary to job interviews, these interviews deal with the negative aspects of employee separation. The purpose of an exit interview is to obtain constructive feedback from the employee leaving the company. This feedback helps the managers create a positive work culture in the company.

Employees provide honest feedback when they have decided to leave the company as they no more have the fear of retribution. Exit Interviews help allow employees to offer any suggestions or voice complaints about the company. Employers can learn the actual and the major concerns of the employees by conducting such interviews. This valuable information can help you better manage business processes.

Also, exit interviews help you to generate proactive responses to prevent employees from resigning in the future.

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To-Do List for an Exit Interview

  • Hold the interview in a private setting and face-to-face.
  • Even though the employee is leaving, treat him/her with respect and dignity.
  • Begin the interview on a positive note. For example, offer thank you to the employee for their employment in the organization.
  • Always prepare your questions and concerns prior to the interview.
  • Take notes and provide documentation of the interview.
  • Focus exclusively on workplace issues to help the company culture.
  • Ensure that the exit interview does not turn into a discussion of the employee’s performance.
  • Stay calm and do not use it as an opportunity to defend the organization
  • Make sure that the information provided by the employee does not affect their reference.

Interview Call Letter – Format, Meaning, Tips, and Examples

Often the companies prefer to provide departing employees with a list of exit interview questions rather than keeping it face-to-face. This gives the employees time to think about their responses. However, foregoing face-to-face interviews cannot be ignored. Both processes are important.

For this, you can send an exit interview invitation letter with the questions attached to the employee so that both parties are prepared when the meeting takes place. Look below for some of the exit interview questions you can ask your employees.

10 Employee Exit Interview Questions

If you are sending an exit interview invitation letter to your employee and want to know the questions to be added, we have got you covered.

  1. Why are you leaving the company?
  2. What made you accept the job offer in the new company?
  3. Were you well-equipped to do your work in our organization?
  4. What are your thoughts about our company’s culture?
  5. What did you like in your role while doing a job in our company?
  6. Share anything that you disliked in your job in our company.
  7. Do you think that you received adequate training?
  8. Is there anything we could do to stop you from leaving?
  9. What are your views about communication within our company?
  10. What do you feel, did the company appreciate your efforts during employment?
  11. Were you provided with a clear understanding of objectives?
  12. What is your opinion about our Management?
  13. Do you have any suggestions for our company?

You can add these questions in the exit interview invitation letter for your employee to be prepared before appearing for the interview.

exit interview letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Exit Interview Letter

Exit Interview Letter Format

Exit Interview Letter Example

Exit Interview Letter Example


Your objective as an employer, HR business professional, or HR department is to keep top talent on staff for as long as you can. However, as some individuals leave their jobs to pursue other interests, turnover is inevitable. Conduct exit interviews with employees prior to their departure so that you can learn the truth about their job happiness, identify the cause of the high employee turnover rate, and gather useful information to aid in the selection of a successor.

The exit interview procedure serves two purposes. First of all, it is a practical way to obtain an objective assessment of the environment. Employees can express their opinions regarding the procedures, culture, and management structure as well as their experiences working for the company during exit interviews. Invite your employee by sending them an exit interview invitation letter. Get access to the free Exit Interview Invitation Letter Template, and other HR Document Templates at UBS HR Toolkit.

Not only exit interviews, but there are a lot of onboarding and offboarding processes during an employee’s employment journey. You can ease your employee documentation process with UBS HRMS Software. Get access to the free Exit Interview Invitation Letter Template, and other HR Document Templates like letters, emails, forms, etc., at UBS HR Toolkit. 

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