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Employee Exit Form – Get Detailed Information About it? Read This!

December 22, 2022
HR Toolkit
employee exit form

An employee exit is not so happy process! But if it happens then you need to follow the procedure for the same. What procedure? To fill out the employee exit form. Though this is a long process it includes considering this form. HR’s responsibility is not only to find the reason why he or she wanted to leave the job but, to provide the employee exit form to the employee and make to fill it out.

Whether the employee has resigned or been terminated, you because the HR manager has to handle the employee’s offboarding legal, and timely process. An employee exit checklist is going to be handy for HR. So the question is – where to start? It can be started by providing employee exit form words to employees. HR must handle this sensitive situation while making sure to maintain the company’s brand image.

To streamline this Process of HR, you’ll use, UBS offboarding software or consider a form for that. 

Definition Of The Employee Exit Process

Exit means offboarding.

Employee exit is not preferable for any organization however for any kind of reason this term is used when an employee wants to go from the organization. This is the case where it can be voluntary or involuntary. The term is typically used when a human resource exits a company.

This process should be handled with sensitivity. This is often the last interaction that an employee has with the company, therefore, it’s important for the employee to feel valued during the process.

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What Is An Employee Exit Form?

As we talked about above para, this process can be seamless. To maintain the exit process in a sensible manner exit form template is used. An employee exit form may be a document where employers ask departing employees about which position they were working, what they liked and disliked about their job, why they’re leaving, and other questions about their departure. The knowledge gathered from this form is used to look for patterns in the data that might be causing employees to leave or stay.

Why Is An Employee Exit Form Important?

An exit interview form is necessary to know why people are leaving your organization. The knowledge organizations obtain from a good employee exit form can be very useful in minimizing employee turnover and keeping a good workforce. Additionally, an exit form may give the employer a far better idea of who is staying and who is leaving. This will help the employer to update their basic hiring and retention plan and to determine which jobs are in high demand or low demand.

It’s important to ask questions employees, about why he or she is leaving, because they’re moving on to new opportunities.

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What Do You Have To Ask In An Employee Exit Form?

If you want to find something regarding employee exit, you should be added to this employee exit form then this is the place you can get overall details regarding it. Too much information on blank paper has become boring and not so handy. Not because they´re uninteresting, but because they’re similar yet different in an annoying way that makes it very difficult to know which one to go for.

So, this is good to use the form for that. 

So, what quite information would you get from this form, and may it be used to improve working situations for your remaining employees so that they decide to stay? 

There are more or fewer employee exit form samples. You can just check them and consider options if anything is relevant why there are leaving etc. 

  • Describe every detail regarding the employee’s name, address, and position. 
  • Describe in additional detail your reasons for leaving. 
  • What problems you have faced? 
  • What you want could be better? 
  • Which opportunities are you looking for in other organizations? 

Obviously better, but wouldn´t your former employee vomit off you if you handed this over with the expected farewell gift? 

Well, there’s an easy way to answer this and rid you of your frustration, 

An Employee Exit Checklist

Organizations often face the request of willful resignation or are sure to the forceful sacking of employees. However, HR has got to maintain the retention rate of the company and needs to get forms used for knowing facts. 

The reason could be a company not performing well is asking people to leave and also asking to leave. There could be a hint of vengeance or the disillusionment of dissatisfaction and unfair practice. If you are still confused about the exit interview checklist you can get knowledge from this, 

Employee Exit Interview Formalities and Why is it Necessary? 

Preparing the “Employee Exit Process” Checklist may be a very detailed process and should not be overlooked in the context of the after-effects. It should be a radical document that also helps the new employee to take over the role and the responsibilities.

Here is the checklist; this may help the new employee keep track of the tasks easier. Furthermore, mention the important details that the employee needs to fulfill their tasks. Give them a quick background about the clients and their expectations.

  • Name
  • Contact & Address
  • Important Personal Email IDs
  • General Information
  • Protocols
  • Role And Position
  • Important Documents
  • Company Assets Used
  • Service Agreement
  • Department
  • Updated IT permissions And Access
  •  Full And Final Settlement

When an employee leaves a corporation it is the HR department’s responsibility to confirm that all the company assets have been recovered, and all the details are filled in this employee exit form PDF.

The HR department must work with the IT department to make sure that the employee’s employee login, access to their PC, and other information is no longer available to them. Other sensitive credentials that are known to the employee should be changed.

You can download the exit form from UBS HR Toolkit.

Employee Exit Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Who Uses Employee Exit Forms?

It is important to hear what the exiting employee has to say. But for whom it is important? 

  • HRs?
  • CEOs?
  • Employers?
  • Managers?

Most of the time, a member of the HR department tries to know the true reason for their departure. It’s also the final chance of retaining the employee. Furthermore, it’s important to work on those areas to produce better results.

List Of Positions That Commonly Use Employee Exit Forms:

  • HR Representatives: This employee exit form is mostly used by HR representatives of every company. Human resources representatives use employee exit forms to seek out why employees are leaving their jobs. It is beneficial for them to maintain a retention ratio.
  • Employers: Employers have plenty at stake when they find a swap or replace a key member of their team. So they should know the reason why they wanted to leave. If there’s anything they can do to prevent further losses and also help them see if there’s a way to keep their business from being affected by employee turnover.
  • Management: This employee exit form gives managers an opportunity to get feedback from employees who are leaving to determine if there is anything that they can do in the organization to improve retention.

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Sooner or later every company has this phase where employees may leave the organization. For this, you need to consider the streamlined process. You can ask some questions, and ensure they´re the right ones. Be honestly curious about what your respondents have to say. Thank them and need them all the best in their new position. 

UBS is the best HRMS software in India, you can check and book a demo for hassle-free HR operations. We also have a whole HR toolkit, from which you can retrieve data that is needed for your HR operations.

UBS will facilitate your getting started with your survey work.

All the best!

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