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Ultimate Time Tracker

As you plan your tasks and prioritize them, an ultimate time management system will help you avoid overlaps or wastage of efforts. With a built in time tracker for every task and subtask, you can manage projects efficiently. In addition, you can keep an account of time spent after every task.

    • Interconnected Time Tracker
    • Task Timer For Projects
    • Visibility Of Task Log
    • Manage Worklog History
Ultimate Accessibilty
Save Time - Grow Efficiency - Save Money

Ultimate Chat Widget

Collaborate with your team with an ultimate chat widget that stays across all platforms work in PMS or HRMS. You can have a discussion, chat or send a file to your colleagues across platform.

    • Communicate With Anyone
    • Send-Receive Files
    • Real Time Discussions
    • Keep Draft Messages
Ultimate Accessibilty
One Chat Widget Across All Products

Ultimate Channel Connectivity

To provide a way of ease for project managers, you can create a private channel as you log into a new project. Handle work details and files through the channel. Manage channel info through UBS PMS.

    • Channel of Each Project
    • Interconnected Contacts
    • Web Notification for New Messages
Ultimate Accessibilty
Connect With Employees Over Channels

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Ultimate Accessibility

Access the worklog history through time sheet to understand the employees contribution towards a project completion. Interconnected with HRMS such that, understanding employee performance and dedication is easy.

    • Considering Daily Task Updates
    • Easier Performance Review
    • Contributions To The Project
    • Work Log History And Time
Ultimate Accessibility
One Platform To Manage It All

Ultimate Activities For All

From doing a task to handling a project, you need to choose ways to get your work done. Create polls to receive opinions, share announcements and raise discussions. UBS helps you to match end to end requirements of work.

    • Collaborate With All
    • Configure Activities
    • News, Announcements, Updates
    • Asking For Opinions
    • Views On Certain Topics
Ultimate Activities For All
Create Reminders, Poll Or An Announcement

Ultimate Platform - Multiple Organizations

Shuffle between multiple organization without worrying about the chaos that it can bring. UBS will automate and internally connect all your platforms.

    • Ease Of Flipping Between Organizations
    • Communicate With Colleagues
    • One Chat Widget For All
    • Work Everywhere Simultaneously
Ultimate Platform - Multiple Organizations
Ease Of Access To Multiple Organizations Of A Company

All in one Communication tool you need.
We are not able to think of any other tool once we moved to UBS. It made our day to day communications and project management so easy.

Mitul Golakiya

Mitul Golakiya

Infyom Technologies|CEO

Ultimate Central Access Levels

Customize the levels of access for the individuals in the organization. Add or remove fields, add or remove followers, members or assign the tasks to the respective members, depending on the level of access.

    • Access To Employees Records
    • Access To Attendance, Overtime, Leave, Payroll Data
    • Create A Project, Task and Sub Task
    • Add or Remove Members
    • Assign Tasks To Members
    • Create Public, Private Channel
Ultimate Central Access Levels
Employee Permission Management

Ultimate One Tap Login

UBS enables you to have all your work in one place and track it efficiently. With single login access to all the platforms, it becomes easier to work with.

    • Ease Of Set Up
    • One Password For All
    • Organized Way Of Work
    • Focus Stays On Tasks
Ultimate One Tap Login
One Single Login For All Products

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