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Simple, Speedy And Self-Reliant Way Of Team Communication

Chat List

Are you worried about misplacing the contacts you have recently texted or received a text from? A Chat List will provide you with most recent texts and conversations. Even stay updated with the availability of an individual.

    • View unread messages count
    • An option to mark all the messages read
    • Favorite list of profile and channels
    • Visibility of mute profile/channels, unread messages count, draft message
Chat List
View Members And Channels You Recently Text Or Receive Text From

Contact List

With an automatically updated contact list, you can browse through contact details of all the members of your organization. Communicate, share ideas or thoughts, get into a healthy discussion or create a brain storming session with Office Chat Software.

    • Full contact name for identification
    • Open chat box with one click
    • Sort and search through contact names
Contact List
An All Organization Directory To Communicate With

Notification List

How about some real time updates and notifications for a task being done? With this notification panel you can view all the activities related to reactions or mentions, so that you can stay right on point with every conversation or discussion.

    • Instant notification for your easy communication
    • Visible UI to showcase reactions or mentions
    • Filter notifications according to relativity
Notification List
Get Notified For Messages, Reactions And Mentions

Solving Real Business Challenges With A Robust & Impeccable System

Starred Message

While every communication you have, might bring in a message that is extremely important and you might want to remember it for later. There could be a file, a code or just an idea. Mark it with a star and find it later with the starred message list.

    • A global view of starred messages
    • Search with the help of key words
    • Filter it on the basis of Personal, Public or Private Channels
    • Click on the message to jump to it’s position to read
Starred Message
Create A Mark For What Is Important


While files shared during a chat may seem a little difficult to look out for, you can always come to this global search for files. You’ll be able to find every file you share or receive from your team members here.

    • Click on the file to jump to its exact location and view
    • Search for file name in the panel
    • Filter it on the basis of Personal, Public or Private Channels
One Place To Find All The Files Shared IN UBS CHAT

Global Search

Is your message lost in the chat? Don’t you worry, Because UBS CHAT won’t let anything go far away from you. Look for a key word and you will have everything in your CHAT that concerns the key word.

    • Search for people, channels or messages
    • One panel with different sections for search section
    • Finding messages with similar names at one place
    • Click to see the chat with message
Global Search
A Search Pannel To Look For Whatever You Need

I absolutely love how innovative and efficient this software has been. With a number of changes and upgrades coming our way, it has been a pleasure to understand and use this software.

Alpesh Gediya

Alpesh Gediya

Telstra India|Chapter Lead

Public/Private Channels

Decide the goal to be fulfilled while creating a channel. The idea behind relevant discussions happening is preserved and the privacy of your channel as well. Add or remove members of the channel according to its privacy status.

    • See the channel creator with respective date and time
    • Channel purpose and change channel type
    • Mute, Favorite, Copy link, Channel settings, Make other member an Admin
    • Jump to Member’s profile from Channel’s participants list
Public/Private Channels
Create A Channel For Discussions. Keep It Private Or Public

Browse Channels

As your work, activities are determined, you can create respective channels for your convenience. These channels can be accessed with their names with the help of browse channel section.

    • Search with the help of a keyword or channel name
    • One place to find all public channels in the organization
    • Create a channel from the side button in one click
    • Join OR Leave public channels.
Browse Channels
Find The Public Channels With Their Names And Join Them

Display Modes

Want to read a message before you open a text? Get a mode of chat list with comfortable view of your display mode. Work between lines with an unhindered view of messages that can divide your attention.

    • Comfortable mode for ease of access for communication
    • Three different modes for ease of usage
    • Classic mode to stay updated with recent texts
Display Modes
Different Display Modes To Match Your Convenience

Self Chat

Has it ever occurred to you, how ideas come to you when you are doing something absolutely simple? Add messages with comments, ideas and thoughts to your own. This is your personal diary of words that will let you scribble.

    • Keep a track of time when you have an idea
    • Absolutely private communication of thoughts
    • Edit messages when necessary
    • Forward to respective discussion when needed
Self Chat
Send Messages Or Create A List Of Ideas With Yourself

Mute Notification

A quick way to keep not so important chats on mute. Stay simply out of conversation, you find irrelevant for the day or time being. Read them when you have time, until then you can concentrate on work.

    • A custom way of handling notifications
    • No more disturbance from not relevant messages
    • Get notified only when you are mentioned
    • Check messages with your convenience of time
Mute Notification
Mute Notifications for User Profile and Channels

Message Search

Trying to look for a specific answer or a discussion from a colleague? Or a particular file shared in a group chat? Search easily from every chat with just a relative keyword.

    • Search relevant messages in a chat
    • Look out for media with its name
    • Check discussions from long ago
    • All messages available in a chat
Message Search
Search Through Chats For A Specific Message Or File

Bulk Mark As Read

You might receive multiple messages in a chat. And when you get more than hundreds of those, it becomes difficult to read all of them. With one tap on bulk read, you can make it quick and easy.

    • Easy to mark read with one tap
    • Become proactive with quick decisions
    • Less time to spend on bulk notifications
Bulk Mark As Read
With One Tap Mark Read For All The Unread Messages


While having a discussion, sometimes you might need to address a particular individual. This is the perfect feature of UBS CHAT that can help you manage it. @Mention lets you gain attention of the member instantly.

    • One click to connect with respective member
    • Easy way to find individuals through mentions
    • Getting attention to a message
    • Real time notification sent to the individual
@Mention Individuals To Grab Their Attention To A Text


For every project or task, you might have a channel with multiple members. #channel will help you give a direct link to those channels. This can seem extremely useful, when you need a new individual to request access to the channel from your team chat app.

    • Helps you reach out to a channel instantly
    • Apply for access to particular channels
    • Easier to find what channels exist in your organization
One Tap Access To #channel Name To Reach The Chat

Media & File sharing

Like the title itself says, it is very easy to share files with UBS CHAT. You don’t have to run to another platform. Keep it all here. More importantly, you can have files sent to particular group chats for easier discussions regarding any task.

    • Quick and easy way of sharing files
    • Check up on a list of all the files in chat
    • Keep all data in a particular discussion or channel
    • Share with all the respective members
Media & File sharing
Share Files With Group Chats And Personal Messages

Do Not Disturb

Are you tired of constantly being notified about chats, mentions or relative texts in different channels? Attend a distraction-free meeting or even a dedicated work hour with our DND feature.

    • Say hello to a disturbance-free meeting
    • Work without getting distracted
    • Stop notification from a specific organization
    • Concentrate on one thing at a time
Do Not Disturb
No distraction With DND Feature

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