Best proven ways to measure employee onboarding and offboarding
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Best Proven Ways and Practices to Manage Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Best proven ways and practices to manage employee onboardingoffboarding
August 16, 2021

In today’s era, almost 45% of the population is covered with the IT industries. They have to juggle many such processes like managing HR activities, employee records, Onboarding process, Offboarding process, Expense management, etc. Most companies’ pain areas are like they can’t manage or handle such types of activities in their onboarding/offboarding process, and it is essential to have such streamlined processes/systems to be there for the companies. So, let’s have a deep look at how they should manage their specific onboarding/offboarding process. 

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding refers to helping a new hire integrate successfully into the workplace and culture of the company in hopes that the employee will become a productive team member in the future. To effectively retain an employee, the organization must deliver an onboarding program that prepares the new hire for success & goals in their role and connects them with important resources within the company. 

In addition to helping new hires feel at home, the onboarding process also has an administrative component. The hiring organization must efficiently make arrangements with the new hire, including payments, benefits, payroll taxes, and legally mandated training.

What is employee offboarding?

Unlike the onboarding process, employee offboarding or exit management is largely an administrative process. When an employee leaves their job, the organization must take the appropriate and effective steps to recover company credentials, unauthorized access to the organization’s systems, and ensure that the employee’s final payment is processed fairly and properly. 

Here are the top 5 best ways to manage employee onboarding and offboarding. 

  • Connect new employees with internal resources
  • Structure onboarding programs
  • Align departments with onboarding and offboarding
  • Utilize automated onboarding 
  • Safe & secure employee offboarding credentials

Let’s go step by step. 

1. Connect new employees with internal resources

As new employees, they’re likely unfamiliar with an organization’s policies and processes, and it can sometimes become scary to ask unfamiliar colleagues in other departments to ask for help. This is one of the worst things that new hires can experience, needing help and not knowing where they should go or ask. 

New employees need to be connected to important resources in the company to succeed in their roles. This means helping them establish points of contact in other departments and a good working relationship with their manager and HR team. It also means ensuring that new employees are adequately informed about what types of services the organization offers and how they can access those services when required. 

2. Structure onboarding programs

An effective onboarding process is all about tools & procedures that support new employees, not the paperwork on the first day. Teams will need to build a training program to set expectations and ensure operational consistency for all employees. SaaS applications, cloud resources, and remote work consistency are key. 

Though training will look different for every organization, all programs will need to maintain a high engagement level early on to increase long-lasting retention. For example, an effective training program could include department introductions, responsibilities review, video walkthroughs, and technology demonstrations relevant and custom to a given position. 

3. Align departments with onboarding & offboarding

Though Human Resources and IT teams are often head of onboarding and offboarding efforts, total organizational alignment is essential for program success. A high level of alignment makes it easier for new hires to assimilate and ensures that each department is in organizational compliance with your procedures. 

Also, you need to hold regular training sessions to prepare team members with organization-wide and department-specific content to share with new employees and elaborate on offboarding processes should an employee elect to leave or be terminated. This company-wide communication also avoids redundancy and ensures every process stage is purposeful and efficient. 

4. Utilize automated onboarding

This is the best way to establish an automated onboarding process for your employee management system. It releases the burden on the IT team and provides efficient, cross-organization workflows. The automation might start by assigning proper permissions for each user in different departments. Using implementations like role-based access, administrators can grant access to duty-relevant resources and applications on day one. 

Topmost data security features & solutions

5. Safe & secure employee offboarding credentials

If you do not have an automated process of removing user’s access to systems, applications, and data within a network, departing employees may retain their credentials leaving your organization vulnerable. And cyber-attacks & threats are very common these days. So it’s crucial to safeguard against them by decommissioning employee credentials during offboarding. 

Establish an automated process to remove access approvals from keycards to passwords after departure. Taking these actions reduces the risk and ensures that when employees leave your organization, they leave your data alone. 

Does effective employee onboarding & offboarding impact a company’s growth?

Does effective employee onboarding & offboarding impact a company's growth? -INDEED

In short!

Employee onboarding and offboarding are some of the essential things a company should think about. Also, when an employee leaves the company, both the employee and owner need to feel secure about the data and credentials. Therefore, data security is also another aspect every company should take a look at. 

There is plenty of software available in the market which provides a smooth and stunning system that manages Employee Onboarding and offboarding for all your organizational activities. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS) is one of the leading software that provides almost every onboarding and offboarding feature that boosts your organization’s value and increases revenue. 

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