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Get Rid Of ‘Form 11’ Challenges By Checking This Ultimate Guide

January 6, 2023
HR Toolkit
Form 11

EPF is a social security fund; it is enforced by the Government of India. As per the scheme employee and employer has to contribute some amount every month in the scheme for employee benefits. An employee can withdraw this EPF amount after retirement.

When the organization is having more than 20 employees and the employee’s salary is less than 15,000 Rs. then the employer has to consider EPF. To enroll in EPF and withdraw, you need to consider many government forms. Form 11 is one of the important forms used in EPF.

Let’s dive in deep to know more about Form 11.

What’s EPF Form 11?

Form 11 is a self-declaration form filled out by an employee at the time of joining any organization. Form 11 is used where all the details of the employee’s EPF account have to be mentioned.

Earlier, the employee has to fill out form 12 for transferring PF to the new EPF account, but now it is now enabled to do by using Form 11. All employees who are members of the EPF with variables of Dearness Allowance (DA) of more than 15000 Rs per month should fill out the form.


What Is The Purpose of Form 11?

  • If the employee already has the EPF scheme in the previous organization then he or she will get the benefits of the scheme but consider a new member ID.
  • Form 11 is also used to transfer the PF amount from one organization to another one.
  • If the employee was not a member of EPFO during past employment and his salary is more than 15000 Rs then he can opt not to contribute to EPF or EPS. This is known as an excluded employee.
  • This form 11 can maintain a comprehensive database of the members.

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Crucial Points for EPF Form 11 You Need To Check

Requirement To add basic details of employees under the EPF scheme or for automatic transfer of PF details to a new account
Eligibility The organization should have more than 20 employees & employee salary is more than 15000 RS.
Where to download it? Or
Mandatory Yes
When to fill At the time of joining the new company registered under EPFO.

EPF Form 11 You Need To Check

What Is The Structure Of PF Form 11?

This form 11 is necessary fields to be filled by the employee and a section called self-declaration by Present Employer’ which is to be filed by the employer.

You Need To Add These Fields In Form 11:

  • Employee’s name
  • Birth date of the employee
  • Gender
  • Father or husband’s name
  • Email id
  • Contact number
  • Relationship of the employee with EPF and EPS schemes
  • Educational details
  • KYC Details such as bank account number, etc.
  • Marital status
  • Passport details ( in case of international employees)

Also, Following Documents Must Be Handed By The Employer

  • Employee Data Of Joining
  • Provident Fund ID Number
  • UAN ( Universal Account Number)
  • Verification Of Employee

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How to Get Form 11 Online?

Hand Provident Fund Form 11 can be downloaded from the EPF website. The website link is or you can download it from the UBS website. 

You can download the Form 11 template from UBS HR Toolkit.

Form 11

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Submission of EPF Form 11

Once you have filled out Form 11, submit it to the employer. The employer has to sign the form and puts his stamp on the form.

Following are the liabilities of the employer

  • The employer has to make sure that every new employee joining the organization fills out Form 11.
  • The new hire has to fill out the form within one month and upload the same information to the gate.
  • The employer has to add details as per UAN and get acknowledgment within 5 days.
  • Upload the KYC details.

To summarize,

As an employee, when you are working in the organization you may get a good amount after retirement. EPF is the scheme where employees get benefits but for that right form or document is necessary.

Considering that, UBS provides the whole HR Toolkit library of HR forms and letters that helps employee, HR as well as employers to consider the right form, and format and make it easy to submit.

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