When And Why Employee Termination Form Is Important? – Details Explained
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When And Why Employee Termination Form Is Important? – Details Explained

January 19, 2023
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Employee Termination Form

Perhaps you may face this kind of scenario- “Say Good Bye To Employee”! But which matter is depending on HR, the Manager, or the employer.

If you wanted to make this in a streamlined way, you need to understand and streamline your employee onboarding and exit process. Yes, you read right!  The convenient way to go for the simple exit you can consider an employee termination form. You can add details like contact, address, medical history, and exigency contact information and make the process easy.

We have an employee termination form template, but lets you customize form fields, change sources and colors, or add your company totem to make an employee information form that impeccably matches your business. Why not integrate with this employee termination form sample to produce a detailed form?

Termination of employment, though unwelcome, is still a part of an employer’s responsibility. And, every employer has to terminate an employee without inviting any legal ramifications.

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What’s A Employee Termination Form?

A termination form is a formal notice from an employer to inform an employee that they’re being dismissed from their job. Whatever the reason they are leaving a proper process is needed for sure.

A termination form generally includes information regarding the reason for redundancy, benefits or severance pay they may admit, full and final settlement, and other details that are applicable to the termination.

Why Is A Termination Form Important?

As unfortunate as it is, the reasons for drafting the termination form are significant.

  1. The employee termination form states the employer’s and employee’s reasons for quitting a job or terminating the employee in detail. After filling out the form, the company will find the exact reasons.
  2. The termination form debunks claims that the employee abnegated. This form is good for strategic purposes to avoid guilt for quitting the job. It may possible that it was the employee who freely abandoned their employment. It’s generally done for strategic purposes to avoid guilt.
  3. The termination date is specified in a form, so it is critical since there are some deadlines for filing complaints against an employer in case of unlawful termination.
  4.  Although there’s no sanctioned obligation to produce a termination form, a specific and comprehensive termination form may help avoid situations in which a former employee claims they were fired without reason or mindfulness.

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Types Of Termination Form

There Are 4 Kinds Of Termination Forms:

  1. Employment At Will
  2. Voluntary Termination
  3. Involuntary Termination
  4. Termination of Collective Interest

How To Write A Termination Form?

So, then are some effects to pay attention to before considering or making a Termination form.

  • Consult a senior person to make sure the employee is fairly allowed to terminate this employee and learn further about applicable terms. If there is something shouldn’t happen then a notice or warning letter is required.
  • Collect all documents that are in effect after an employee has been terminated and attached them to the form so you can remind them.
  • Decide on what the last day before the termination should be with their director or head of the department.
  • Use particular form formats, you can get it from UBS.  Our sample letters and forms are very helpful for HR managers. However, be aware of the tone of your final customized interpretation. However, ask a fellow HR coworker to read the letter and let you know if anything sounds wrong, If possible.
  • Then write all required information in the form before the termination final process started.


  1. Let the employee know the reason and date of their termination.
  2. State the accurate and detailed reason(s) for his/ her termination.
  3. Mention benefits, compensation &FNF, if any. 
  4. Notify they must return all the company property.
  5. Include all company and HR details, if in case they need to get in touch. 
  6. Take note of some important and applicable clauses in the agreement.

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You can download the employee termination form here.

Employee Termination Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The 5 Main Reasons For Termination?

  • Misbehave or misconduct
  • Redundancy
  • Performance Issues
  • Illegality in terms of any statutory contract
  • Some other substantiated reason

Do You Have To Give An Employee A Termination Form?

There are certain conditions where you need to give the employee termination form. There’s no civil law that states that a company must issue a form but numerous employers do furnish them as a matter of principle. 

What Should Be Included In A Termination Form?

  • Reason for termination.
  • Date of the termination.
  • An explanation of compensation.
  • Agreements the employee has signed.
  • A list of company property to return.
  • The contact details of the manager.

When Should I Use A Termination Form?

  • You want a record of the termination of an employee for the future.
  • It’s needed by the original law.
  • You want to give information to employees coming your way.
  • When an employee is ineligible for the job.

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How UBS Can Help You In This?

UBS has the HR toolkit of HR forms and letters. You don’t need to do an effort to make a particular form or letter. All the conditions, processes, and downloading links are available on the UBS platform. Also, you can make this process seamless by adopting UBS HRMS software.

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