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Introducing Your Employees To The Time Tracking System!

Introducing your employee to the time tracking system 5
December 7, 2021
Project Management Time Tracking

Time tracking is an invaluable asset to any company, regardless of its size or the purpose it serves. When used properly, it could bring in growth, financial stability, and increased workflow. And all of this leads to exquisite job satisfaction. However, most teams and project managers are unsure about tracking time, as it itself sometimes becomes a time-consuming task. 

Many IT companies that offer PMS software and services have task management software as a small part of their employee monitoring methods. That’s where we as UBS can come to your rescue. We can help you bring down some of that fear, and show that introducing a simple time tracking software will not affect their privacy. Moreover, it will help your employees increase productivity through absolute time management.

What is a time tracking tool for business?

To help you understand the word, we would simply like to state that a tracking tool is an online tool used to keep records of work hours. It can help you measure an employee’s working time and gives you an insight into how much time was spent where. A good time tracking tool will come with task management software that can handle login time, logout time and breaks. The time tracking tool is primarily used to monitor work from home employees. 

How does time tracking software help you with task management?

A web-based PMS software is one of the simplest ways to keep track of the task management in your project. UBS looks like one of the best solutions to keep track of employee time and working/billable hours without wasting your energy on manual entries or excel timesheets. 

A time tracker automatically measures work time and breaks for both remote and in-office workers. And all of this happens regardless of their location in the world or the device they prefer. The best part is that you can have multiple tasks in a single dashboard, and you just need to pick the one you’re currently working on at a certain point in time. 

An ideal Time tracking software will also allow you to add time corrections or notes. At the end of each week or a certain time period according to your need, time tracking apps help users aggregate all their time entries with a few clicks.

How to introduce time tracking to your employees?

If you haven’t already been doing it, the time tracings software and its introduction to your company might be a difficult task. When you actually get to introduce time tracking with the help of PMS software, the following steps will ensure you communicate everything clearly and precisely.

  • Introduce yourself and the system in a short speech.

No one likes long meetings, especially when the work hours are at stake. Even if they are your employees, and you are the CEO, people do have better things to do. Thank everyone for coming, introducing the agenda of the meeting and establishing the beginning of the meeting are some of the key points you need to look out for.

  • Start with the concern first and address the solution you are proposing

Using the data collected from the survey, point out the biggest issues employees overall have with time tracking. In addition to the problem, you must also focus on how it has laid on the overall productivity of the company. This lets them know they’ve been heard and taken into observation. This reinforces the fact that they have a say in the company matters.

  • Explain the importance of time tracking with absolute dedication

A PMS software can actually help you be a better version of yourself with increased productivity and performance. As a project manager, you’ll have to see the big picture of every project and try to explain it to your employees. This way you may have to come across the struggle to manage tasks to fulfill a project’s need. Being truthful to your ideas and thoughts will actually help your employees understand the importance of this change.

  • Provide plenty of data to justify your research and change application

Collect some data and prepare perfect analytical research beforehand. Find case studies of companies that made time tracking work to their benefit. If your employees are complaining about such a change, you have to be ready to counterargue with the defensive statement.

  • Have all the team members present in the same meeting

Make sure you have an HR representative present throughout the meeting. Have them sit among the employees, and join in on the discussion if possible. Their presence will provide you with support during this new change you want to bring in. You can see and answer any doubts, confusion, or combativeness that could arise among the teams.

  • Be open to a question and answer session with your audience

Last, but most importantly, allow people to share their opinions and views about the presentation. Keep it an open forum. Then you can opt to ask specific questions and see if they spark a discussion.

  • Make a follow-up email after the introductory meeting of the PMS software

This is a great way to summarize the meeting. You can add in the purpose, the product details as well as the probable changes it could bring into the company. You can also ask your employees to reply to the mail with queries if they have any. Apart from this, you can send in a google form about their feedback on the meeting

  • Provide resources to help your employees understand the importance of time tracking

A few days after the meeting, once the information has settled in, provide your team members with resources regarding the tracking tool. Help them understand it thoroughly. Start from how to manage their time better, to how to use time trackers, and how to turn it into a habit, so it almost becomes automatic.

  • Reassure teams that they will get assistance with the software

One issue we haven’t broadly addressed but is worth mentioning is that a lot of people are afraid they will look silly if they fail to learn how to use the time tracker. The best course of action is not to ask directly but provide your employees with a one-to-one meeting for their queries. 

To conclude, 

We would like to say whenever you bring in a new change it is absolute human behavior to be afraid of it. It is the fear of the unknown. As you are already prone to a  certain way of working, something as simple as time tracking can seem more frightening when our brains don’t have actual information. 

Try to be there for your employees throughout the process of this change. UBS PMS has a great service to help you handle task management, log-in/log-out time, and even time tracking for particular tasks. Sign up for a demo session to know more about UBS PMS!

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