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Employee Performance Letter – Format, Tips, Sample, Examples, and More

December 28, 2022
HR Toolkit
Employee Performance Letter Format Tips Sample Examples and More 1

When you are supervising multiple employees in the company, one of the best ways to give them feedback on their work is by giving them the employee performance letter. You can write them a letter of performance yearly or more frequently, depending on the number of employees in your company.

Providing your staff with professional reviews offers honest feedback on their overall performance in their role and shows them that you have taken out time to consider their strengths and advised them on ways to improve.

In this blog, we will discuss what a performance letter is, situations in which you’ll require one, and steps to write an effective letter of performance. Also, you can download or edit the readymade performance letter template on UBS HR Toolkit.

What is an Employee Performance Letter?

An employee letter of performance is a letter that is written by an employee’s supervisor that assesses their job performance after the previous performance review. Giving performance letters to employees allows employers to recognize their contributions to the success of the company. It also shows employees the areas they need to improve and also includes suggestions on how to improve.

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What Situations Need an Employer to Send Employee Performance Letters?

There are a few situations that warrant an employee letter of performance. These situations include:

– Taking the place of the formal review: If there is no formal one-to-one review with the supervisor, often they write a performance letter instead. It covers information such as what has been the employees’ strengths and weaknesses since the last performance review.

– Recognizing an achievement: The team managers can also write performance letters to their employees for recognizing an accomplishment as a way to acknowledge them in a formal way.

– Sending a warning: A supervisor typically has a casual conversation with an employee about their conduct at work before writing a warning letter. Some supervisors decide to issue a formal follow-up rebuke or warning letter before they take more drastic measures if the employee’s performance doesn’t improve.

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How to Write Employee Performance Letter

Below are the steps you can follow to write a performance letter that gives your employees numerical scores in various performance areas. Follow the steps to start writing:

1. Being the Letter with Standard Salutation

The first part of your letter starts with the salutation. One approach to begin drafting the letter is to address the recipient as “Mrs. Archana Patel” or a similar formal salutation. This lets the employee know that the following information in the letter is about them.

2. Explain the reason for the letter

The first paragraph after the salutation describes the reason for writing the performance letter. It is crucial to understand why the letter is necessary to understand the entire situation. For example, Management has chosen to provide written performance evaluations for your most recent job performance this quarter rather than one-on-one reviews. Once you have explained the reason for the letter, you can mention the dates of the performance period for which you are writing.

3. Provide some numerical ratings

You could wish to add a scoring scale that explains what each numerical value implies when scoring various performance areas if you’re writing a general job performance letter. Consider setting down each exact number’s meaning, for instance, if you’re rating something on a scale from one to five. A five might indicate that they did exceptionally well in that category. A three could indicate that an employee complied with requirements but fell short of expectations.

You can choose which job categories you’re using to gauge performance once you’ve produced a key explaining what each number on the scale means. Work quality, interpersonal and communication abilities, and job knowledge are some common sections. Give a number rating based on the scale you developed for each category you use in your performance assessment letter. You can put a brief explanation of why they received that score next to each number.

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4. Add supervisor comments

You have the chance to go into more detail about the scores you provided in the previous section in the subsequent section. The length of this section varies, however, you can decide to include a paragraph on the employee’s accomplishments in the categories you gave them high marks and another paragraph about how they can continue to develop. The letter can then be concluded with a succinct conclusion line that informs the employee that they can get in touch with you if they have any queries about the review.

5. End the letter with a professional rating

Professional closings include sign-offs like Sincerely, Best, or Regards; followed by their name. If you are giving the physical copy of the letter to the employee, leave enough space between the sign-off and the name to sign your name by hand as well. If the employee is receiving the letter through the mail, you do not need to leave this extra space for the signature.

6. Proofread before sending the Letter

Before you send the letter to the employee, ensure taking out a few moments to thoroughly read your letter to determine if it actually says everything you intended. You may also need to check spelling errors, grammar mistakes, punctuation, capitalization, and more.

Employee Performance Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Employee Performance Letter Format

Employee Performance Letter Format

Employee Performance Letter Example

Employee Performance Letter Example


A performance recognition letter can mean a lot to an employee and can help him/her feel noticed and appreciated for the hard work and effort they put in. For a readymade performance letter template or any other HR documents like HR letters, HR forms, emails, and more; download the HR Toolkit.

Make sure to recognize and even reward employees every time they do something extraordinary. Get rid of writing letters from scratch every time, and get in touch with UBS HRMS Software to automate your HR processes and reduce your workload.

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