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UBS is a robust and impeccable software served as a solution

UBS All-In-One is an award-winning software trying to help your business with human resources, project management problems, and handling team communication with ease! From the initial stage, we have been trying to help meet the requirements of our clients and that is what makes us the best in business!

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Startup India

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SGCCI Certificate



Become a UBS referral

  • Do you already have a thorough understanding of an HRMS? Are you aware of how SaaS software works? Then, refer to our platform to earn a fixed amount for every successful conversion.
  • Choose a level of participation. You can wish to refer to the lead and let us take the conversation forward.
  • You can choose to showcase the features of UBS on your socials or website, support our cause, and helps your audience.

Become a UBS Re-seller

  • Be an individual who has easy access to the UBS platform through single sign-on and thus, carry on with demo and help them with onboarding.
  • Solve more significant employee management issues for your clients through advanced software against a variety of use cases.
  • Enable significant correlations between all the platforms, thereby creating newer revenue opportunities for you.

Why should you be a partner at UBS?

Free up your payroll staff from repetitive work with self-service HRMS

Accuracy in Every calculation
Multiple Opportunities

Be it an HRMS, PMS, or even CHAT and PAYROLL, you have an up-to-date software solution for various business problems.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Together We Grow

You grow as you connect with companies around you, and we grow as we help the people grow their businesses.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Cater Credibility

You can have your customers procure the software from you and thus, help you gain the rewards from it.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Increasing Revenue

Provide advisory solutions to the companies and employers, which will significantly increase your revenue.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Relevant Opportunity

As an individual who works in a relevant field, you can have a specific genre to focus on when delivering the product.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Business Sustainability

You have a continuous revenue stream where, as the number of clients increases, the revenue does too.

We've great businesses collaborating with us! Take a look at the companies below.

Why do you need to be UBS partner now?

  • An Alternative Source Of Income
  • In-Depth Product Knowledge And Training
  • Work With A Dedicated Team Of Sales And Marketing Experts
  • Provide Your Customer Base With The Best Services
  • Your Company Getting Listed With UBS

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How much can I earn?

You can earn a maximum of 10% OR 20% amount for every eligible purchase made by your lead.

How can I keep track of my earnings?

We have an easy-to-use dashboard to help you track your leads, including how you can sign up, keep track of your earnings and withdraw the amount.

How can I withdraw money?

In the dashboard, when you generate your referral link, you can have a whole new section to keep track of your earnings. You can withdraw the same from here.

Does it cost anything to be a UBS partner?

No! The UBS partner program is absolutely free. You can register and start the referral program now.

How do I get started with the UBS partner program?

Fill in the above-mentioned form and let us get in touch with you. We will take you forward with the process of being a partner with us!

What is the lifespan of the UBS referral program?

The life span of the UBS referral program is unlimited. You can refer to as many employees as you want.

Any Query? Reach Out To Us.

We are here to help you find a solution that suits your business need.

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