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Face Recognition Attendance System

Easy and touchless way to handle your attendance with your face scan

What is face recognition attendance?

When it comes to managing attendance, there are different ways to inculcate it. However, if you need a touchless biometric system, this is it. You can opt for face recognition attendance.

Face recognition attendance is the one where the user has to stand still in a fixed position, in front of the camera for a retina scan, and thus, the identification is measured. The user has to take the face image from a certain distance. In this method of attendance tracking, you can have a contactless, and hygienic interface. 

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What is a face recognition attendance system?

One of the best ways to prevent employee time theft, A face recognition attendance system that is used to manage employees’ work hours, login time, break hours and leaves. The whole idea is to keep employees away from punching cards to even measure it with the fingerprint scanning

A face recognition attendance system has multiple interfaces to help you with face recognition. An employee can use this to make their presence. It will then be integrated with your HRMS to give you accurate results and reports.

Benefits of face recognition Attendance Management

Easy, Effective, And Great For All ContactLess Attendance Management

Automated Time Tracking System

Monitor the entry and exit time of your employee with extreme ease and automation

Cost-effective and efficient

Save business resources by automotive and affordable way of tracking real-time data

Touchless Sign-In System

Minimize physical contact in public places and work environments with this system

Face recognition with aging and accessories

Can track facial attributes, glasses, masks, and as well as hats, and aging features

More accurate attendance

No more time theft and fraudulent attendance by any employees will come in

The all-presence of cameras on devices

Connect with your phone, webcam, or even your laptop camera to access the attendance

Easy to manage device

AI-based attendance for a highly automated system that gives highly accurate sheets

Smart Integration with apps

A modular and highly customizable app that can be compatible with all devices

How does face recognition attendance work?

When the employee tries to capture and compare their attendance with the help of a face scan, the system automatically checks your employee data. It measures the total time, overtime, late arrival, and well as early exit with the help of the face recognition attendance management system. It takes place in three steps.

Step 1: Scan the face for detection
To ensure the face recognition attendance system gives you an accurate result, the system has to scan and calculate the time of all the employees on the cloud platform.

Step 2: Transform and centralize data
Store your scanned data and transform it into a set of data for feeding it into the system. Every time someone tries to scan, you can use the source to map the data and add the record to the system.

Step 3: Match the user’s face
If and only if, the scanned data matches the data of the previously stored face in the system, the entry will be clocked in or clocked out, This data will then be stored in the system.

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Why are Face Recognition Attendance Systems important?

It takes minimal time to recognize your face and capture the data for the attendance report. You can use this data to integrate it with payroll and automate your salary calculations on the basis of it.

As the system automatically scans your face, you can have an accurate report at the end of every day. Faces once recognized and fed into the system, can be accurately enrolled with your workforce and resource management system

A face recognition system ensures that there are no concerns regarding your hygiene and cleanliness with covid still prevailing, you can have a face recognition app for attendance management where devices require no physical contact.

A Face recognition system will give you real-time data. It synchronizes the data without any time lag. It helps you to optimize and monitor your workforce.

How to choose the perfect face recognition attendance system?

  • Choose a system that provides you an integrated HRMS software to stay as cloud-based software. It can keep your data secure.
  • Make sure the system you integrate at your company has a real-time update. It has to have 100% accuracy to give you perfect results.
  • As employees are not bothered with attendance tracking or time crunch, they can focus more on the work. In fact for HR, when they don’t have to worry about leave or attendance tracking, they can invest their time in working
  • Make sure the service provider hooks you up with installation support and even services for the device. It would be great to have a system provider who can help with training sessions.
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Do you have any trouble with Attendance Management?

Let us make your organization a smarter workplace with the help of technological advancement, thereby leading you towards easier employee management.

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Want to know more about the Punching Attendance System?

Check out the question-answer below.

What is a Facial Recognition Attendance System?

A facial recognition attendance system is an attendance tracking system that uses facial recognition technology to identify and verify a person. The person’s facial features are measured and then this data is used to automatically mark attendance.

Why is Facial Recognition Attendance Important?

Face recognition attendance systems are modern devices that are a requirement of even the post-pandemic era. UBS provides you with such an integrated system to help you take care of employees’ attendance tracking accurately while saving costs.

What does face recognition attendance software do?

A facial recognition attendance system is a contactless technology that provides freedom from any physical interaction between the man and the machine. It gives you a great day to track your time in and time out for youtube everyday attendance.

Facial Recognition Attendance System Means?

A touchless and cloud-based attendance management system is what a Facial recognition attendance system is defined as. It is used mainly to track your employee attendance, time in, break, and time out.

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