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HRM software

What Is HRM Software?


HRMS software, also known as Human Resources Management Software, is a comprehensive system designed to streamline the management of employee data and HR operations.


It is an application or cloud based HR software that helps in the automation of HR tasks such as recruitment, performance management, payroll management, benefits administration, and more.


With the increasing demand for digital transformation in the workplace, many HR departments have adopted HRMS app to manage their employee data from anywhere at any time. This software offers an affordable and flexible solution for companies of all sizes, with a free human resources management software available for small businesses.


Moreover, payroll software is also an essential component of HRMS that automates and streamlines the payroll management process. Overall, HRMS software provides a centralized platform to manage various HR processes effectively, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Moreover, You can consider the combo of human resources management free & payroll management software to make the all business processes streamlined.

Employee Management

Effective employee management is critical for the success of any organization, and HR software can be a powerful tool for HR departments to streamline their functions. This kind of software solutions simplifies workforce management, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and training.

By automating these tasks, HR teams can focus on core HR functions like employee development and retention. Organize employee data, generate payroll, approve leaves, and create employee status reports with ease by using these HRMS products. employee management systems are your new-age solution to hassle-free human resource management.

  • An ease of managing employee data
  • One dashboard to add all data
  • Add basic details about yourself
  • Uploading documents in the same place
hrms employee management
hrms employee management

Employee Directory

Empower your employees and streamline HR functions with this software, complete with an intuitive employee directory and employee self-service portal, all designed with user experience in mind. It offers employee self-service, which allows employees to update their personal information. This feature helps to enhance employee experience by giving them easy access to their information. 

Get a central-level data system where you can keep all the contact details of every employee of the organization under general administration tasks. This HRMS application to find contact details of colleagues, employees, or any individual in different departments with employee self service &  after the right HRMS login.

  • A board view with all contact details
  • Filter on the basis of location
  • Arrange according to names
  • A direct link to UBS Chat
hrms employee directory
hrms employee directory

Clock In/Clock Out

The clock in – clock out feature in HR software is an efficient way to track employee work hours. This feature also includes a break, break out, check-out option that ensures accurate recording of the total hours worked. With real-time monitoring, managers can oversee employee attendance. This feature is just one of the many all-in-one solutions offered by HR software to streamline HR tasks and improve efficiency.

HRMS applications – as a centralized system that manages employees IN time and OUT time in a single click after UBS login. With a different button to manage breaks, you can even enlist the reason for taking a break in this web based HRMS.

  • Clock In - Clock Out with one tap
  • Visible current time and Break time
  • Real time updates of time log
hrms clockin clockout
hrms clockin clockout

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If you wish to transform onboarding and human resource management effortlessly, then now is the time! The onboarding feature in HR software is an essential feature for the employee lifecycle management. 

In UBS, The onboarding feature can be integrated with the applicant tracking system, which streamlines the recruitment process from start to finish. Additionally, the onboarding feature provides a platform for talent management, which helps to retain and develop new hires.

When a new employee joins your company, it is essential etiquette to make their onboarding simple with apps HRMS . With HRMS platforms updates to help new employees after hiring them with applicant tracking understand the details.

  • Sending welcome kit for better understanding
  • Let employees update their own details
  • Easier flow of process to file data virtually
hrms onboarding
hrms onboarding

Employee Probation

Revolutionize employee management with employee probation features, seamlessly integrated into our HR software. Our user-friendly tracking system ensures timely interventions, paving the way for employee development and a stronger organization. Experience the power of cutting-edge HR software that goes beyond basic functions and transforms the way you manage your employees.

With the Employee probation process using our all in one HRM system software, manage the track of employee performance in a form of feedback and evaluate their potential and capabilities based on given responsibilities.

  • List view with Employee probation data
  • Actions like Complete probation, Extend probation, Terminate employee from a single window.
  • Add multiple performance feedback.
  • Get to know probation duration and number of extension.
hrms employee probation
hrms employee probation

Employee Work History

The employee work history in HR software is essential for tracking employee progress and managing their career growth. It allows managers to keep a comprehensive record of an employee’s job history, and many more. 

Additionally, the work history feature integrates with the check-out system. Overall, the employee work history feature is a vital aspect of HR software that contributes to effective workforce management and employee development.

A detailed note of error-free everyday work report by using HRMS application. Daily reports are useful to HR Managers to consider performance management for knowing the work status by using a good free hrm software.

  • Easy view of IN and OUT Timing with Total Hours
  • Date wise tracking of time and activity
  • All employees work report at one place
hrms employee work history
hrms employee work history

I think UBS is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them. We have been using it for the last three months for our project management, and let me tell you, productivity has definitely been on a surge to growth.


Krunal Vaghasiya

Tatvam Cloud Solutions  |  CEO

Attendance Trail

Unable to concentrate on vital human resource management operations due to manual attendance calculation? The attendance trail feature in HR software is a crucial tool for employee attendance management and time off. This feature provides a comprehensive attendance trail for each employee, including the date, time, and reason for any absences.  

With this information, managers can identify attendance patterns and take appropriate action to address any issues. If yes, it is time to track the real-time attendance of your employee with free download HRIS Software. Discover and track the absenteeism of employees with Cloud HR Software solutions.

  • A list of all employee's Clock IN / Clock Out entries
  • One click to view status report
  • Generate request to update work hours
  • Send approve/reject event notifications.
hrms attendance management
hrms attendance management

Leave Disbursement

The leave disbursement feature in HR software is an essential tool for managing employee time off. It automates the leave application and approval process, allowing employees to request time off and managers to approve or deny requests with just a few clicks.  The leave disbursement feature also keeps track of employees’ remaining leave balance, ensuring that they do not exceed their allocated time off.

Get a detailed note of upcoming vacations, leaves and thus, manage the team availability accordingly. Free HR software solutions will give you a set module for leave management application and approval.

  • Leave Policy Setup and allocation
  • View leave accrual details of the employees
  • Approve/Decline leaves on the basis of requests
  • Glimpse of employee's leave balance data
hrms leave management
hrms leave management

Payroll Regulation

Payroll management is one of the most important and time consuming HR functions. If done manually, companies can end up making unwanted errors that usually burn a considerable hole in their pocket. Want a solution? UBS is your answer for improved payroll processing! 

With UBS software, you can finally say goodbye to the old-school way of repetitive tasks of salary generation. Switch to our intuitive Payroll & HRMS software to ensure better payroll management and impeccable employee experience. We provide you with a powerful tool to generate your payroll on time integrated with HR processes. Easy to use, Accurate data and definite delivery are some of the benefits to look forward to.

  • A consistent payroll system
  • Interconnection between employee data
  • Use Your Time For More Productive Tasks
  • One system for all employees and their payroll
hrms payroll
hrms payroll

Overtime management

Working overtime to calculate and manage employee overtime manually? Don’t you think it is high time to switch to automated overtime management? Employees expect accurate remuneration for their timely hard work. Our free HR software helps you with an accurate timesheet that gives you an entire cycle of salary processing.

It helps to save you from the public grievance department. Give all your overtime management burden over UBS and invest your time on other important business operations. With error-free overtime management, your employees will also be happy and engaged in the long run.

  • A single trusted platform of overtime data
  • Manage employee data regarding time clock
  • Check overtime time and worklog report
  • Pay for exact number of hours spent
hrms overtime management
hrms overtime management

Loan Management

We understand that managing loan requests of employees and calculating loan EMIs accurately is no easy task. Considering the same, we bring to you the best loan management system in the market today- UBS. With UBS, employees just have to submit your loan application directly through HRM software free download and get the whole process to become a cakewalk. 

HR managers can sit back and relax, leaving the tedious paperwork on our all in one HRMS software and manage loans without any headaches or stress. Are you ready to get things done in a tap?

  • Fill details and apply for loan
  • Check the amount to be paid
  • Review installment amount appropriately
  • Get a provision of auto deduction
hrms loan
hrms loan

Access Level

Workforce management becomes fun and easy with UBS software solutions. From HR managers to employees, everyone can have access to HRMS and its features anytime, anywhere.

The level of access depends on their position in the company. Your seniority will help you to determine the access level. With advanced access level management, UBS software helps companies to build a transparent workplace where everyone feels empowered and considered along the way.

From HR managers to employees, everyone can have access to HRMS. Their level of access depends on their position in the company. Your seniority will help you to determine the access level.

  • Default three access levels given
  • Assign members to different access levels
  • Customize permissions for different access levels
  • Edit access level according to your need
hrms access level
hrms access level


Are employee requests keeping you busy and occupied every day? UBS- the best human capital management software is here to solve this problem for you! We help HR departments to streamline employee requests automatically and with a bare minimum of human intervention. 

Imagine how much time you can save while working if you optimize this most common task. Paper-chasing work flow can be reduced to just a few clicks. UBS HRMS software is the perfect solution for you if you wish to approve or reject employee requests in less than a second.

  • Apply for leaves easily with a few clicks
  • Track down approval or decline of application
  • Automate Workflow of leave management
  • No delay on decision making
hrms approvals
hrms approvals

Holidays List

Employees deserve to have basic details like holidays on their fingertips. This may seem a bit impossible in a manual office setup but with UBS HR management software it is easy.

When employees have a list of holidays right in front of you, you can keep it updated to your calendar. It will help them stay clear for important deadlines and milestones of the task or project. That means, no more delays, mindful planning and better work results.

  • Plan a vacation in advance
  • Apply early for smooth approval process
  • Set due date and maintain your work delivery
  • Design your monthly calendar accordingly
hrms holidays
hrms holidays

Self-Service Portal

Gone are the days when employees had no other option but to get in touch with HR managers for every trivial task. We do understand the importance of employee self-service and how efficient it can be, in terms of data entry. We provide customers access to employees to handle their personal data, download payslips, and much more.

UBS employee self-service portal is the smartest way to empower your employees, reduce their dependence on HR professionals and accelerate employee engagement. It is time for every company out there to give employees the autonomy to do basic tasks on their own.

  • Employee self service portal where you can add details
  • Edit and review your personal data with ease
  • See your joining date and experience
  • Add documents and files wherever necessary
hrms my profile
hrms my profile

Biometric Attendance Management

Tired of managing attendance manually? Switch to our cloud-based biometric attendance management system to enjoy the process of tracking and monitoring real-time employee attendance. Identify, verify, analyze, and store fingerprint data in a highly secure cloud database.

Switching to UBS HR software means waving goodbye to errors, delays, and confusion around employee attendance. With automated and user-friendly software solutions, you can not just ensure timely and error-free attendance management but also offer a better employee experience. So, when are you taking a step ahead to check out UBS HR management software?

Attendance management system
Attendance management system

Why choose UBS over other HCM suites?

A range of features and tools designed to help businesses

Cost effective

Get powerful features & module at a feasible price.

Data security

Ensure 100% data security and be tension-free.

All in one

Carry out all HR functions from one HRMS software.


From performance appraisal to exit process, automate everything in a click.

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