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Relieving Letter

What is a Relieving Letter Meaning?

Relieving certificate meaning – The document that the employer gives to the employee after he/she has left the company is known as a relieving letter. A relieving letter means – the details such as the notice period, achievements, and word of appreciation about what they have served when he/she was in the company. The letter shows that the employee has worked for the mentioned company, completed all the necessary formalities, and is now relieved from all his/her former roles & responsibilities at the company. An ideal relieving letter meaning – the format states details of the joining date, annual CTC, designation, resignation & last working details, and job role specifications, etc.

his document confirms that the someone has already resigned from the organization. A relieving letter and its relieving date of employment of the said employee are mentioned here in the letter. Relieving date meaning is – final date of exit.  It is usually issued to the employee on the employee’s last working day by HR manager. Few companies provide a relieving letter to the employee after 45-60 days along with the full and final settlement of the finances. While relieving letters may have some similarities with experience letter or job achievements, they are not exactly the same documents.

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