Experience Letter - Format, Example and Meaning
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Experience Letter – Format, Example and Meaning

March 25, 2022
HR Toolkit
Experience Letter Format1

Whether you’re looking for a career move or a better job opportunity, you may have noticed that your new employer will ask you to provide documents from your old company. Among these critical documents, the experience letter is a must-have that your future company will inquire about. Leaving an organization without obtaining an experience certificate is equivalent to leaving school without obtaining a degree certificate. An experience certificate can make or break your future employment prospects. This blog provides a full tutorial on what an experience letter is, its format, and valuable samples.

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What is an Experience Letter?

An experience letter also known as a Service certificate is a letter that summarizes the experiences gathered by an employee throughout his or her time with the company. This letter is a crucial document since it informs the other future organization’s employer about the employee’s job experience.

This should be attached to the employee’s résumé when applying to a new company.

This letter must contain information such as:

  • Your Job Title
  • The Date when you started working in the organization
  • Skills and Experience gained
  • Resignation date
  • Date of issue of the letter

A Work Experience letter is usually written by the HR of the organization. HR collects the information from the reporting manager of the employee before writing the letter.

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What is the Use of an Experience Letter?

A service certificate can be helpful to the employees in the following ways:

  • It acts as proof that the particular employee has worked for the organization.
  • It shows the skills and experience gained by an employee in an organization. 
  • It acts as a supporting document for the report submitted by the employee with his/her resume. 
  • It serves as proof of the time duration an employee has served in the organization.
  • It represents the job title of the employee. 
  • It contains the roles and responsibilities an employee used to perform in his/her company.
  • A Work experience certificate can be used by the employee to apply for roles in other companies, or vacancies in the organization he/she is currently working in.
  • It helps companies to decide the wages to be paid to the employee.

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How to Write a Work Experience Letter?

There is various HRMS Software that offers readymade Offer Letter templates. However, considering the basics, these are the following parameters that are frequently included in a well-written experience certificate:

  • The letterhead of the organization: Because this is a service certificate from your company, you must promote yourself as a professional company. This can be accomplished by sending a letter with your letterhead on top.
  • The Issue Date of the letter: On the second line and in the top right corner of the letter, always include the date of issuance.
  • Details about the employee: The employee’s designation, roles, responsibilities, skills, and tenure must all be included. You may also include the Employee’s wage in the experience letter, depending on your organization’s norms and regulations. Because salary slips are generally attached, some organizations do not specify salaries.
  • Employee Conduct: This is where you describe whether the employee’s work was satisfactory or exceptional. Keep in mind that offering negative comments can leave an unfavourable impression on you and your company. It’s all about being professional and choosing the appropriate phrases in the business world.

A good wish: Finish the letter by adding a sentence or two wishing the Employee luck in the future.

Experience Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Experience Letter Format

Experience Letter Format

Experience Letter Example

Experience Letter Example

Wrapping Up

Employment Experience Letters are employees’ basic entry routes into a new business endeavour or organization. The process of producing service certificates for employees as they pick their future in the new business organization requires extreme caution.

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