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Resignation Letter

What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is defined as a formal document written by an employee that notifies your employer that you are leaving your job. A resignation letter formalizes your departure from your current employment. It can be written down as an email or as a printed letter.

When you resign from your job, it’s important to resign gracefully and professionally with a proper note of leave. However, you don’t need to include a lengthy explanation for your reasons or future plans. Keep your letter or email simple, short, and focused on the facts. 

Here’s what you can include in your resignation letter:

  • Your Intent To Resign Should Be Mentioned In Detail: Give an adequate notice period to your employer and serve it well before you write a formal resignation letter. You might have to stay prepared to move on even before you submit your resignation. Your letter should start with the fact that you’re resigning and you won’t be serving your position.
  • Your Last Day of Employment Must Be Notified: Resignation letters are not only written to define the employee’s intent to leave but also provide information about the last day to be worked. Moreover, you can mention other requests or details. This eases the transition for both employer and employee and makes it easier to keep the records.
  • An Offer To Assist And Make The Transition Smoother: Resignation letters will offer to help in the transition process that you may come across while leaving the company. Whether it be a recruiting individual or training a replacement for the same job profile, you may want full assistance. In this way, both the employee and the employer can leave the situation with absolute closure.
  • Your Personal Information With Future Contact Details: Include your personal contact information in case someone wants to get in touch with you. This way, the company, your colleagues, and maybe your team members can get in touch with you easily.

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