Inter Department Transfer Letter - Meaning, Format, Examples, and More
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Inter Department Transfer Letter – Meaning, Format, Examples, and More

May 10, 2022
HR Toolkit
Inter Department Transfer Letter Format

Working in an organization on a higher post is a responsibility where you need to make decisions for the company’s betterment. Transferring employees internally within the departments with same designation is the business strategy adopted by the organizations in order to streamline talents and career progression.

If you are an organization planning to move employees from one department from another due to any reason, you need to write change of department request letter to that particular member.

So What is an Inter department transfer letter? Let’s read to know more.

What is an Internal Department Transfer Letter – Definition

Inter department letter is issued to an employee who is being transferred from one department to another within the same organization.

An Internal department transfer letter can be of two types:

  1. A department change request to manager from an employee to be transferred to another department 
  2. A letter from the organization to inform an employee about their inter departmental transfers to some other department.

In this article we are going to discuss the letter from the employer to the employee.

With this type of transfer, you can achieve the following:

  • Optimize the talents and skills within the organization by giving required employee training.
  • Make sure that the employees are progressing & staying organized at workplace by developing new skills.
  • From the available resources in the organization, move the employee to the department or the functions where it is immediately and necessarily required.

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Things to Consider While Writing an Inter department Transfer Letter

Generally, an internal department transfer letter is used for an official or a business purpose. Therefore, we have gathered some tips to consider while you write the letter for your own employees. Follow the blog to know more.

  1. Tone – Transfer letter is a kind of a professional letter, therefore, it is very crucial to set the appropriate tone of the letter. Ensure that the letter is formal and your message is conveyed to the employee in an appropriate tone.
  2. Short and Concise – Make sure that the transfer letter is short and concise. Your letter should be straightforward and also ensure that every message should be straight to the point. You should always try to complete your correspondence in a single page.
  3. Clarity – It is very vital to explain every single detail clearly. Mention clearly that the employee is being transferred to another department. Do not forget to mention the department to which the employee is being transferred. If the department works at some other location, remember to mention that too with the date on which he needs to join the new role. Specify the person’s name and contact details to whom the employee needs to report in his new role.
  4. Facilities – If the employee needs to get moved to the new location and onboard over there, mention all the facilities the company will provide to him/her at the new location. In case the location is the same as the previous one, mention the benefits/drawbacks of the new position. Also, mention the responsibilities that he/she will be expected to do in his new role.
  5. Best Wishes – At the end, wish the employee all the bets. You can do this by writing that the company expects him/her to continue his duties with the same dedication and passion that he showed throughout his/her career.

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There are various HRMS Softwares that provide the customized templates for the inter-department transfer letter and other relevant HR letters such as relieving letter, request for relieving letter after transfer, request denial letter to help the HRs reduce their letter writing part. However, following the above considerations, we have prepared certain transfer mail format and sample request letter which you can see further in this blog. Let’s continue.

Inter Department Transfer Letter Format

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Inter department Transfer Letter Format

Inter department Transfer Letter Format

Inter department Transfer Letter Example

Inter department Transfer Letter Example

Things to be Included in Transfer Letter

The following facts should be included in a department transfer application to justify the employee’s competencies and allow him or her to be transferred to a new department:

  • The employee’s new department.
  • The position in the new department that the employee will be employed.
  • The employer’s expectations of the programs and functionalities used in the department to which he or she will be transferred.
  • The employee’s talents, competence, and information that could be useful in the new department where he or she will work.

Bottom Line

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