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A List Of Best HRMS Software In Noida For All Businesses

An integrated human resource management software for your company.

An HRMS For Your Business!

List of Features

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  • Features
    Employee Management
  • Features
    Time Management
  • Features
    Leave Allocations
  • Features
    Payroll Processing
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    Access Level

Employee Management

It is a hectic task to manage your employee data and keep it organized in one place. You need to have a definite way to create a system where employee data, from their personal details to their status report or login time is stored in one place.

  • Ease of managing employee data
  • One dashboard to add all data
  • Add basic details about yourself
  • Uploading documents in same place

Time Management

We have a centralized system that helps you keep a check on time. Track the real-time attendance of your employee and calculate the late coming and early going respectively. Discover and track absenteeism of the employees with a UBS HRMS.

  • Clock In/Clock Out
  • Visible current time and Break time
  • Date wise tracking of time and activity
  • All employees work report at one place

Leave Allocations

Get a detailed note of upcoming vacations, leaves and thus, manage the team members availability accordingly. UBS HRMS will give you a set module for leave application and give approval accordingly.

  • Leave Policy Setup and allocation
  • View leave accrual details of the employees
  • Approve/Decline leaves on the basis of requests
  • Glimpse of employee's leave balance data

Payroll Processing

Say good bye to the old school way of repetitive tasks of salary generation. We provide you with a powerful tool to generate your payroll. Easy to use, Accurate data and definite delivery are some of the benefits to look forward to.

  • A consistent payroll system
  • Interconnection between employee data
  • Save hours of time on data entry
  • One system for all employees and their payroll

Access Level

From HR manager to employee, everyone can have access to HRMS. Their level of access depends on their position in the company. Your seniority will help you to determine the access level.

  • Default three access levels given
  • Assign members to different access levels
  • Customize permissions for different access levels
  • Edit access level according to your need

List of Top 5 HRMS Software in Noida

HRMS software in Noida is a basic need for every company that needs to get its HR department to automate. This software allows companies to eliminate their manual and time-consuming HR operations with cloud-based software. Or, you can say it simplifies it, by making it a smoother and more accurate process. The businesses are provided with a unified platform to drive all the HR functions from employee recruitment to their resignation very efficiently. 


With its cloud capabilities, all the employee information collected by the system can be centralized for data storage. It helps perform all the HR processes quickly and with utmost precision. The introduction of HRMS software in your organization simplifies talent management, streamlines workflows, enhances employee engagement, and increases operational efficiency. HRMS is software important for modern organizations as now we have employees and staff moving towards automation and analytics. With a growing technological advancement, organizations are willing to spend more on cloud-based platforms rather than to spend on on-premise and installed systems.


This system with HR automation tools tends to show real-time data wherever and whenever required. The HR management software not only benefits the larger organizations but also helps small and medium-sized businesses on the track of development.



Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

UBS HRMS is the fastest-growing business management platform that gives you a creative solution to HR department tasks. UBS brings to its clients an enterprise-grade working software solution for handling HR functions. UBS delivers on its promises by providing scalable and efficient working software that can scale your business. 


The full form of HRMS is a Human Resource Management System, and as its name suggests it connects various HR functions like employee management, payroll activities, recruiting, statutory compliance, and many more, with software technology. UBS is an HRMS software in Noida that ensures to ease the work of an HR manager rather than rely on pen and paper or spread-sheet-based workflow, to increase business productivity and efficiency. It helps HR in making intelligent and fast decisions and to focus on the more business strategic task.

  • Smooth and Easy Employee Onboarding
  • A Panoramic View Of Ongoing Tasks
  • Easy and timely salary management
  • A better place for Performance Review
  • Apply And Get Approvals For Leave
  • Your Personal Dashboard - Your Identity
Savvy HRMS

Savvy HRMS

Cloud based HR Software

Savvy HRMS software is an HR management tool that has smoothed out HR work as well as chopped down administrative work to the most extreme level. Furthermore, the product is sponsored by best-on-earth offers with complete assistance spread over the country. Some of the best features included here help you with easy employee management.

  • Payroll Software
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • HR Management Solution
  • Tax Management
  • Loan Management


Cloud Software & SaaS Application for Enterprises

HROne is an end-to-end HRMS Software that caters to all your organizational requirements within the company. It has different integrated modules that include payroll software, attendance management software, and performance management software. The software induces your organization to optimize your team’s efforts and maximize outputs.

  • Core HR responsibilities
  • Workforce management
  • Auto-process payroll
  • Real-time leave management
  • Performance tracking


HRM Software in Noida | Payroll Software in Noida

Samplex24 is a cloud-based HRMS that is easily accessible through your mobile phone and any other device. The software allows you to access, process, and update data facilities in real-time sitting anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you or your employees are sitting, this software ensures to keep you always connected with one another.

  • Switch from one screen to another
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Web modules accessible with a browser
  • Compatible with all-size devices.
  • Strategic HRMS solution


Best Cloud based HR Software and Payroll Software in India

Officenet is one of the software that can monitor and check the progress of a particular project, view the time taken to complete the task, regularize the workload and workflow that an employee is facing with the help of HR Software to handle your organization. This HR software in Noida can definitely make your business grow with the different features mentioned below.

  • Performance and Appraisals
  • Recruitment and On-Boarding
  • Learning and development
  • Travel management
  • ESS - Employee Self-service

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Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

What is the best HR software in Noida?

The best HR software is the one that helps you organize your business and efficiently run it. An HR software is the one that helps you keep your payslips going out on time, time in and time off gets tracked, employees update their own changes of addresses, etc. In simpler terms, it makes everything run smoothly with a lot less work. Check out UBS HRMS to see what are the best features available.

How does HR software work?

Almost every business uses some type of HR management software, whether it’s a simple payroll application or a more sophisticated suite of cloud automation technology. The software is integrated with different modules to help you with the entire employee experience, from onboarding to benefits administration to employee document management.

What is the best HR software for small businesses?

Given the importance of HR software in an organization, it’s critical to choose a provider that aligns with your company’s current needs and future goals. Thus, study the exact needs of your company and then choose the provider accordingly.

Why use HR software?

A Human Resources Management System, HRMS software in Noida is a platform that helps with data entry, data tracking, and data management needs of an HR department. It also helps your HR with processing payroll, managing leaves, and handling employee engagement.

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