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Top 5 Techniques to Manage Employee Training

19 Tools Techniques to manage training programs of your company
October 8, 2021
Project Management

Fresher Training programs of a company are essential as it boosts the company’s growth and improve employee’s skills and knowledge. It must provide opportunities for future growth as well. Identifying and selecting the best employee training methods for freshers can be a huge task. In this blog, we will look at the top 5 techniques to manage the training programs in your organization. 

Let’s dig deep into the specific topics to explore employee training methods.

  • Interactive Training
  • e-Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Management-specific activities
  • Modern training methods

 Interactive Training

There are various methods to implement interactive training. It is one of the most effective training methods that involve freshers in their own learning experience. This training method can take the forms of having a good conversation, speaking their language, letting the conversation stay a bit longer than usual, etc. 

By practicing the new skills, strategies and applying them in real-time work scenarios, this employee training method can be more effective and the new employees will be more engaged. 

For example, you need to have a system that can manage all the activities of the new hire. Suppose you have a fresher, firstly, you should ask a few questions about his/her skills, abilities, and past experiences. Then soon after you must assign a task at a given time. Now, what the system will do is, it will track the employee working time. If he/she completes the task before or after the allotted time, then the next task will be given accordingly. In this way, the employee can be trained, performance can be improved and productivity can be enhanced. 


Are you looking for an easy & effective training method? 

Here is one, eLearning is all about online videos, tests, and courses to deliver employee training. Employees can do their training with a smartphone or on their company computers. 

eLearning with interactive games, tests, videos, activities, or even gamified components can also go a long way towards keeping Freshers engaged with the training. 

eLearning has its challenges. Without proper & solid strategy behind it, the graphics and visuals that make eLearning fun can also make it quickly outdated. Therefore, keeping it up-to-date regularly is also a necessary best practice. 


The relationship between an employee and a more experienced professional will be highly effective if the training program is mentored properly, such as their supervisor, a coach, or an experienced employee. 

This method of training creates a relationship between the freshers & the senior professionals that carry far beyond training. It creates confidence in new employees to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in the workplace, instructor-led training. This employee training method can be done in person or virtually through online coaching sessions. Mentoring is costly work to maintain in employee hours and should be used appropriately to reduce those associated costs. 

Management-specific activities

These activities are just employee training that is focused on the needs of the managers. There can be many activities, simulations, team-building exercises, role-playing, etc. While managing different employee training programs, requires support from every employee, and managing specific activities ensures the required support. 

Modern training methods

With the world taking the bigger step in technologies, the modern ways that are online training and social training methods have become very important. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at these two methods. 

Online Training – As we have already discussed in the eLearning section, online training is a common solution nowadays for training employees effectively. This can include eLearning courses, webinars, educational videos, etc. 

Social Training – This is very rare to find a social training method in many training programs. In social training, it isn’t easy to measure, structure, and control. But this can be very effective as employees will be pushed beyond the boundaries of their daily roles that help acquire new perspectives and problem-solving skills. 




Wrapping Up!

Training programs of a company is a prime factor that needs to be looked at constantly. There will be new modern ways with every technological change. So keep adding new ways of training programs that keep the trainers engaged and focused while doing any work. 

“Wanna know about onboarding and offboarding programs?” 

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