Relieving Letter - Format, Definition, Importance, Example, and More
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Relieving Letter – Format, Definition, Importance, Example, and More

April 1, 2022
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Relieving Letter

If your employee is planning to switch his/her job, being an HR or the Operations Manager of the company you need to provide several documents to that employee. Among several documents or letters, one of the most important letters that a candidate asks for is the Relieving Letter.  This document proves that the particular employee has completed all the required roles and responsibilities in their previous employment.

Generally, the HR Manager of the organization issues this letter. However, if you are new to this, and you don’t know what a relieving letter is and how to write one, don’t worry, this blog will give you every necessary information about this letter.

What is a Relieving Letter?

A Relieving Letter is an official document issued to an employee who is leaving the organization and has finished serving the notice period. It states that the employee has been relieved from all his roles and responsibilities and has finished all the required formalities in his previous employer.

Typically these letters are printed on the organization’s letterhead and are issued to the employee on the last working day. There is various HRMS software in India that offer ready-to-use HRMS letters that just require you to download, edit and print.

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Important Details in a Relieving Letter

1. Date of Issuance

The date of issuance of the letter is the very first section in it and it should be written on the top. The date helps to avoid any future dispute.

2. Employee Details

Following the date, the letter should contain the details of the employee resigning from the company like full name, employee ID, designation, department, and the organization’s name.

3. Subject

This part should define the purpose of the letter in just one line. Or else in the subject line, you can just directly write “Relieving Letter”.

4. Salutation

This section contains the employee’s name preceded by a formal salutation.

5. Employee’s Resignation Details

This section contains information regarding the employee’s resignation and whether or not it was accepted by the company. It also specifies the date on which the employee offered his/her resignation and the date on which the person’s employment will end.

6. Formalities and Appreciation

The second paragraph of this letter format should ensure the employee that they will be paid in full and final within a certain time frame. Following the assurance, express gratitude for the employee’s services to the company and wish them well in their future endeavours with a word of appreciation.

7. Signature

After finishing the main body, end the letter format with “sincerely” and sign the letter with the employer’s name, designation, and issuing date.

As we said, the relieving letter is very crucial for the person who’s planning to change the organization. Know why? Read further to know the importance.

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Importance of a Relieving Letter

  • If you plan to start a new job, your new company will most certainly request your relieving letter. Failure to deliver it could compromise your chances of being hired by them.
  • When you are starting your new job,  this document will prove that you have left the previous employer you worked for. 
  • It will also show that you are no longer linked with your former organization because you have completed all of your services and paid all of your dues.
  • It will also ensure your future employer that you do not have any corporate data or proprietary information.

How to Write a Relieving Letter?

As previously stated, this letter is a formal document provided to employees when they accept their resignation and are relieved of all responsibilities. Here are some key points to keep in mind while creating it:

  • Always issue the letter on the company’s letterhead.
  • Unless the employee specifies a specific name, the best salutation is “To Whomsoever It May Concern.”
  • You should specify whether or not an employee’s resignation was accepted, as well as their title.
  • Include the dates of your employment and resignation.
  • The letter’s tone should be formal and courteous.

Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Relieving Letter Example

Relieving Letter Example


Many employees come and leave the organization due to any possible reason. Writing the letters every time a candidate leaves the organization is a bit boring and time-consuming. Our HRMS software has an HR toolkit that contains several ready-to-use HR letters that you can use with just one click. Also, there is a live edit feature using which you can even save time by avoiding downloading the letters. You can just click the live edit button and the letter is ready to be customized as per your requirement. 

Ultimate Business Systems is an HRMS software that helps SMEs generate customizable HR letters like relieving letters, offer letters, appointment letters, and more. That’s not it, UBS also is a Payroll Software along with the PMS and chat feature that helps businesses smoothly run and manage their business operations. Still, don’t just take the words, book the live demo for free and experience the best ever HRMS experience.

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