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Organizations Supportive HRMS Software: Top 5 features to consider

Things you need to look at to consider a customer supportive HRMS software 3
October 4, 2021

What is HRMS software?

HRMS is a software tool that includes all the organizational features starting from hiring activity to managing tax compliance laws. It is a platform that integrates, automates, and contains many of the routine HR processes in an organization. In addition, it can perform several tasks, including organizing and managing employee details and organizational information, which makes it easily accessible. 

Let us tell you briefly about some of the features that make HRMS software Companies supportive. 

  • Easy onboarding & offboarding
  • One-tap transaction
  • Tracking of the project progress
  • Smart collaboration 
  • 24×7 Customer support window

Let’s take a look in detail. 

1. Easy onboarding & offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding play a vital role in any organization. If it runs well, the organization gets a positive impression right from the beginning. However, onboarding and offboarding are not only for new hires and employees. Many people think onboarding/offboarding means it is all about the new hires and employees, but it applies to the customers & clients as well. 

To get worthy customers & clients for the company, the first thing that needs to be done is smooth onboarding. This means, while introducing the work & capability of the company to the customer, they must be satisfied. Also, when the deal ends with the customer/client, every credential must be removed and assure privacy so that there won’t be any backstepping if a need arises in the future. 

So, an easy onboarding/offboarding feature in the HRMS software for customers/clients is a must. 

2. One-tap Transaction

The transaction is a crucial part while doing business with different clients and customers. When the client agrees to all the terms & conditions of the company and finalizes for a new project, the project’s cost should also get fixed at the same time. An easy and hassle-free transaction window for customers will make them trustworthy. Some digital payment options like UPI transactions (GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.) can help generate more worthy clients. 

3. Tracking of the project progress

The customer/client must get updated with every significant improvement. This will lead the organization to work more efficiently, and the project may get completed on time. Project delivery on time means a happy client, and that will add value to the company.  

Too many notifications & alerts? How to deal with it?”

4. Smart collaboration

Collaboration plays a considerable part while doing a large project. Constant collaboration with the client is necessary. So, to have a feature like arranging meetings anytime you want by just sending the link is highly beneficial. When the project members talk directly with the client to know the exact need of the project, then the project can be delivered on time. Innovative collaboration is indeed a feature that needs to be added to HRMS software. 

5. 24×7 Customer support

A 24×7 customer support window is essential. When a customer visits the website and wants to know about productivity or queries regarding products & services, there should be an option like customer support service to answer all the questions. The customer support service needs to be active 24×7 as visitors may come anytime to the website. 

Do the points mentioned above urge customers to buy HRMS software?


The points mentioned above indicate customer-supportive HRMS software and how it should be managed in the process. So, do you want to know more about HRMS features & functionalities? 

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