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An Ultimate Guide To Face Recognition Attendance System

September 13, 2022
An Ultimate Guide To Face Recognition Attendance System

There are several biometric attendance systems used in different organizations. However, some companies prefer a face recognition attendance system. Very few biometric technologies are attracting as much attention as facial recognition because face recognition systems have led to the advancement of multimedia information access.

It offers lots of benefits such as monitoring, authentication, indexing, access control, and maintenance of surveillance applications. Also, implementing face recognition not only makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal a user’s password but also improves human-computer interaction.

Check the scope and advantages of the facial recognition attendance system for companies.

 What Is Face Recognition Attendance?

Face recognition attendance means using facial recognition technology to identify and verify a person and mark attendance automatically.

There are several types of attendance management systems such as fingerprint scanning, Iris recognition, voice recognition, palm vein recognition & face recognition, etc.

Why Face Recognition Attendance Is Important?

As an attendance management system is important in any business, clock-in, break-in, break-out, and clock-out are considered. In this case, if you prefer system software, any of the employee’s friends can do punching with the password. It is one of the most common violations of work ethics to commit time fraud.  Even though most employees are honest, the likelihood of buddy punching cannot be ruled out. In that case, the biometric attendance system comes into role.

Earlier, Fingerprint scanning systems were almost the quality for attendance systems; however, it has brought issues with the systems that require physical contact. However, face recognition attendance software is a contactless technology that provides freedom from any physical interaction between humans and machines. It is much easier to understand how the attendance system with face recognition can make the clock-in and clock-out easier.

All humans have different kinds of facial structures, and that’s why accuracy is on the top.  The foremost common problem in organizations is time management and keeping an eye on the arrivals and departures of each employee. Hence, this technique comes to the rescue by keeping accurate time and attendance. Also once you installed anyone’s data on the device, all things will be automated. And in that case, the necessity for human intervention is minimal.

Evolution Of Attendance Management System

Everything within the current era has become contactless, right? From education to finances things are adopted new technologies. Operation without any physical interaction, whether it’s making payments to someone or purchasing anything makes evolution. 

So, don’t you think that the same cutting-edge contactless technology should be applied to attendance management? Automated attendance solutions have come an extended way, from saving time to creating things more comfortably. Biometrics is the true evolution of the employee attendance management system.

In the current situation, contactless attendance systems like face recognition attendance systems are an efficient preventive strategy since they permit a safe and efficient way of marking employee entry in and out. It has recording employee attendance simpler than ever before.

  • This system automatically identifies and confirms an individual.
  • It records attendance based on their face detection.
  • Face recognition attendance systems are catching the eye of both small and large businesses.

It’s no wonder that such systems are getting more popular in workplaces due to their wide range of advantages.

Why is Attendance Management System Necessary in 2022?

Advantages Of Using Face Recognition Clock System

These biometric systems offer unmatched advantages, such as:

  • Touchless System ( After Covid Requirement)

After Covid 19, it is essential to add a touchless system in any organization. When the company starts working from the office then it is better to manage it by minimizing physical contact in work environments. Post-pandemic there has been a big increase in demand and adoption of contactless technologies, and that’s why in facial recognition attendance software.

By using this, the employer can greatly reduce the frequency of contact between individuals, and improvise the health of employees.

  • Cost-Effective

A face recognition attendance system can save business resources by automatic employee time tracking. That makes the system cost-effective.  Also, face recognition can be used on mobile devices making it more affordable for small-scale. By using this, you can,

  • Cut Administrative Cost
  • Increase Productivity Of Employee
  • Save Time And Help To Add Time To Work 
  • Automated Time Tracking

In the face recognition system, all things are tracked. Entry and exit time monitoring done with biometric systems is often fully automated with a facial recognition time clock system. There’s no need for human intervention or physical validation as the system’s advanced algorithms.

  • Accurate Employee Attendance

In every industry, employee attendance is important. This is one of the most common violations in the workplace. While an enormous majority of employees are honest, the nuisance of buddy punching can’t be ruled out. If this is in the system, teaming up with staff members and doing punching is quite common.

With a facial recognition attendance system, the whole environment will be changed. In this case, you won’t just take the attendance but also automatically record the entry-exit time of the employees.

  • Face Recognition With Changes

Face recognition is not dependent on a few facial features but they are highly robust recognize anyone’s identity with a face on several points on the face. So even with the changes on the face, or with the aging, it can still identify the personality.

It can identify people without removing the mask and also with different facial attributes like specs, beard, etc. It’s a major advantage over any other biometric system as employees don’t have to take off their masks during Covid.

  • Easy To Install  & Manage

Systems like UBS, Automated systems are easy to install and manage. Also, these systems store and update day-to-day records in real-time. From maintaining daily check-in and check-out time to preparing high-accurate timesheets, it can handle everything for everyone.   

You can handle a huge amount of employee data with this system.

  • Use Cameras On Mobile Devices

Some biometrics or face recognition makes use of mobile devices for attendance. So it came under budget-friendly one. In this digital era, everyone has tablets, smartphones, and laptops that have built-in front-facing cameras. This suggests there is no need for any additional hardware to implement a facial recognition time clock system. Also, there’s no need for any training or orientation for work-from-home employees.

  • Smart Integration

A facial recognition attendance system with any other HRMS or Payroll system is quite easy. It provides smart integration with different devices. As these systems are modular and highly customizable, the time-in time-out and date formats are often customized to be compatible with other systems implemented in an organization. A corporation with geographically distributed offices can implement GPS based system for attendance monitoring in all the offices from one place.

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Important Factors To Choose Face Recognition Attendance System

Now you know the importance, and benefits of a face recognition system for attendance, but how do you choose the face recognition attendance system? Here are the factors:

  • Face Detection

Face Detection is the most important factor for the further process. It involves finding an image of your face that is acquired from an existing photo or video. 

  • Face Alignment

After face detection, face recognition reads the geometry of your face. The employee attendance system determines the width of the nose, the distance b/w the eyes, the depth of eye sockets, and therefore the distance from the forehead to the jaw.

  • Matching Feature Of Face

After these 2 processes, It is to make a decision based on whether the features are matched to the face that has been added to the system. Once the image is captured it’s then stored during a record.

  • Face Recognition

After verification, it recognizes the face when it is matched. Recognition is about the classification of the detected and matched faces into known identities.

  • Increased Safety

The face recognition system provides the most promising security. This system adds an additional layer of security and safety. 

  • Touchless System

A fingerprint attendance system needs human interaction with the machine, however, this is preferred over a fingerprint scanner due to its non-contact process.

  • Increased Accuracy

It has accurate data and that’s why it helps to prevent cyber attacks.

  • Quick Process

It always takes just seconds with a face recognition attendance system.  It has faster processing/speeds up the onboarding process.

Best Biometric Attendance Software 2022

On A Final Note,

Attendance management systems are not as they were. Whether you consider HRMS, fingerprint, or facial recognition – these are the most promising attendance systems. In facial, authentication is increasingly being replaced by touchless one.  The touchless and cloud-based face recognition attendance system is well-placed to meet the current demands of the industry. You can get more knowledge at the website UBS. Just check to know and install face recognition attendance software at your company.


What Is a Facial Recognition Attendance System?

A highly accurate system that identifies the person with their biometrics and uses them for whether the employee is present or not at the workplace.

How does Face Recognition Works In Attendance System?

An organization chooses the device for face recognition, it reads the face of the employee when they enter and leave the office. This face recognition attendance system detects the face, matches the feature and verifies the added data, and confirms the employee.

How Do You Create A Face Recognition Attendance System?

A good software development company can make a face recognition attendance system. UBS is one of them; you can ask anything about that.

What Is Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System?

An attendance system along with a biometric machine that can help the company to verify the identity of a person and consider presence is a face recognition biometric attendance system.

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