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Best Biometric Attendance Software 2022

July 29, 2022
Best Biometric Attendance Software

Are you tired of a manual attendance tracking system? A biometric system makes use of different physical features to keep track of your employees clock in and clock out. Let us understand what biometric attendance is, followed by the list of best biometric attendance software 2022.

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What is a biometric attendance system?

The biometric attendance system is used to store, control and administer the records fetched from a biometric tool established in your organization. A biometric tool is used to tune employees’ attendance with the help of recording their particular identity traits, like fingerprints, voice, and now an ID card.

Types of Biometric System

Types of Biometric System

How does Biometric Attendance Software Work?

You have to be properly aware of the biometric tool established on your workplace premises. Once your employees` particular identity trait is recorded, mapped, and matched with their present data in the software, they’re allowed to go into the premises.

But what approximately are the records mentioned in the gadget to track your attendance? How will you control it for payroll processing or another process? How do you administer your attendance gadget with that recorded data?

That’s where the biometric attendance software program comes into account!

biometric attendance system

Once you configure your biometric tool with an HRMS, you no longer fear fetching records manually and retaining a couple of spreadsheets for monitoring leaves or processing worker salaries.

With a biometric attendance system in place, you may without problems calculate paydays, configure your leave policies, control a couple of billing hours, in short, streamline your attendance and access the control techniques effortlessly.

How does Biometric Attendance Software Work?

Biometric structures use the fingerprints of the employee to confirm the identification of the man or woman clocking in and out. The fingerprint of the worker is scanned, the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint are matched with the document in the database, and accordingly, the right to entry is granted.

For a brand new worker, he has to upload his/her fingerprint to clock into the system every day. Fingerprint scanners have emerged as rather state-of-the-art facilities.

Biometric Attendance Software Work

The primary procedure that occurs in forming and matching styles internal a scanner is as defined below:

Whenever a scan is made, the virtual print received is scanned for the precise functions known, in which the traces of the fingerprint are both cut up into and the set of rules measures the space among the angles.

Below mentioned is a list of top biometric attendance management software 2022.

best biometric attendance software 2022

1. UBS

UBS is an All-In-One software that helps you manage employee tracking. With fingerprint attendance training, or even face recognition software for biometrics, this one is an all-in-one HR management system. It helps you deal with your employee lifecycle. Key capabilities of the software include biometric recognition, accurate report, leave management, and geo-fencing.

2. Keka

A biometric attendance management system that allows your HR executives to keep track of employee clock-in and clock-out. It gives you biometric attendance management software with payroll processing, timesheet reports, and attendance tracking.

3. Securtime

Track your resources, their work hours, and performance with a real-time update. You can also have biometric software in collaboration with web-based software. It is easily available on mobile apps for your smartphones as well.

4. Qandle

With an accurate biometric attendance management system, This software provides you with a Geo- fenced app, QR code, and RFID. It is set up to handle attendance rules. You can track your attendance effortlessly here with the help of a user-friendly system.

5. HRMantra

Are you looking for an end-to-end HR management system that supports your attendance? It is one of the comprehensive systems that help you with the capabilities of the HR process. It includes projects and performance management.

6. Saral PayPack

It is a biometric attendance system that helps you handle HR management systems with payroll processing as well. This web-based payroll software helps you with leave and attendance management.

7. Pocket FaME

Here is software to help you with attendance tracking with the ESS feature, Leave management, and GPS-based attendance. Moreover, you don’t need to have external hardware. It is a quick and smooth implementation.

8. Timelabs Professional

Get a reduced amount of time spent on manual attendance tracking. The key features that you need to include in employee attendance software are calendar management, employee scheduling, and an overtime calculator.


Advantages of Biometric Attendance Software

One of the largest demanding situations encountered by employers and employees is dealing with their worker attendance and timekeeping. Your employee is your largest asset and retaining correct statistics about their operating hours, shifts, and departures are essential.

It can make quite a few changes in the manner your organization operates, no longer to say enhancing their productivity and performance. In the past, employers have used a guide gadget to maintain tune in their personnel attendance.

This brought about quite a few payroll mistakes and reduced the productivity and performance of the personnel. However, with the development of technology, it`s now simpler than ever to maintain your employee attendance with the assistance of biometric attendance software.

what is it

We have got some advantages of biometric attendance here!

  • Very easy to install and use.
  • No need for prior skill to use.
  • Highly secured.
  • Measure to prevent inaccurate time-ins.
  • Accurate recording of the details.
  • Saves a lot of time when gaining an access entry, compared to the older methods.
  • Prevents misuse of the access gainers by the employees and prevents early/late punching.
  • It can be easily integrated into the payroll and billing system.
  • Saves the time of clocking in, hence saving all the data for time management and recording.
  • PTO tracking compliance software.

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Features To Look In The Biometric Attendance Software

With the rush to a digital world, an increasing number of SMEs and start-ups are automating their ordinary daily tasks. While maximum businesses these days use a card reader and different virtual devices, they nevertheless depend upon guide time monitoring and complicated spreadsheets to reveal the time and attendance of employees.

Time-ingesting and labor-intensive, guide time monitoring isn’t best however additionally deprives the success of your business. Your company can attain its complete capability whilst you create a device that is scalable and effective.

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Moving to a biometric attendance device is step one on your adventure to deck up your company’s safety and boost your employees’ productivity. With lots of biometrics getting admission to manipulate structures withinside the market, how do you pick out the perfect one that is nice in shape in your company?

Worry not! Check out those standard 7 features to search for even as comparing Biometric Attendance Systems.

  • Have excellent access control. An integrated system with HRMS software can help enhance the productivity as well as the security of your organization.
  • You can store and verify a large number of templates and data. From a small organization to a larger one, you can keep the same software.
  • Internet connectivity with the biometrics system and cloud-based software is something you should consider. Every employee’s attendance should be tracked easily.
  • Make sure the identification time is as quick as possible.
  • Look for integrated devices that are rugged, durable, and work for a long time.
  • An attendance management system that can be integrated with PAYROLL software to handle salary and compensation directly.
  • While biometric attendance systems are easy-to-install and easy to use, there may be instances when you require expert assistance.


With multiple benefits and advantages including the list of perks for a biometric attendance management system you can opt in for it. Yoru business needs to save time spent on manual tasks.

UBS HRMS automates your workflow! It helps you manage your employee lifecycle, which also includes a biometric attendance management system. Check out the feature now!

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