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Top 10 Biometric Attendance Management Systems You Shouldn’t Ignore

August 2, 2022
Top 10 Biometric Attendance Management Systems You Shouldnt Ignore

An biometric attendance management system refers to an organization’s method to monitor employee time and attendance records. Perfect attendance and time monitoring machines facilitate your effort and time in calculating your employee’s working hours.

A digital attendance monitoring system facilitates you to continue to be compliant with critical guidelines through correct recording and effortlessly handling attendance records.

What is an Attendance Management System?

A powerful group of employee control methods must consist of a time and attendance control software program that integrates effortlessly with payroll software programs and hardware like clever time clocks.

A time and attendance machine proposing worker self-provider capabilities can ease the load on each manager and personnel by permitting employees to log hours, put up time-off requests, and clock in or out even at the same time as operating remotely.

Attendance Management System

What Are the Key Features of an Attendance Management System?

These days, each minute of performance matters. HR software works like an attendance control machine and must make it smooth for employers to maintain personnel time and attendance. However, in an effort to do that, there are some must-have capabilities that your HRMS must consist of.

Best Biometric Attendance Software 2022

Here’s what to maintain in your attendance control machine for your organization:

  1. Clocking In and Out capabilities: Manual time clock is bulky, inefficient, and susceptible to imposing mistakes. Instead, a biometric attendance control machine must consist of a machine for employees to clock in and clock out, in addition to taking lunch breaks or even requesting time off. Having those capabilities in a single system makes it less difficult for your employee to live on their time tracking responsibilities.
  2. Payroll integration: When it’s time to put together payroll, your attendance control machine must be capable of fast and effortlessly combining together with your payroll software program to apply the records at the hours your personnel labored into calculating their pay.
  3. Employee time off control: An amazing attendance control machine must be constructed to permit employees to apply for time off. Whether that’s of days, unwell days, or parental leaves, a biometric machine has the capability to do it.
  4. Cloud support: Local records or data centralization is a factor of the past. Instead, choose a biometric attendance system that’s included with the cloud, preserving all employee records on a single platform that you and your employee can discuss whenever needed.
  5. Attendance monitoring: Lastly, as an employer, you`ll need to maintain tabs whilst your personnel are in and whilst they’ve ignored a shift. Your biometric attendance control machine must warn you whilst a worker does not show 2up for work.

Remember the most important factor of an amazing attendance control system is to make recording time and attendance less difficult. With capabilities like the ones indexed above, you`ll be capable of maintaining your crew on course towards desires at the same time as final green in different regions.

What is a Biometric Attendance Management System?

A biometric attendance device is a tool that is used to confirm the identification of someone for the purpose of tracking. The traits used to perceive someone encompasses fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, face recognition, and hand measurements.

These biometrics are particular for each person and the information within side the biometric gadgets can not be shared or hacked. It replaces the conventional safety technique of getting into passwords or codes.

The biometric system scans the fingerprint of the worker and maps the endpoints and intersections of the same. These are then referred to with the saved information of the worker. A worker can not use the biometric machine to log in or log off till his/her information is entered into the machine.

Top 10 Biometric Attendance Systems

1. UBS Attendance management software

One of the best available attendance management software! UBS HRMS is here to help you handle your attendance tracking with the help of an easy-to-understand biometric attendance management system. It is a biometric attendance system that allows you to track employee work hours and performance. It gives you real-time reports.

2. Keka

HR managers can easily track the employee’s clock-in and clock-out. The biometric management system that Keka offers, helps you with features like payroll service, leave management, and attendance tracking.

3. Qandle

It is an HRMS software integrated with a biometric management system that helps you with geo fencing apps. It can help you set up attendance rules and see the tracked attendance reports. You can also have a QR code to clock in and clock out.

4. Securtime

Managing employee attendance is easier now with the help of time management, shift scheduling, and time sheets. You can calculate attendance and keep track of workforce analytics. It has a seamlessly integrated biometric attendance system.

5. HRMantra

Get a biometric attendance software that can help you handle end-to-end HR management systems. It helps you handle time tracking with the help of a biometric attendance management system. HRMantra can help you have HRMS management capabilities handled.

6. Saral PayPack

A biometric attendance system is here to help you streamline HR management and payroll requirements. It is a web-based system that can help you handle employee vacations and leaves.

7. Pocket FaME

When you introduce such a biometric attendance management system, you do not need any external hardware to handle your attendance, You can muster payroll processing as well as performance reports handling with this biometric management system.

8. Timelabs Professional

A biometric time management software and cloud-based HR software are here that are crafted to automate your HR processes while also focusing on your most important assets – your people. Designed for small, medium, and enterprise businesses,

9. greytHR

This biometric attendance system allows you to manage all your business processes, such as HR, payroll, and performance management from one place. The essential HR management features are available here.

10. Sage HR

This HRMS software helps you to track and manage payroll, attendance, and compliance. This real-time biometric software is best suited for businesses in the construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail industry.


A biometric attendance management system can help you manage your employee training. Biometric attendance machines can be used in various industries including IT companies, schools and colleges, hospitals, and many more to keep your timesheet updated in real-time.

Biometric technology can help benefit an organization in many ways. Being foolproof, these are now used by almost every company and startups are also adapting biometric systems. With the customized solutions provided by UBS HRMS, you can easily improve the overall management of your organization, leading to business growth.


Which software is used in the biometric attendance system?

As mentioned in the above list, you can see that UBS HRMS is already integrated with a biometric system, and needs no external training or efforts to introduce this system to your organization. Do check out the features on the website to know more.

What is the cost of a biometric machine?

The biometric machine can cost you from 5000 to 25000 INR.

How do you get attendance for biometrics?

You can add an integrated biometric attendance system with your HRMS software, that can help you record your attendance with it. And you can track your attendance reports accordingly.

What is fingerprint attendance?

You can use your fingerprint to punch in the attendance time with the help of a biometric attendance tool. Check out the above list to know the service providers that best suit your requirements.

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