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Top 10 Biometric Devices You Can Use – Detailed Review

December 12, 2022
Biometric Devices

Biometric Devices- A device that eliminates manual methods of attendance management and revamps this technique to digitize with a fingerprint. The biometric attendance system is made with “Scanner and biometrics”.

Biometrics such as iris, face, and fingerprints became the digital signatures to the attendance of all employees all over the world.

“Go Paperless”, “Go Digital”

As digitalization evolved, biometric attendance becomes the most popular option for attendance management in any company.

Research says,

81%  of consumers see biometrics more secure identity verification method.

Biometric Attendance Machines are the right way to record the presence of employees at work. These machines are used for monitoring attendance accurately. The biometric attendance system is the most innovative technology to use in the office to get complete attendance tracking. These devices are used in factories, stores, offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, construction sites, banks, shops, hotels, etc.

CP Plus Biometric Attendance System Installation

Nowadays biometric machines are available with face recognition as well as fingerprint scanners. This machine can scan employees’ fingerprints and may record all the necessary data needed so easily. If you’re looking for a biometric attendance machine to monitor the data of all the employees in your company or organization then you must know about the features and functions of biometric devices.

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Points To Be Considered While Buying Biometric Devices

There are many points you should before buying top biometric devices.


There are different types of devices some business uses. Biometrics generally relies on the use of unique physical traits such as fingerprints, palm prints, facial characteristics, or iris patterns to spot an employee. Before choosing any of the biometric devices make sure which characteristic you need for attendance management. 


Companies are made up of different workforces. Some companies have 50 employees and some have 500. So, before buying any biometric machine you want to be very clear about the capacity you need as per the number of employees you have. It’ll be better to go for a device that has much more user capacity than your requirement so in future you don’t need to buy a new one for other employees. 


If any device provides a mobile app as well then you should choose that.  So you can easily manage and monitor your data or records.


Check the availability of various modes of connectivity between the device and server like wired LAN, mobile network, internet, and USB. 

  • PORTS:

You ought to choose a device with USB ports to copy data from the device manually to the system. It is useful when other modes of communication fail and to copy face/fingerprint/RFID templates from one device to another.

So, there are multiple options for biometric machines available in the market. Choosing the simplest among them cannot be so easy. Therefore, UBS has shortlisted the Top 10 biometric devices featuring the best features, reviews, available online, and ratings.

An Ultimate Guide To Biometric Attendance Systems

Detailed Review Of Top 10 Biometric Devices that Can Be Used In Office

  • Time office

Time Office is a very popular brand of biometric devices that provides high-quality and sturdy face recognition. You’ll track the attendance of employees with this fingerprint-scanning biometric and touchless face attendance device very easily. This device has several models and is capable of storing 5000 fingerprints, 1000 faces, cards, and passwords of users with a 3,00,000 transaction capacity.

This device comes with 3 sorts of Communication methods i.e.; TCP/IP(LAN), USB Port, and Wi-Fi. This device identifies any face, fingerprint, or card in but one second and can work with any desktop-based software as well as cloud-based attendance software. This device can be integrated with a mobile app also.

Key Features:-

  • Touch Screen & Touchless 
  • Connect To Internet 
  • Fast Speed Recognition 
  • Free Cloud Software 
  • Auto Alerts & Reports 

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  • ZK Teco

ZK Teco is a device used to store employee biometric data in excel format. ZK Teco has 2.8 inches TFT display, and a vivid interface for fingerprint image quality. TFT display makes it unique as it makes image quality higher and the effect of the display better. ZK Teco biometric devices has a sensible shape design & easy setting.

This device supports 500 users which can meet your needs for a large number of attendance verification entries. You can download/upload data via USB from fingerprint to computer, helping users to save lots of time in some repeated registrations.

You can download data through a USB Key and then analyze them on your computer which will be convenient. This device definitely saves your time and effort which will raise working efficiency.

Key Features:-

  • Fast Fingerprint Recognition
  • Self-service recording, and generating the information in excel format
  • Consumes much less energy
  • Has USB host and shopper to get the report
  • Has SSR excel software program

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An Ultimate Guide To Face Recognition Attendance System

  • CP –Plus

CP PLUS biometric devices offers a complete line of biometric systems ideal for organizations, businesses, and governments. With easy to use interface and direct data transfer, it can help to reduce data entry errors and save time.  It has at least 500 fingerprint capacities and it is compatible with the UBS attendance management system.

The top model of the biometric devices of CP Plus has a 2.8″ HVGA display and supports 1000, 10000 fingerprints, and USB 2.0.  It has a fingerprint-capturing Optical sensor, and its identification mode is the password, EM card, and fingerprint.

Key Features: 

  • Fingerprint verification in less than 1 sec
  • Advanced techniques with quality-assured material
  • Official access control
  • Safe for employee data

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  • Bio-Max

Bio-Max biometric face recognition device with a 4.3-inch touch screen for far better use. It has a user-friendly interface made with N-Uface602. This device is built with the finest material. It has many verification modes such as fingerprint, face, password, and card as well. Users can take this biometric device for the combination of biometrics as well for better security. The camera captures the photo of the user in 0.5 seconds. This makes N-Uface602 an interesting model in terms of performance & speed. It has Industrial level flexibility to use both LAN and Wi-Fi.

Key Features: 

  • Face capturing in less than 0.5 sec.
  • Dual camera and dual verification strength.
  • Employee details with a USB drive.
  • A report in a remote location.
  • Recognize the fingerprint in dry fingers, and rough prints too.
  • This device has a wireless remote, exit switch, and touchless sensor.

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  • E-SSL

E-SSL Biometric Device assists companies to record their workforce’s attendance in real-time. This biometric device can store up to 10,000 fingerprints and operate them seamlessly. This biometric device can work with doorbells, attendance management software, door sensors, and fire alarm systems.

Users can merge multiple devices and record the entry of the entire workforce.  This biometric machine can be integrated with almost any HRMS software such as UBS to share the data for various office workflows.

Key Features: 

  • Door lock characteristic
  • Push knowledge
  • TCP/IP and RS232/485 communication cable
  • Battery with 2hrs backup
  • User capacity starts with 800

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Top 10 Biometric Attendance Management Systems You Shouldn’t Ignore

  • MX Biometric

MX Biometric device allows employees to have time attendance as well as access control in the office premises. This is the most important feature of MX Biometrics. It does not want to allow all of its employee’s access to all of the time to all facilities. It provides excellent documentation on employees’ entry and exit.

This biometric devices is the perfect complement to burglar, video surveillance, HRMS, and fire systems in a comprehensive security solution proposal.

Key Features: 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced silicon sensor
  • Standard TCP/IP and USB host
  • Advanced DSP technology

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  • Dehmy Professional

Dehmy Professional biometric device has a 2.4″ color LCD screen with blue background and black characters LCD resolution. In this device, the user capacity is 3000, and the transaction capacity is 200000. It can easily identify the biometrics of individuals in less than 1 second. It has a self-learning scratch-proof optical sensor that supports multiple languages. It supports TCP/IP, UBS high-quality 5V DC power supply.

Key features:

  • Color Screen
  • Fingerprint, Password, EM card authentication method
  • Access control
  • Verification speed: Less than 0.6s

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  • KartString

Kartstring ESSL is a biometric device with a self-service report. It has a user capacity of 500.  The data of the scanning and verification can be downloaded directly in excel format. It is riding on the high proficiency it carries out to give full satisfaction. This machine helps to track the employee timings as well as leaves; it can support 1000 fingerprints, 1000 card storage, and 80000 transaction logs.

Key features:

  • 4*4 Keypad
  • 500 DPI optical sensor
  • Direct download to excel
  • Easy verification

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  • Calligraphy

Calligraphy ESSL biometric device is designed with high durability nature and affordability. There is 800 card or fingerprint users available.  It has 80000 logs, and a cloud connectivity feature. It has access control, available in an extra thin and elegant design. This device is made with heavy-duty material and a custom Linux OS. It has LAN, USB, and Pan Drive Data output ports.

Key features:

  • Anti- Pass back, full access control features
  • No batteries with the product
  • T9 input, record query, 14-digit user ID
  • Ultra push and cloud connectivity

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10 Face Recognition Attendance Software in 2022


Hifocus biometric devices provide users with advanced verification, analysis, interpretation, and management.  It has optical, ultrasound, capacitive and thermal sensor types. It is used for collecting fingerprint surfaces or digital images. Hifocus is proven to be safer and more convenient than passwords, making fingerprint sensing increasingly common. It has a product-differentiating feature in phones, tablets, and PCs.

Key feature:

  • It has a 2.8″ true-color LCD
  • It has a USB disk Interface
  • Built-in Automatic reporting system
  • Fingerprint, EM card & Password enable

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Our Ask:

Here we posted 10 top biometric devices. This is good to have biometric devices in the office area to stop the buddy punching and get accurate attendance at the work area.

UBS can provide any of these devices free of cost to you, but there are some terms and conditions. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can easily get the best biometric devices, Total Free. However, you have to get the best attendance management software integrated with any device for around 1 year. 

This is what we offer because it is a win-win situation. You will get the best biometric devices as well as the best HRMS software in India for your corporation at minimal service charges.

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What Is A Biometric Device?

An electronic device that helps to recognize attendance with unique biometrics such as the face, fingerprints, and others.

Cost Of Biometric Device?

The cost of the biometric device depends on the feature you want to get in the biometric device. However, UBS provides a free biometric device if you get attendance management software.

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