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An Ultimate Guide To Biometric Attendance Systems

October 22, 2022

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An Ultimate Guide To Biometric Attendance Systems

Time and attendance tracking are important for any business. After Covid, many companies are providing Work from Home. However, if there is time or attendance tracking then it becomes very easy to track their work.  It usually keeps payroll records accurate, calculates benefits, and clings to labor requirements.

Now coming from the office perspective, there has also been a big increase in installing Biometric Attendance Systems. It is switched to biometrics with traditional time and attendance systems. That’s why an increasing number of employers are turning to biometric time clocks to trace employee attendance and calculate payroll. Why? Because biometric systems offer a highly accurate thanks to tracking employee attendance and take the hassle out of payday calculations.

But what exactly may be a Biometric Attendance Management System? Let’s learn about that.

Regularize Attendance With

What is Biometric Attendance?

Biometric means the data or measurement of an individual’s physical characteristics. Sometimes behavioral characteristic is also included. Eyes, fingerprints, and voice are known as biometrics. This information is usually used for authentication purposes as these characteristics cannot be easily duplicated because they are unique to each other. So, these features are a particularly secure way to verify the identity of a person, and that’s why it is used at offices to consider someone’s presence at the office.

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How Does a Biometric System Work?

As we earlier discussed, every biometric is different from person to person. So, Fingerprints have been used as a way of unique personal identification in the Biometric System. Biometric information is employed in many other ways besides time-keeping systems. It is often used for digital accounts, safe locks, and tracking criminal accounts & in banks sometimes. Digital technology has created new and complicated ways to authenticate people with biometric systems.

Biometric Systems Require This Data To Work As Attendance Management System:

Biometric System

  • A device for the data input, and should be present physically onsite. There are different kinds of devices used in capturing Biometric Attendance Software such as scanners, captures, & cameras, the biometric information must be authenticated.
  • After capturing the biometric, the software is needed that can translate the biometric information and validate it against the person’s record.
  • After that Image processing algorithms are needed for translating information.
  • A database of biometric information validation purposes. The database must be built before a biometric system can function.

Biometric technology is built into, and widely utilized in, new Smartphone models. And you’ll now even open your car door with just your fingerprint.

Features Should Have In Biometric Attendance System

Small, startups and even big companies are automating their day-to-day tasks. And for that, they are using digital devices and card readers. And some are still depending on complex spreadsheets, or manual time tracking to monitor the attendance of employees. These traditional ways of operation are labor-intensive and time-consuming. So, manual time tracking is not worth it for any business. Not for small businesses as well, if you want to make business scalable and effective.

Biometric Attendance System

So, Moving to a Biometric Attendance System is the first step to making all the operations automated. It can help you to increase the productivity of employees.

With many biometric access control systems in the market, select the correct one after checking the features.

  • User Capacity

All Biometric Attendance Software providing companies don’t have software for all-scale businesses. If you want to make your business scalable then you should check their user capacity. Look for a biometric attendance system that can store and verify a large number of entries.

  • Access Control

As we discussed earlier, biometric systems are also used for security purposes. If any restricting non-authorized personnel into protected areas want to access the system then the system should deny that. So consider the system that has integrated access control functionalities.

biometric systems

  • Identification Time

Clock time or in time is very important for Biometric Attendance Management System. The success of a biometric attendance system depends on the time that counted by biometric machine. Search for Biometric System that sense fingerprints quickly within a fraction of a second and auto-push the data to the server for accurate time of attendance.

  • Connectivity

Sometimes you may have a capture device on site but the connectivity is not proper. Then what are the benefits of having a biometric system? Internet connectivity may be a required feature of biometric machines. When it involves updating the system and keeping it working without bugs then only it will work for you definitely. Readers transfer the clock-in and clock-out time of the individual employees to the attendance and HR payroll system necessary.

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  • Integration With Other Management Systems

When the biometrics count the attendance of someone, it is necessary to pass the information to leave management and also payroll management. It has a vital role in improving the efficiency of HR payroll counting. It’s easier for the HR to compute employee salaries. So choose one that integrates with the different management systems easily.

  • Durability

The capture device should be durable. Yes, it is an essential feature to have in the biometric system. Look for devices that are durable, and may work in extreme temperatures, with scratch, dust, and dirt as well. Fingerprint attendance systems include scratch-proof optical sensors and are waterproof. And they always work perfectly.

  • Support

From wherever you are purchasing the Biometric system, you have to ensure with them as they provide lifelong support. While biometric attendance systems are easy-to-install and easy to use, there could also be instances when you would face some issues and require expert assistance. Always purchase your device from reputed companies like UBS.

Though these are important features of the Biometric Attendance Management System, you need to check all the things regarding that, and more over you can Book A Demo as well.

How Does Biometric Attendance System Help Employees?

  • Discipline Employees Thus Workforce

A biometric system can ensure discipline in the organization because it counts attendance. How? Because it provides accurate data with timely entry. So all the employees can do all the operations in a disciplined manner. Moreover, it can help the company to focus on other functions as it saves time and money for checking attendance. Make all better decision-making.

  • Improve Tedious Operation

Incorporating a biometric attendance system to watch employee attendance is time taking and daunting task if it is done manually.  This system minimizes labor costs and maximizes profits as it can easily handle the tedious operation of attendance counting. Because it is done with zero human involvement.

  • Helps To Maintain Efficiency

As if all employees including HR do their own work in a timely manner, it definitely increases efficiency. HR professionals get an unparalleled ability to accurately capture real-time workforce data.

  • More Motivation To Work

Due to the time issues, most of the managers fail to spot which of the employees worked and which don’t. But biometric attendance software enables employers to take care of proper workforce management. The use of biometric attendance systems for managing employees has a direct impact on efficient work and motivates all employees.

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  •  Transparent Accountability Of Employees

Another major benefit is the transparent accountability of employees. By removing practices, like manual time counting, a biometric attendance machine provides organizations to achieve a positive return on their investment.  Now, their work is now transparently viewed by their supervisors.

Moreover, it becomes easy to spot an employee for their negligence to pre-defined attendance limits.  

Now we’ve covered the different features of the biometric system and now it’s time to consider the benefits of this system.

On a Final Note,

As biometrics technology integrates into professionals, the utilization of efficient digital systems will increase. So it is important to urge new technologies, and biometric attendance management systems to your organization to eliminate human errors, time fraud, and manual task time waste. As these operations seem like a daunting challenge, Biometric comes with the role. It is highly reliable, has automated processing, and cuts ongoing costs. Check the UBS for understanding Biometrics, Fingerprint Attendance Management System, or Face Recognition Attendance System.

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What Is Biometric Attendance?

Biometric Attendance refers to measuring and verifying human identity by face, fingerprints, palm, etc. It keeps track of employees, students, and volunteers accurately.

Why Biometric Attendance Is Important?

Biometric Attendance System allows the company to quickly access of identity of the employee, and also gives insights about breaks, leaves, etc. So it is very important to count attendance.

What Is The Purpose Of Biometrics?

A Purpose of biometrics is – identification, authorization, and access control. So every person can be accurately identified by physical or behavioral traits.

What Is The Cost Of Biometrics?

The cost of biometrics depends on the company and the features they provide. You can check the UBS website and ask experts to know more.

What Are 3 Uses Of Biometrics?

Biometrics usually is used in Banking, schools, and company attendance system as authentication, security, and fraud eliminator.

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