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Why is Attendance Management System Necessary in 2022?

August 12, 2022
Why is Attendance Management System Necessary in 2022

We are living in a whole new world lately. Let’s face it, technologies have converged our world forever. Businesses are seeing a plethora of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain technologies, and much more.

With so many changes around us, companies are reshaping their people processes and HR tasks like never before.

Today, we have solutions for every HR function in the market. One such solution is the attendance management system.

For those who do not know, attendance management systems are automated tools to automate and transform attendance management.

That’s not it – there’s a lot more you must know.

Let’s dive into the blog and learn everything related to attendance management software.

What is Attendance?

Let’s start with the basics first!

The dictionary definition of attendance is the act of attending someone or something.


In simpler words, attendance means people showing up at a location for a pre-organised event.

Every organization today places a high priority on measuring attendance because it helps them to evaluate the success of their current activities and make plans for future ones.

What is Attendance Management?

One of the important duties in HR operations is overseeing employee attendance.

Effective management requires understanding the operations’ scope, various concepts, and best practices, just like in any other field.

Using attendance management tools, businesses can precisely determine the number of hours that each employee works. It also effortlessly tracks employees to whom a company owes overtime pay.

What is The Need for Attendance Management System?

Your business’s profitability, efficiency, and reputation depend heavily on how well you manage employee attendance.

Additionally, attendance management software can easily record the number of active and unavailable employees.

Let’s list a few more pointers that can help in determining the need for attendance management software or Attendance Management System:



  • Productivity

When it comes to attendance management, businesses often deal with compliance problems, payroll mistakes, and more.

The best solution to all these problems is switching from paper-based timesheets to appropriate attendance management software.

With such systems, employers can decrease administrative work, keep correct attendance records, and get rid of process bottlenecks.

  • Smooth Running Of Operations

It is not simply one employee’s individual productivity that is at risk, but also the productivity of the team and the entire organisation.

A team member’s absence causes inefficiencies, delays, and more. This can lead to a considerable loss for businesses.

With attendance management software, companies can manage leave and avoid unexpected absenteeism in the long run.

  • More Discipline

When the entire attendance management process is automated, there will be increased discipline at every level.

While employees can mark their attendance from their phones, HRs can track the same in a tap – everything would be highly systematic!

  • Overtime Management

Numerous businesses, including hospitals, retail stores, and factories, work several shifts.

Sometimes, the workload can compel employees to put in extra time past their regular shifts or on weekends and holidays. This is when an attendance management tool comes into the picture!


An efficient software can track and record overtime hours in real-time, whereas a manual system can result in disagreements, increased employee costs, and a lot of stress for HRs.

  • Avoid Time Theft

Some employees often take advantage of the system and commit time theft by arriving late, leaving early, or taking excessive amounts of rest breaks.

The one and only solution to stop such issues is a reliable system that monitors attendance and keeps such frauds at bay.

  • Data Security

To process accurate payroll, attendance data is crucial. The days worked are taken into consideration for paying employees, and this information is gathered via attendance records.

Attendance management systems keep attendance data safe in a centralized place – away from the wrong hands.

  • Compliance

Complying with laws is another necessity while managing and processing attendance. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Fortunately, attendance management solutions take care of compliance as well. This helps businesses to save money on unnecessary fines and penalties.

Features of The Attendance Management System

Do you know an attendance management system consists of a number of parts or features? Let’s discuss some of them:

Attendance Management System

  • Attendance Data Gathering

Since every factor of the attendance management process depends on the employees’ daily swiped statistics, accuracy in data collection is vital.

Automated attendance management tools track and record attendance data in real-time, saving time and energy for HRs.

  • Attendance Policy

Attendance management software allows companies to define shifts, rotational shifts, overtime policies, and much more.

  • Attendance Processing

An efficient system that helps in maintaining a clean data record facilitates payroll processing without any glitches.

  • Attendance finalization

In order to remove false marking or proxy of any employee, attendance finalization plays a major role. It determines the number of days the employee will actually get paid for.

  • Leave and payroll

As mentioned earlier, an integrated system builds a transparent bridge between leave and payroll.

Such systems manage leaves and payroll on their own and take the burden off HRs’ shoulders.

  • Report and analytics

Attendance management systems even provide accurate and clear analytics on attendance that can be used to take preventive steps and vital decisions along the way.

How To Choose an Attendance Management System?

To opt for the best attendance management system, one must consider these three tips:

  • Requirement

The first step is to list all the attendance requirements that will help you zero down the best attendance system for your organization.

  • Budget


Decide a budget before starting your selection process. This step is crucial to avoid confusion.

  • Research Well

Never rush! Yes, take enough time and learn everything about the software. Check their customers’ ratings and reviews before making a final decision.

Parting Thoughts

While the business world continues to evolve, support your HR department and employees with the latest, intelligent HR technologies.

Leave behind those outdated and time-consuming ways of managing attendance. It’s time for you to swing your pendulum towards attendance automation with UBS.

Do not wait any longer and invest in attendance management software. It will, undoubtedly, be a big game changer for your organization!!


Why do we need attendance management system?

To keep an unbiased record of employees' working hours, leaves, overtime hours and pay in accordance with their services.

What is an attendance system?

The method utilized by a company to track employee time and attendance information is referred to as an attendance management system. By implementing accurate time and attendance management software, you can save the time and effort needed to assess your employees' working hours.

Why do we need online attendance system?

The online attendance management system helps in tracking employees' login / out hours while working remotely from various locations.

What are the benefits of attendance management software?

Transparent records of data, the payout for extra hours, and integrated payroll service are a few benefits of an attendance management tool.

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