Second Interview Invitation Email - Format, Meaning, Template, Examples, and More
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Second Interview Invitation Email – Format, Meaning, Template, Examples, and More

June 21, 2022
HR Toolkit
Second Interview Invitation Email

You might have posted a job advertisement, many candidates applied for that job and some of them got selected in the first round of job interview. At this point, you might have already met the applicant and have communicated with them multiple times. Now, it is your responsibility as a Human resource Manager to inform them about their selection and also about the second job interview.

In order to do so, you should write an email to them inviting them for the second round of interview. If you want to know how to write a second interview invitation email sample, UBS HRMS Software has a HR toolkit for you with the customized and easy to access invitation letter and other HR letters under one platform. 

What is a Second Interview Invitation Email?

A 2nd interview request email is a letter that you may use to communicate with the applicants during the recruitment process. If you decide to engage with the applicant for the second round of interview, you can use this email as a source to invite them to schedule the date and time with the appropriate interviewer. Using email as the source of delivery can be the most convenient way to organize your hiring process letter, provide the candidates with an easy list of available dates and time, and include any other person in the email.

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Since you have already built your relationship with the candidate in the first interview and other email communications, this letter needs to be less formal than the initial ones. However, make sure that your second interview invitation letter template must align with the culture of your company and its reputation.

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Your letter or email should prepare your candidate for the interview. Since this is the second interview with the applicant, mention this in the subject line and always mention the purpose of the letter in the body. The reasons for the second interview may include the following:

  • Reviewing the assignment,
  • Completing the test, or
  • Meeting the CEO or the hiring manager

Also, remind the candidates if they need to bring some documents with them. Looking to save time from writing the letters or emails, use the simple yet effective letter and interview invitation sample from the best HRMS Software India i.e., UBS.

How Do I Write a Second Interview Invitation Email?

Consider the following steps to write a formal second interview invitation email letter:

Greet the Recipient

In your second interview letter sample, use the first sentence to greet the candidate. Use the professional and approachable tone and always address the candidate by his/her name. Starting the letter with the personable greeting will help you set a welcoming tone for the rest of the content. Hi, hello, greetings, good morning, good afternoon, dear, etc. may be some of the acceptable greetings.

Appreciate them for their Participation

After the greetings, it is important to thank the candidate for their participation so far. In one or two sentences, thank the employee for taking the time to crack their first round of interviews and sharing their qualifications with the company. Thanking them will show that you value their efforts which will help you maintain a positive relationship with the candidate leading them to attend the second round of interviews.

Offer Interview Time Slots

Since interviewing a candidate is a two-way process, with your availability it is also important to check their availability for the same. In order to do this, provide at least 3 different dates and time slots for the interview. Also, mention that if none of your suggested times would work, then ask them their preferred time slot. Whether you are scheduling the interview in the office, via phone, or via any other platform, be sure to mention that in the letter.

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Restate your Appreciation and Close

You can end your email by expressing your gratitude for their time. Thank them once more for taking part in the interview process and choosing a time for their second interview. Then you can close the email letter with Sincerely/Regards/Thank You/ Warmly.

Also, include your contact information at the end of the letter in case your candidate needs to get in touch with you. This may include your full name, designation, email address, and phone number.

Second Interview Invitation Email

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Second Interview Invitation Email Format

Second Interview Invitation Email Format

Second Interview Invitation Email Example

Second Interview Invitation Email Example


That’s it: a clear, complete example to help you generate your second interview invitation email letter. Best of luck! Want to know how UBS HRMS Software helps to reduce time in generating HR letters and other HR documents? Get a demo booked.

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