Candidate Rejection Letter - Format, Know the What, When, Why and How
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Candidate Rejection Letter – Format, Know the What, When, Why and How

June 17, 2022
HR Toolkit
Candidate Rejection Letter

It is never easy to notify your employees that they didn’t get the job. This often leads to generic emails or even complete silence. This is where a candidate rejection letter comes in handy.

Are you an employer looking to professionally, thoughtfully, and kindly reject the job applicants for a particular position? Don’t you know how to write a professional yet kind rejection letter? If not, you’ve been to the right place. In this blog, you will get to know everything you need to know for writing a rejection letter without demotivating the candidate.

Even though you can write the letter on your own, the better alternative is to use the customized and ready-to-use templates from one of the Leading HRMS Softwares India – UBS. Try out to see the difference.

What is a Candidate Rejection Letter?

A candidate rejection letter is a letter that is sent by an employer to a candidate who could not qualify for the company’s open vacancies.

In other words, you can use the Rejection letter for the candidates who you will not be interviewing for the next stage of your selection process.

What is the Need of a Rejection Letter?

  • Writing and sending optimistic and clear rejection letters is not only a kind but also a professional way to address the job applicants.
  • Sending a kind yet proper rejection letter is also important for employer branding and creating a great customer experience.
  • Job applicants appreciate receiving the notification letter for rejection from the organizations in which they invested their time to apply.
  • Moreover, despite popular belief, a job applicant’s experience does not end when you decide not to hire the applicant. Candidates who could not make it for this position may be a suitable fit for any other current or future open positions in the company.

This is the reason why sending the candidate rejection letters is crucial to building your company’s talent pool.

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How to Write Candidate Rejection Letters?

Wonder why to send candidate rejection letters to the job applicants when so many employers don’t. Sending rejection letters to the non-selected candidates is an extra but a positive effort to build great goodwill for your company with the candidates.

Professional, considerate rejection letters help your company identify itself as a desirable employer. Even throughout the selection process, your reputation will spread. Learn how to create a professional rejection letter to protect your professional reputation.

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When to Send Rejection Letters to the Candidates?

  • When the Candidate is not selected for the interview.
  • When not selected after the job interview.
  • After the second round of interviews when the candidate does not qualify.
  • When you will hire the candidates for the right position in the future.

When Employers Notify the Candidates?

Employers don’t always provide applicants with the thought of letting them know the status of their application.

  • Some employers send the notification to every candidate to keep them updated.
  • Some employers notify only the employees who are not being selected for the interview, while other employers only communicate with the candidates with whom they want to talk about the job.
  • Many employers do not even update the candidates who were interviewed but did not get selected for the second round.
  • Other employers send rejection letters or emails to the candidates who are not selected after the interview process is finished.

You might not get the rejection email immediately after the interview possibility being, that they want to give your profile a second look if their selected candidate does not join the offer.

Candidate Rejection Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Candidate Rejection Letter Format

Candidate Rejection Letter Format

Candidate Rejection Letter Example

Candidate Rejection Letter Example


UBS HRMS Software being India’s Leading HR Toolkit provider, we’ve produced a standard candidate rejection letter sample to save you time. Use this candidate rejection letter sample to tailor it to your needs, then send it through email or regular mail.

It’s critical to explain why the candidate didn’t advance to the next level of your hiring process in a concise but straightforward manner. Your rejection letter should include this information. Please provide constructive comments to your candidates and specifics about why you decided to reject them in this candidate rejection letter sample template, which you can see in this blog.

Also, get other HR Letters like interview call letters, appointment letters, application letters, and more if you want to reduce your recurring tasks. Get in touch to see how our UBS HR toolkit works.

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