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Professional Goals for IT Project Managers

8 Examples of Professional Goals For IT project
August 27, 2021
Project Management

Project managers play an essential role in managing any project in a company. However, while managing projects, they may face many issues in the commencing period. So, what should be the professional goals for an IT project manager? 

The following are the top 5 professional goals:  

  • Improve project productivity and performance
  • Understand financial impacts
  • Execute high-impact projects
  • Nurture team collaboration
  • Be strategic

Let’s discuss that in detail.

1. Improve project productivity and performance

If you are a project manager, finishing projects on time is the most crucial part. No matter how challenging the project is, the deadline must not cross while delivering the project as it impacts highly on the company’s profile. Project managers should take a step to improve project productivity and team performance by implementing new strategies. The goal is that productivity is the most critical part of your team struggling to complete the project on time. While setting this ‘improvement in project productivity and performance goal, you should pay particular attention to: 

  • The causes behind poor performance
  • Areas of improvement. 
  • Try to get an idea about where you are lacking. 

For example, you could realize that the main obstacle is setting the scope during the project negotiation phase. Then, you can add the goal statement by selecting methods to avoid the barriers in the project initiation phase. 

2. Understand financial impacts

It’s easy to be the project manager and say, ‘we have to meet the budget’ because that is what many organizations tend to focus on. But it’s far more meaningful to say the project can significantly impact the business and relationships with the partners, clients if budget is not the barrier. 

That’s right. Think about your project as a micro piece of the more significant business and assess the project’s risks. How will it impact more essential parts of the business in your organization, and how can you keep it intact to help meet company-wide goals?

The more you think about the big picture, the more you’ll gain leadership trust and be better prepared to move into roles with greater responsibility. 

3. Execute high-impact projects

This goal is crucial if you often work on internal projects, i.e. projects where the end client is your company/company’s customers. You can strive to execute high-impact projects by first understanding your company’s strategic position and opportunities. The goal here is to identify projects that will bring the maximum amount of benefits to your company and increase their cost-effectiveness. 

For example, if your company is prominent in Game & App development, you should look for projects related to games and technology as a project manager. By doing so, not only will you achieve your goals, but you will achieve your company’s goals too. 

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4. Nurture team collaboration

There is always room for improvement in team communication and collaboration, making this professional goal a great one to strive for. When you set your goal to be effective team collaboration, you will get to know how exactly you’ll improve upon it. It would be best if you understood the causes and your motivation for improvement. If the project manager is communicating with the development team regularly and solving the issues of the group, it will result in more fluent and consistent performance at the end. 

5. Be strategic

As a project manager, you should get out of that to-do list mentality. It’s not just about checking tasks off a list. It’s about doing what’s right for a project given by the management team.

Focus on the project’s goals and how you are performing as a team can better serve that goal through the process. Maybe that will lead you to rethink the strategy and deliverables; perhaps it won’t. Either way, it’ll get you to look at project success through a different lens, which may show long-term impacts and decisions rather than short-term tasks. 

Is it Okay for project managers to go without professional goals? 


The topics mentioned above are the best examples of professional goals for an IT project manager. Still, the most crucial part of achieving them is only to create these impactful master plans that will make no change in the business strategy if it’s not implemented. So I want to know more about these topics???

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