Insubordination Warning Letter - Know How to Write One
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Insubordination Warning Letter – Know How to Write One

April 21, 2022
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Insubordination Warning Letter

Insubordination simply means refusing to follow the orders given by your senior. If the employee does not follow the orders given by his/her senior manager, the employer will not tolerate such kind of misbehaviour.

The employee is advised to always follow the orders of the superior. However, if he/she has any suggestions for working in a way other than the way instructed by the superior, he/she may discuss it with the boss.

Most often an Insubordination Warning Letter is given to you for such kind of behavior towards your boss. Some companies are not tolerant enough to take such behavior, they may immediately fire you if your misconduct was serious.

So, what is a warning letter for Insubordination? Let’s discuss.

Warning Letter for Insubordination

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Warning Letter for Insubordination – Meaning

The Insubordination Warning Letter is one type of warning letter that is similar to other written warnings issued for disciplinary actions. An insubordination Letter is issued to an employee when he/she refuses to obey the order given by their superior. 

There may be several reasons for an employee to refuse to do the work given by the senior. So, before writing the Insubordination Warning Letter, consider every aspect of the misconduct.

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How to Write an Insubordination Warning Letter

Follow the below steps to write a warning letter for Insubordination:

1. Follow Business Letter Writing Rules

Write the warning on the company letterhead. In case you are sending the warning via email, save the letter with the .pdf extension and attach it to the email. Start the letter in the memo format that provides all the information related to what the letter is about. 

2. State the Fact

An insubordination letter is not a place to show your frustration towards the employee who has become a liability to the company. However, keep your letter brief with unemotional language and make sure that the letter clearly conveys the concerns and consequences for the employee. 

3. Give the Examples Related to Misconduct

Describe the incidences of insubordination and also mention the dates and the names of the parties involved. Avoid being dramatic, but describe the misconduct clearly that would help anyone reading the letter understand what actually happened and why the employee’s misconduct merits a reprimand.

Warning Letter – Format, Example, Meaning and More

4. Inform about the Consequences

The letter should clearly state the repercussions of the employee’s current behavior, as well as what she should expect if she does not change her behavior immediately. Laying out a plan for immediate accountability for achieving positive changes is frequently a good idea.

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Warning Letter for Insubordination

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Insubordination Warning Letter Format

Insubordination Warning Letter Format

Insubordination Warning Letter Example

Insubordination Warning Letter Example


Insubordination is an act of disobeying the instructions of your senior official or misbehaving with coworkers or clients. The act of Insubordination often disturbs the work culture in an organization. This situation can be handled by issuing a warning letter to the employee for insubordination.

The Insubordination Warning Letters inform the employee about the misconduct and the measure that may be taken toward the employee. There are various formats of writing a business warning letter for insubordination. Finding one according to your requirement is a necessity.

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