New Hire Probation Letter - Format, Definition, Content, Template, Examples
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New Hire Probation Letter – Format, Definition, Content, Template, Examples

October 20, 2022
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New Hire Probation Letter

In order to grow your organization, you need to hire new employees. However, when you hire new employees, you intend for them to stay with you for the long term. But you also have to protect yourself by providing them a probationary period at work in order to evaluate them on how they are performing.

49% of employees report feeling uneasy while on employment probation. You must ensure that your new hires won’t experience this in their initial probation period,  if you are an employer. Don’t use the procedures for job probation to intimidate people. Instead, assist and motivate them to achieve success. One of the finest things you can do is to provide them with the new hire probation letter while placing an employee on disciplinary probation.

If you are considering frequent hiring process for new hires, the documentation process might feel tedious to you. How to get rid of this tedious repetitive work? UBS HR Toolkit is the solution. Here you can get ready-made HR Documents such as 90 day probationary period template that will save 50% of your time creating documents.

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What is a New Hire Probation Letter?

A new hire probation letter is an HR Document that is handed over to the probationary employee by their employers for successful completion of probation period. After accepting the employment offer letter and signing the employment contract, an employee is given an employment probation letter in orientation period alongside an employee handbook and other relevant documents.

Employers use an employment probation period letter to remind new hires of important reminders and standards about the probationary term both the employee and employer will be subjected to. As a result, the material in this paper is pertinent to and consistent with the procedures, rules, time frame, restrictions, and other requirements of the probationary period.

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Important New Hire Probation Period Letter Content

A new hire passing probation letter template is an important document. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is filled with all the necessary, informative, and relevant details. Below are some of the details that you should never forget to include in passing probation letter:

1. Employment Probation Period Duration

Give a brief description of the duration of the employee probationary period. The employees need to be aware of this information so they can anticipate when they might be eligible for regularization. Indicate the start and end dates of the employment probationary term, as well as the duration in months before the final Employee Performance Evaluation Report, is issued.

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2. Employment Probation Regulations of the Organization

Give your staff access to the probationary period’s conditions. A set of rules, benchmark metrics, and policies that will serve as some of the foundations for the performance evaluation must be provided. When describing these things, try to be as specific as you can so that your employees will know how to contribute to the company even when they are on probationary employment.

If there are numerous requirements pertaining to this topic, you may decide to limit your writing to a simple directive for your employees to read the section of the Employee Handbook that addresses any concerns regarding the employment probation period.

3. Your Expectations from the New Hire

Your probation letter to new hires must include a Verified Statement about your organization’s expectations in addition to all the other information concerning the employment probationary term. Make sure they understand that you are depending on them to perform well and behave appropriately while on job probation. Create deliverables that are reachable, measurable, and realistic expectations for your staff.

New Hire Probation Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

New Hire Probation Letter Format

New Hire Probation Letter Format

New Hire Probation Letter Example 

New Hire Probation Letter Example

8 Steps for Creating an Effective New Hire Employment Probation Letter

Are you hesitant to create a new hire probation letter from scratch? Or you want to learn a thing or two, here are the 8 steps to create a comprehensive employment probation letter for new hires.

Download a readymade or editable employment probation letter template

Find the best and most appropriate new hire probation letter template to use. To help you limit your options based on your preferences and goals, consider the layout you would like for your own letter. Recall that the pre-formatted text of the template should be changed so that the employment probation period letter will meet the exact standards of your business for content presentation.

Properly address the employment probation letter

The date the letter was written, an inside address, and a subject line are appropriate starters for a formal letter. There are other circumstances, though, in which you might just use your organization’s header. How you respond to the letter regarding the job probation period will rely on the implementation business plan. Take into account the recipient’s preferred method of delivery, the intended duration of the letter, and the amount of formality you want to use throughout the letter.

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Give a formal salutation

Embraceably open the letter. Include the name of the new hire in a polite greeting. Even though the letter will be utilized for business-related objectives, doing this can give the impression that it is personalized. Verify that you have written your new employee’s name correctly.

Create a warm effective and professional introduction

In your introduction, highlight the letter’s most crucial details. Create a no objection letter & Determine the reason for the letter requesting a trial period of work. Include the employee’s job title or classification, a letter of appreciation for their choice to take the position, the details of their first day of work, and a welcoming remark that marks the start of your relationship with the new recruit.

Discuss the employment probation period

Be specific when addressing topics related to the job probationary term. List the probationary policies and procedures of the organization and provide a hint as to where the employee can seek a more thorough explanation of the subject, such as a section in their employment contract or a page in the employee handbook. Explain the criteria by which you evaluate an employee’s performance, the delay in a new hire becoming a regular employee and the standards you’ll use to determine whether the employee is qualified for the job that has been assigned to him or her.

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Give an idea of what will happen after the completion of the probation period

Apart from the probation period duration, the new hire employment probation letter should also contain the possibilities of what can happen post-completion of the probation. If the person passes the employment probationary period, let them know that they will already be receiving the standard and customary benefits that the company provides to its permanent employees.

Finalize the scope of discussion of the letter before closing the document

It is always great to wish the employee luck. Always end your document on a positive note. Write a statement of motivation and support so that the employees can show their expertise, behavior, and skills which are very crucial for them to pass the probation period. Once you are done with the main body, you can always write a complementary closure followed by your name and signature.

Allocate signature blocks at the bottom of the letter

Your new hire probation letter must contain the signature of the organization’s representative and the new hire. For this, it is important to include the signature block in the layout of the letter. Put the name and designation of the specified entities so that they can be clear on where to sign.

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Benefits of an Effective Employment Probation Letter

Your new hire probation letter can be very advantageous especially if it is written appropriately and mindfully. An effectively written letter can help you inform your employees about various probation-related matters while allowing them to be at ease during the entire probation period. Some of the benefits of creating a comprehensive new hire probation letter are as follows:

  • It can be a part of your new employee integration efforts.
  • It can help you further explain the aim of the employment probation period.
  • It can help you set up the proper expectations for your new hires.


Remember, the actual purpose of the probation period is to bring effective employees on board. Document all the expectations and other details in a new hire probation letter, so that your employees can understand the company.

Instead of writing the employment probation period letter from scratch, you can download and edit the readymade new hire probation letter template from UBS HR Toolkit. UBS HRMS Software offers you a toolkit that contains all the necessary HR Documents like HR Letters, Policies, forms, emails, and more all under one platform. Get in touch to know how UBS HRMS works.


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