Warning Letter – Format, Example, Meaning and More

April 2, 2022
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Warning Letter

People in charge of an organization should not tolerate any kind of misconduct by their colleagues. Doing so would ultimately lead to the disrespect of the management, colleagues, and juniors, and eventually disturb the decorum of the organization leading to chaos.

One of the greatest ways to handle this is to write warning letters to the employees committing unacceptable conduct. However, there could be many reasons behind writing a warning to the employee which we will discuss later in this blog. But, first what is a warning letter? Let’s understand.

What is a Warning Letter?

A Warning Letter is an official document issued by an employer to the employee in order to notify them of the breach of a company protocol and to convey to them the disciplinary consequences.

A formal reprimand letter is a communication mechanism that helps HR managers to take control of the situation and take necessary actions if required. When verbal communication between the employee and their managers does not produce the desired outcome, a written letter is generated to highlight the matter and record the gaps.

The process of issuing a reprimand letter helps in ensuring the following:

  • Issuing a warning letter ensures that the employee understands the matter is serious and needs improvement under the given time frame.
  • Recording the written communication in an employee file helps easier access if the misconduct is repeated.
  • These letters can be used officially if the company needs to terminate the employee.

Types/Reasons of Issuing a Warning Letter

There can be various reasons for issuing a warning to an employee, some of which are as follows:

Poor Performance

  • Failure to meet the job requirements during the probation period
  • Failure to meet the minimum job standards

Disrespectful Behavior

  • Inappropriate behaviour towards a colleague, manager, customer, or any company official


  • Unnecessary arguments with a manager or company officials
  • Intentionally refusing to follow the directions from a manager or company official


  • Taking or spreading rumours about the private stuff of the co-workers or the company officials

Sexual Harassment

  • Engaging in any unnecessary physical contact or using explicit language with the customer, co-worker, visitor, investors, company officials, or any other related person. 

Imposing possible danger or threatening the staff

  • Carrying unnecessary weapons or threatening harm to a colleague, company officials, or customer 
  • Fighting at work 
  • Destroying the company’s property

Violating drugs and alcohol, health and safety, or confidential policies 

  • Failure to follow safety protocols or work practices 
  • Failing to secure information (Logging off the computer inappropriately)
  • Alcohol or drugs consumption in the workplace
  • Releasing the company’s confidential information


  • Indulging in any intentional act 
  • Communicating the idea of any wrong intention

Misrepresenting the Qualifications

  • Exaggerating the qualifications during the interview to get a job.

Dress Code Violation or Hygiene

  • Poor Hygiene
  • Applying Excessive Fragrances that can disturb the co-workers
  • Not meeting the standard dress code of the organization
  • Not appropriately groomed 

Extreme Absenteeism or Unpunctuality

  • Taking unnecessary and unscheduled days off without prior approval

Warning Notices are of several types according to the misconduct the employee has done. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS) is an HRMS Software that provides ready-to-use HR letters like warning letters, offer letters, appointment letters, appreciation letters, and more. You can use these letters according to your requirements.

Employee warning letters are known by various names:

  • Written Warning
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Employee Warning Notice
  • Disciplinary Form

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Warning Letter Format

Warning Letter Format

Above is just a standard format of an employee warning notice, the content of the letter may vary according to the type of warning you need to give to the employee.

Warning Letter Example

Warning Letter Example


Warning Letter – The name speaks for itself. It is a letter from the employer to the employee informing the latter about the breach of company policies. This letter serves as a warning to the employee for his behaviour and also contains the consequences of his actions.

If you are a person tired of writing letters repeatedly, UBS has a solution for you. We are a leading HRMS Software India, offering you ready-to-use HR letters that can help you eliminate the hustle of repetitive writing. What you have to do is just search for the letter of your requirement, and you will get the letter that you can edit live on the software itself, you don’t even need to download the document. Book a live demo now, to see how you can leverage our HRMS software.

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