Biometric Attendance Management System - 7 Compelling Reasons to Invest
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Biometric Attendance Management System – 7 Compelling Reasons to Invest

September 16, 2022
Biometric Attendance Management System 7 Compelling Reasons to Invest

Employee Management is an important business stream that demands the intervention of different tools with changing times. With significant changes in workforce patterns, organizations are adopting the latest technologies to record the presence of employees.

Long gone are the days when the only method to mark employees’ attendance was by using pen and paper. Biometric attendance systems are now becoming a must-have tool for every business trying to avoid time theft and reduce costs related to productivity. 

Biometric attendance systems

For those who don’t know what a biometric attendance system is and how it is beneficial, this blog is for you.

What Is A Biometric Attendance System?

A Biometric attendance system is a machine that is used to identify the identity of a person. It uses different characteristics of a person like an iris, face, fingerprints, voice patterns, and hand measurements for the identification of a person. These biometrics are unique for every person and cannot be shared or hacked. Hence, it eliminated the traditional method of using pen and paper, entering passwords, and codes.

Thus, a biometric reader or biometric attendance software can identify an employee with his/her unique finger or thumbprints or any other biological characteristic and record the time of arrival and departure.

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How Does Employee Scheduling Impact Businesses’ Bottom Line?

It is more than you could imagine. If you don’t properly schedule your personnel, your business could unnecessarily lose money. Similar caution should be used when determining an employee’s presence, or the amount of time spent at work, like that used when recruiting an employee for a particular position. Considering that employees have a significant long-term financial impact on your business. This affects not only personnel costs but also the company organization’s general productivity and profitability.

And for this reason, many businesses today are moving toward the deployment of a biometric attendance system, regardless of how small or big their workforce may be. Businesses may improve the security and accuracy of their employee time by integrating biometrics into their HR software. Businesses can do away with old-fashioned methods of imprinting employee work hours on cards or fobs in favor of more precise and accurate methods.

Let us dive deep to look for more benefits in a Biometric attendance tool.

Advantages Of Biometric Attendance Management System

  • Easy-To-Use

One of the best things about biometric attendance management software is that it is made with modern technology that is easy to use and safe. Thai provides accurate results without any interference for users. All it needs is a fingerprint impression to mark the presence and record the arrival and departure time of the employee. There are also biometric systems that read thumb impressions, identity cards of the employee, iris, face, or more.

  • Precise

Since biometric credentials are unique for every user and cannot be forged, a biometric attendance system is the best option to identify an employee. This type of technology will help organizations track accurate attendance and clock-in/out time, overtime, early leaving, etc.

  • Prevents Buddy Punching

It was a common scene earlier where your buddy used to sign or enter your attendance in the attendance records. This form of buddy punching fraud was causing a huge loss to the companies, as the companies were paying unwanted expenses on the employees.

However, with a biometric attendance management system, the Buddy punching system can be totally eliminated. With such software, it is virtually impossible to forge your friend’s biometrics or clock in for another employee and tamper with their working hours.

UBS HRMS automates attendance management by integrating with fingerprint/thumb detection devices. Thus, eliminating the “buddy punching” form of time fraud.

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  • Simplifies Payroll

Processing payroll requires a lot of time and effort. The payroll processing software can be coupled with the biometric attendance software, capturing leaves taken by the employees as well as half-days, late check-ins, overtime hours, or extra days. Your organization’s attendance management system has that covered as well. As a result, accurate and immediate payroll deductions and additions are possible. Calculations become simple, and staff members may be tracked and monitored with ease.

  • Saves Time

Biometric-enabled attendance management software is a great time saver. Managers who were earlier overburdened with maintaining spreadsheets can have a sigh of relief. Attendance records can now be easily managed without maintaining separate spreadsheets.

Additionally, attendance software with biometrics uses business intelligence-powered dashboards that generate consolidated reports with just a click. With daily, monthly, yearly, and category-wise statistics and trends appearing on the dashboard in pictorial or graphical representations, data analysis becomes quick and reliable. Consider the personnel and time saved to get thorough and understandable reports on attendance trends!

Save Times

  • Financially Viable

A biometric attendance tool will aid a business in achieving a positive return on investment. To achieve this, buddy punching, employee theft, and other issues brought on by weaknesses and errors in earlier timekeeping and attendance systems are all eliminated. Year after year, these outdated systems result in significant financial losses for many businesses.

How UBS’s Biometric System Can Help Your Organization?

UBS Biometric Attendance software not only tracks the schedules of the employees but also offers additional benefits of controlling access to employees and non-employees. It also restricts the access of employees to some areas.

UBS offers you cloud-based software to help you keep your data centralized which you can use to generate the payroll with few clicks. The software is designed and developed with advanced security and role-based provision. This allows the managers to analyze attendance data at any time and from any location.

This biometric attendance system generates daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports of your employees for accurate and real-time attendance tracking.

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In the end, whether you view it from an efficiency, investment, or cultural viewpoint, the benefits of biometric attendance systems far outweigh the initial expense of setting them up. Remember that your competitors are probably not going to pass up those earnings, so the sooner you invest, the greater your ability to compete.

Despite the wide range of available solutions, UBS HR management software offers a plethora of streamlined and integrated capabilities to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


Why biometric attendance system is important?

A biometric attendance system allows you to track your employee’s attendance accurately. As biometric credentials are different for every employee, it is not possible to forge fingerprints and apply proxy attendance. Hence, it helps you save time and cost and improves productivity.

What is the benefit of a biometric system?

Biometric attendance management software helps you automate attendance and leave tracking. It is very helpful for organizations. Read the full blog to know more benefits of a biometric system.

What are the benefits of an attendance management system?

An attendance management system can help you automate your leave and attendance management process, reducing your headache of calculating attendance while running payroll. In all, it helps you streamline your business processes.

Where does the biometric attendance system is used?

The biometric attendance system is used in companies no matter SMEs or big enterprises. It is used in schools and universities to record students' and teachers’ attendance. Even government agencies having so many employees, multiple branches, and remote employees can use this software to streamline the workflow.

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