Top 5 worthy ways to manage project delays effectively
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Best Ways to Manage Project Delays Effectively

Best ways to manage project delays effectively 4
September 23, 2021
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What are project delays? 

Project delay can be a serious & frustrating issue that can take you over your budget, cause you to miss your deadlines, and break your project’s sequence so far that it gets canceled. However, considering the impact that delay can have on the costs and timings of projects, it becomes clear that projects need to be completed in time. 

Let’s take a look at how to manage delays in project delivery. 

  • Collect complete and accurate data
  • Set goals for the project
  • Frequent team meetings
  • Optimize resource gathering
  • Track & measure progress

Let’s discuss the above points in detail. 

1. Collect complete & accurate data

When you plan to create an initial schedule, you should focus on pulling together the most comprehensive data possible. Try to ask a lot of questions instead of just filling in the blanks in a template. If current problems and challenges are on your radar, you can develop a better strategy to address the scheduling challenges in advance proactively. 

Collecting accurate & complete data is very important to avoid delays in project delivery. 

2. Set goals for the project

Setting realistic goals is possibly the biggest factor in determining whether you will complete your project on time. However, sometimes it’s important to set extremely ambitious goals to make a good impression or because the client expects it. 

It is always better to promise less and deliver more than promise more and deliver less. Good goals are realistic, clear, and measurable. 

Now, what do we know about realistic, clear, and measurable goals? 

  • Realistic – To accomplish the goal with allotted time and resources. 
  • Clear – To exactly understand what is the need of the project. 
  • Measurable – To measure the progress of the project with tools or quantifiable indicators. 

3. Frequent team meetings

The first meeting held regarding a project is always the most important. This is where roles, goals, requirements are defined and discussed. All employees in the team need to understand the role they play in the project execution. Additionally, the first meeting sets milestones and timelines for the business to work with. 

As time goes on, be sure to introduce team meetings regularly. This helps clarify any concerns and keep activities moving along smoothly. 

4. Optimize resource gathering

There is a limited budget allocated to all projects by the organization. Making sure your project is completed within that budget is important to keep the business running smoothly. Optimizing the resources results in the completion of the project with ease.

If you feel your team and resources are lacking, change your project plan to accommodate larger budgets. 

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5. Track & measure progress

Collecting data is crucial to project success. It’s important to set strategic goals, but it does little good if you don’t collect data to track and measure your project progress. To increase project transparency, tracking and measuring the project progress is very important. Performance measurement in regular intervals offers important information to meeting goals and staying in line with the project. In addition, transparency helps keep the team focused on their roles. 

So, does improving project delivery timing help companies to grow effectively? 

Does effective employee onboarding & offboarding impact a company's growth? -INDEED


You can overcome project delays with new goals, deadlines, prioritization, and communication of the same. However, the result can often be negative towards both the client, customer, and the business. Therefore, avoiding the situation in its entirety is always a better option for an organization’s reputation. 

Using Project Management Software may solve the delays in project delivery. 

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