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What is a Jobseeker?

An unemployed person who is effectively looking for work is termed a job seeker.

In the corporate world, the word “job seeker” is typically used while carrying out the recruitment process in an organization. They mostly immediately fill out the employment application form or  Job application form.

There are mainly three kinds of job seekers:

  • Non-Active Jobseeker 
  • Monitors 
  • Active Job Seekers

If we study broadly, no-active job seekers are the ones who are not at all interested in grabbing a position in an organization and work.

Monitors, on the other hand, are people who ain’t searching for any open position; however, they keep an eye on recruiters’ activities and latest openings on a daily basis.

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When it comes to active job seekers, they are basically the ones who are in search of a job.

Out of the three types of job seekers mentioned above, active job seekers are the most common and they are always ready for the mock interview. As a result, companies reach out to them first whenever they have an opening, and offer job with well-formatted job offer letters or apprenticeship opportunities.

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