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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is the training of an individual under an experienced professional. It helps individuals to obtain insight of a job and a precise professional pathway in the industry fitting their personal preferences. 

In simpler words, Apprenticeship is a method of job training as well as upskilling. 

The main objective of apprenticeship has always been to give a talented labor force to the construction as well as manufacturing sectors. 

But, the aforementioned objective has been extended lately. As a result, individuals can now work as trainees in high-proficient positions in a host of fields such as medical care, IT, and much more. 

Apprenticeships are a mutually advantageous collaboration since they assist organizations with building a profoundly talented and efficient workforce, at the same time furnishing job seekers with intriguing, steady job opportunities.

The length of apprenticeship programs differs from trade to trade, going from one to six years, with the normal being around four years.

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