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Info And Guidelines Of The Employment Application Form

November 11, 2022
HR Toolkit
Info And Guidelines Of The Employment Application Form

You most probably heard the announcement of job openings like,

  • “We have to get this position filled!”
  • “Just fill out the employment application form and give your professional details to us”
  • “These positions are opened, are you interested to join our organization?”

Posting job descriptions usually results in an overload of resumes! However, piles of resumes and cover letters are not options to get the all details of candidates. Once you begin the sourcing stage of the hiring process, you would possibly also ask candidates to complete an employment application form word.

An employment application form can be a great tool to help you filter candidates. Forms facilitate your verification that the submitted information is consistent.

What Is An Employment Application Form?

“An employment application form is an HR or company-made form that provides a handy way to gather important information from job seekers interested in a job.” 

It is the right and formal way to ask candidates to add information about themselves to gauge whether they are a good fit for a job.

If you need applications, candidates must submit them to use for a job. Employment application forms could be needed instead of or in addition to resumes. Having all of the required details in one place like name, work experience, education, and references, can make it easier for you to review all applications and find quality candidates.

You can include an employment application form PDF version to candidates at the time of the interview or you can mail it to candidates so you can easily get all the data before interviewing process.

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What Is The Employment Application Form For?

The fillable employment application form serves as such, listing the applicant’s personal details, capabilities, permits, and readiness to urge started in a new job. Whenever an applicant wants to join the interview process, this form acts as a resume. It provides a comprehensive summary of the applicant’s details.

Types Of Employment Application Forms

Many companies have implemented offline and online application forms in addition to getting more streamlined application and job hiring processes. Here are the types of forms you can create or get from the HR Toolkit of UBS. 

  • Offline Employment Application Form

Offline or Paper employment application form is not the most common method for people to apply for jobs. Most multinational companies don’t prefer this method as it is very clumsy and lengthy to give form to every candidate who comes in the open job posting. They’re slowly being phased out by many employers because of online technology. 

However, there are some industries that still provide paper or offline employment applications form, like restaurants, and grocery stores, and forms also are handed out at job fairs.

  • Email Employment Application Forms

An email form is a type of employment application form in which applicants answer questions and provide personal data in the mail asked by the HR manager. The email thread is created to add employment history and identifying information. Once an applicant is selected for the interview, they’ll also receive forms via email to be printed and filled out, then scanned and emailed back. 

  • Online Employment Application Forms

Online application forms are the most successful way to get all the details from applicants. Online employment application form PDF helps employers streamline the appliance process. This form contains the same information as paper forms. This form can usually be filled out and submitted through an online portal.

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What To Add To Employment Application Form?

An employment application should be convenient for candidates and they easily can add the details online or offline. The employment application form should also be printable and in an appealing and easy-to-read format.

You can create a standard employment application form template to simplify your responsibilities.

  • Full Name Of Applicant 
  • Address 
  • Telephone Number & Email Address
  • Education History – Schools, Graduation Dates, & Degrees 
  • Qualifications 
  • Work Experience- Previous Companies Employed At 
  • Professional References (Optional)
  • Previous Positions 
  • Previous Dates Of Employment
  • Permission To Contact Previous Employer
  • Availability (When Can The Candidate Start Working)
  • Desired Salary
  • Applicant Signature And Date

To ensure your employment application form asks for all of the necessary information from applicants, you need to add these fields. 

Pro Tip: Leave Space For Every Section So Applicants Have Space To Fill in Details.

You can download the Employment Application from here.

Employment Application Form

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Why Employers Use Employment Application Form Instead Of A Resume?

  • An employment application form asks for specific information about a job seeker whereas a resume is created entirely by the candidate. 
  • Forms help employers to decide wisely about candidates, it helps to save applicants from the effort of preparing a resume.
  • Candidates ought to answer all questions on an employment application to be considered for a role; however, they can omit details from their resume. 
  • Forms make the recruitment process more practical than a resume. 

Asking a candidate to send their resume and complete employment application can give you more information. Using both documents might offer you more insight into who the candidate is. Better to choose both If you want to hire the right candidates.

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Benefits of Employment Application Form

  • The employment application form helps to collect more detailed information about and perform a background check. 
  • HR can easily filter and store forms for future vacancies.
  • This form provides standardization, so applicants are often compared based on the same position.
  • This form is easier to use than a CV or resume; helps to filter candidates. 

After you’ve received multiple employment application forms, it’s time to sort through them to make a decision. 

How To Download A Employment Application Form Sample?

When you’re looking to hire applicants in a short period of time, it is a way to just email or online employment application form. By holding on to those employment application forms, you’ll have already got the right form.  For candidates whose, employment application form appears to be a match for your open role(s), consider verifying what they wrote in their application form by conducting interviews.

To get a better understanding of the guidelines for employment application forms, it helps to require a look at our employment application form example. You can download the form from some job recruitment portals or HR websites. However, UBS has all kinds of required forms and letters regarding job hiring and recruitment and you can directly download them from there.

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By taking advantage of HR tools, every HR can manage their hiring processes effectively. Since these processes are crucial for both employees and HR managers, companies better carefully cover each phase. And for that, UBS is here! 

UBS is one stop destination that can eliminate all your HR problems by providing the HR docs with one click download. Moreover, you can check our HRMS platform to ensure seamless workflow in your industry.

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