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Casual Leave

What is Casual Leave?

Casual leave is the most common leave that every company provides. As per the term, ‘casual’ defines when an occasion or situation that occurs by chance. If a qualifying employee is unable to report back to work due to an unanticipated circumstance, they’re going to be given these kinds of paid Leaves. Casual leave is paid leave and may be typically availed after the probation period.

An eligible employee has got to take a few days off for personal reasons casual leaves can be used. Furthermore, prior approval should be sought before taking this type of leave.

Rules For Casual Leave:

  • Casual leaves are not merged with sick leave or earned leaves.
  • If the business is registered under the Shop and Establishment act, then the employee can get six days of casual leave.
  • Casual leaves are availed for a minimum of half day to a maximum of 3 days. However, the rules can be flexible as per company policies.
  • Casual leaves aren’t transferable to the next year.
  • Unused casual leaves expire immediately at the top of the year.

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