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Payroll Software
19 Jun 2022

10 Benefits of Online Payroll Software We Bet You Don’t Know!

Among all the automated tools, payroll software has become quite popular lately. It is helping businesses, be it startups, SMEs or MNCs, to reshape the way payroll is managed. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the blog and understand everything about automated payroll systems!

Integrate Payroll software
19 Jun 2022

Why Companies Must Integrate Payroll Software With Their HRMS!

Now, we have a question for you: is your payroll software integrated with HRMS? If you said NO, we want to tell you that you are missing a host of benefits. In this blog, we will tell you why you should integrate your payroll system with your HRMS at the earliest.

Payroll Processing
19 Jun 2022

Time to Overcome Payroll Processing Challenges!

Payroll processing may sound easy, but HRs know the actual struggle they face every month. If you are an HR manager who wants to overcome those challenges, just dive into the blog!

Request Denial Letter
18 Jun 2022

Request Denial Letter – Format, Meaning, Need, , Examples, and More

Don’t you feel denying an employee’s request is difficult? If yes, use this request denial letter format to politely deny your employee’s request. Click the link to download.

Business Invitation Letter
18 Jun 2022

Business Invitation Letter – Format, Meaning, Tips, Examples, and More

Planning a corporate party or a business event? Use the Business Invitation Letter from UBS HR Toolkit to send invitations for the same. Click to download.

Festival Bonus Letter
18 Jun 2022

Festival Bonus Letter – Format, Importance, Meaning, Examples, and More

Festival bonuses can make your employees feel valued and happy. Get access to customized free festival bonus letters from India’s leading HR Toolkit.

Condolence Letter
17 Jun 2022

Condolence Letter – Format, Meaning, Purpose, Examples, and More

The death of someone is very disheartening. Send Condolence letters to your employees or their families to make them feel valued. Download customized letters now.

Candidate Rejection Letter
17 Jun 2022

Candidate Rejection Letter – Format, Know the What, When, Why and How

Candidate Rejections are difficult yet important for the organization. Sending candidate rejection letters is the easiest way to inform the rejections. Download for Free.

Bonafide Certificate
17 Jun 2022

Bonafide Certificate – Format, Meaning, Uses, Sample, and Example

A bonafide Certificate is asked by employees when they apply for a new job, institution, passport, or visa. Download the Bonafide Certificate format for free at UBS HRMS Toolkit.

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