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How To Download And Fill Form 13 To Transfer EPF Account?

January 9, 2023
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form 13

Whenever employees wanted to transfer old PF balance details to the new account, they have to follow some procedure. For that, form 13 should be filled, whether it’s offline or online.

There is a long process, and every employee should follow it for transferring the old PF to the new one. To transfer the former account details and the fund balance to the new account, this form has to be furnished.

What’s Form 13?

The deductor deducts tax at the time of paying the payee. He or she claims the same at the time of filling ITR. It may happen the total tax liability of the payee is less than the TDS, and he does not wish to wait till year-end for claiming a refund of the tax deducted. In this case, the payee has to make an application for lower deduction or non-deduction of tax in form 13 to his or her AO- Assessing Officer under section 197.

So, Form 13 is to be filled out separately for every financial year. The payer is responsible for making the payment with the responsibility of deducting the tax at specified rates. If form 13 is filled in the scenario:

  • Payer incurred a loss at the end of the financial year.
  • The payer is eligible to claim an exemption during the year.
  • Payer has carried forward losses of previous years.

While TDS rates are determined in the income category it leads to undue difficulties.

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Eligibility To Fill Up Form 13 An Operation Under Section 197

The eligibility or who can fill the form 13 can be made where the income of any person attracts TDS as per sections and the payee justifies deduction or lower deduction of income duty grounded on his estimated final duty liability.

Sections Are: 

  • Salary – Section 192
  • Interest – Section 193
  • Dividend – Section 194
  • Rent – Section 194- I
  • Brokerage commission – Section 194H
  • Insurance Commission – Section 194D
  • Technical fees – Section 194J
  • Lottery Prize – Section 194G
  • Contractors Income – Section 194C
  • NRI income under 195 section – Section 195
  • Income from investment fund – Section 194LBB
  • Compensation on immovable property – Section 194LA
  • Income from investment in securitization – Section 194LBC

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How To Fill Form 13?

There are 2 ways to fill the form 13, whether you go for the physical form 13 PDF or you can consider it online. 

1. Manually

This operation can be made manually to the AO. You can download Form 13 from then.

You can download PDF or form 13 word copy from the HR toolkit of UBS.

form 13

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

  • Based on the information in FORM 13 by the applicant, the application shall be encouraged by the applicable TDS officer.
  • After carrying out applicable verification in FORM 13, and on receipt of approval of the competent authority, the Assessing Officer would induce the certificate.
  • The certificate will not be required for signature. The applicant now downloads the certificate from the TRACES login. 

2. Online

  • Do register yourself in TRACES.
  • Login in TRACES as “Taxpayer” under the “Statements/ Form”, and select “Request for Form 13”.
  • Details need to be filled up by the applicant online in Form 13.
  • Once all the details are filled up by the taxpayer, you need to upload appropriate documents and submit them by using a digital signature.

Details Needed For Filing Form 13

  • Taxpayer name and PAN number
  • Income details for the last 4 years
  • The Nature of payment
  • Details of Payment of Tax for the last 4 years
  • Current year’s income
  • Tax Paid for the current year
  • Details of exempt income

Training Feedback Form Details to Know

Documents Have To Be Submitted With Form 13

  • Form 13 with signature
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Copy of return of income along with acknowledgment for previous 3 financial years
  • If the assessee has business income then copies of the financial statement along with audit reports required for the previous 3 years
  • TDA number of all parties
  • Profit and loss account for the financial year
  • Default TDS earlier
  • Future estimated income
  • E-TDS return for previous 2 years
  • Any other documents depending on the nature of the income

How UBS Can Help To Fill Out Form 13?

Form 13 can be filed either manually or electronically. As UBS provides different types of government documents in the HR toolkit. You can consider any government document and check the blog to get the proper knowledge of how to fill it out.

Go for the guide before you go for the fill form 13 sample, and get documents along with it to make it easier for you. All the best!

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