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Payroll Calculation
16 Jun 2022

1 Solution For 10 Challenges of Manual Payroll Calculation

Today, almost all businesses across India are using payroll software over outdated payroll tools. A big question arises here- why are companies switching to such systems? Let’s dig deeper and know the top ten challenges of manual payroll calculation and a superb solution for the same!

Payroll Management Software
16 Jun 2022

Small Businesses Require HR and Payroll Management Software- Read to Know Why!

Payroll management software, also known as payroll software and automated payroll solution, is a tool used to automate and streamline the payroll process.

Leave Management System
16 Jun 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leave Management System

It's usually a good idea to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of leave tracking software before selecting. For the most part, the benefits vastly outnumber the disadvantages.

15 Jun 2022

Employee Query Letter – Format, Meaning, Tips, and Examples

If your staff is not functioning well despite warnings, you may send a query letter asking the reason for not performing. Click to download the ready-made Query letters.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter
15 Jun 2022

Scholarship Recommendation Letter – Format, Meaning, Purpose, Examples, and More

Scholarship Recommendation Letters help employees avail of a position in reputed universities or scholarship programs. Download these customized HR letters from the UBS HR Toolkit for free.

Birthday Wish Letter
15 Jun 2022

Birthday Wish Letter – Format, Meaning, Tips, and Examples

Happy Birthday!! May you have great health. Feels good when you see these messages, right? Make your employees feel valued by wishing them on their birthdays using our Birthday Wish Letters.

15 Jun 2022

Work Anniversary Letter – Format, Meaning, Guidelines, examples, and More

Wish your employees their work anniversary by writing work anniversary letters. Download the most cheering letters at India’s leading HRMS Software.

15 Jun 2022

Internship Offer Letter – Format, Meaning, Elements, and Examples

If you are hiring interns for your company, download the customized Internship Offer Letters from UBS - an ultimate HR Toolkit for your business.

Job Suspension Letter Format
15 Jun 2022

Job Suspension Letter During Misconduct Inspection – Meaning, Process, Template, Examples, and More

Job Suspension Letters are crucial for the healthy work environment of the company. With UBS HRMS Software, create the most fair and clear HR letters for your business.

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