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A Letter of Expectations to Employees – Setting Expectations in Action

January 5, 2023
HR Toolkit
Letter of Expectations

As a manager, you need to clearly let your employees know what you expect of them. When expectations have not been met and you have already coached the employee’s performance, and have not seen measurable performance; the next step is to put your expectations in writing. This is where a letter of expectations comes in.

Putting your concerns and expectations in writing for employees is the best way to address employees’ job performance or behavior concerns or both.

What is a Letter of Expectations?

A letter of expectations is an official document that is designed to help the employees succeed. Expectation Letter helps your employees have in writing just what you want from them as a letter. This letter is a way to start fresh when you think things are not working and need to be changed.

You should communicate expectations with your employees as clearly as possible. Also, you can use project management software like UBS PMS to track employees’ performance in order to see how your employees respond to the new expectations.

To ensure that the LOE is an effective tool in supporting employee success and it adheres to the legal recommendations, we have gathered a list of guidelines to create a letter of expectation for your employees.

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If Employees are Falling Apart, Re-work on Communication!!

Whether you acknowledge it or not, communication is an integral part of a leader’s success.

Communicating expectations effectively is a critical element of what it takes to be a great leader. Without clear communication, your employee would not be able to know in which direction to go.

But it isn’t as easy as it seems. One survey from Harvard Business Review found a severe gap in communication between managers and employees. 91% of the employees said ineffective communication prevents great leadership. However, by proper analysis, and with UBS HR Toolkit’s Letter of Expectation format, you can have a clear path to communicating your expectations.

Most of us view communication skills as simply that—skills that need to be developed, practiced, and invested in. Companies are moving quickly in the current environment.

Numerous companies are swiftly changing their priorities in order to respond to shifting personnel, employment, and economic conditions. A flexible and adaptable workforce is more crucial than ever, which implies that communication is as crucial.

How do you write a letter of expectations?

Section 1 – Describe the action that is being taken and the misconduct or performance issue with the employee.

Section 2 – Clarify your expectations in the letter of expectations.

Section 3 – Inform the employee regarding the FMLA Rights.

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What do Employees Expect from the Managers?

If you are a manager, employees expect your guidance and mentoring. You should be a strong leader who should be able to provide guidance and direction to his team members. They expect you to help them achieve their goals, meet targets, and accomplish their tasks in the shortest possible time frame. Also, you must give them honest feedback.

What are the Common Employee Expectations from Managers?

  • Be consistent with meaningful communication.
  • Give recognition and praise.
  • Provide mentorship, training, and honest feedback.
  • Create a better work culture.
  • Create a safe space for failure.
  • Provide clear vision and strong leadership.

How to Write Performance Expectations?

Effective expectations should be:

  • Specific: Your LOE should help the team members understand what is exactly expected.
  • Measurable: Measurements help employers, supervisors, and employees know when the expectation is achieved.
  • Achievable: As a manager, you should always set realistic expectations.
  • Result-oriented: Your set expectations should be result-oriented i.e., it should focus on end results.

Letter of Expectations

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

What is the Purpose of the Expectations Letter?

The purpose of an LOE (Letter of expectation) is to communicate expectations, provide guidance, and avoid future misunderstandings. This letter should be clear and specific about responsibilities and accountabilities. LOE is not considered a disciplinary letter. It should not contain the specifics of the situation, behavior, or any activity.

What are a Few Employee Expectations?

  • Show a respectful and positive attitude.
  • Work with honesty and integrity.
  • Represent the organization responsibly.
  • Perform their jobs to an acceptable, reasonable standard.
  • Keep a good attendance.
  • Conduct themselves professionally, even when they are not on duty.

How do I handle an expectation letter?

Talk to your site manager or regional manager about your issues regarding the employee’s performance to decide whether more coaching, an LOI, LOE, or a PIP is necessary.

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Summing Up – Clear Expectations, Clear Minds!!

Hopefully, the above blog will help you understand what a letter of expectations is and how you can write one.

By setting up the expectations clearly, you are helping your employees be more productive and put their minds at ease. Download the letter of expectation template from the UBS HR Toolkit, this will reduce your work to an extent.

Also, manage and track whether your employees are fulfilling your expectations the way you wanted with the help of UBS HRMS Software. Get in touch to know more.

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