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New Employee Introduction Email
21 Jun 2022

New Employee Introduction Email – Format, Importance, Tips, and More

A new employee introduction email is used to inform your current team members about the new hires. UBS HR Toolkit offers you customized, ready-to-use Introduction letters for free.

Second Interview Invitation Email
21 Jun 2022

Second Interview Invitation Email – Format, Meaning, Template, Examples, and More

Inform the selected candidates about the second round of interviews using the Second Interview Invitation Letter. Get access to this letter for free at UBS. Get in touch now.

job Interview Reminder Letter
21 Jun 2022

Job Interview Reminder Letter – Format, Meaning, Examples, and More

Sending reminders for the job interview is the best way to stay engaged with the candidates. Get the free job interview reminder letters customized according to your needs.

Payroll Management software
20 Jun 2022

How Payroll Management System Works & How Can It Benefit Your Company?

When we talk about automated HR solutions, payroll management systems need no special introduction. Let’s dig deeper and learn everything about payroll software.

payroll software
20 Jun 2022

How to Pick The Best Payroll Software For Your Organization?

While the majority of businesses have accepted that payroll software is a necessity today, the challenge remains to find systems that can easily adapt to one’s needs. In this blog, we will tell you how to pick the best payroll management system for your company!

20 Jun 2022

9 Things To Remember While Buying Payroll Software!!

With payroll software, HR managers were not buried neck-deep in paperwork as well as routine follow-up operations. Let’s dig deeper and learn more about payroll management systems in detail!

Letter of Expectation
20 Jun 2022

Letter of Expectation – Format, Definition, Purpose, Examples, and More

You need to clearly communicate your expectations to the employees who are not performing as per your expectations. Download Letter of Expectations from UBS HR Toolkit.

Temporary Employment Letter
20 Jun 2022

Temporary Employment Offer Letter – Format, Meaning, Steps, Examples, and More

You might sometimes need to hire employees on a temporary basis for a particular project. Generate temporary employment offer letters with UBS HR Toolkit.

20 Jun 2022

Redundancy Termination Letter – Format, Meaning, Process, Tips, Examples, and More

Redundancy is the most difficult to face when you need to terminate employees. Get access to the effective redundancy termination letter at India’s leading HR Toolkit for free.

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