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Want An Easy Guide To a No Objection Certificate? – Read This

January 11, 2023
HR Toolkit
No Objection Certificate

No- Objection- means “You can’t do objection on any action”, right? There are multiple types of certificates used in the whole employee’s career. But a No objection certificate is most important to take action, to change something, to apply for something, or to withdraw something.

What Is a No Objection Certificate?

No Objection Certificate- NOC is the official document that prefers No objection to any action regarding any operation. Many people have difficulty meeting this requirement. When you claim you have a NOC certificate for anything, you’re saying you’re not upset or annoyed by it. It is a document of permission given to a person or any company to proceed with the purchase or sale of something. NOC is a must-have document without any questions.

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) legally validates what is included in the certificate.  It is important; it has power as because of one document you can transfer even property.  If any heir has received any consideration, cash, for acquiring their share, it must be noted in the transfer paperwork with NOC.

The NOC establishes no objection by a company, individual, bank, or landlord for executing or doing something.


What Is NOC Letter Format?

All different industries or services have a different kind of NOC letter format. However, it is issued by an organization or individuals for a person or organization to not interpose any objection to the mentioned details in the No Objection Certificate.

There is no specific format for the NOC letter, but as per the sector or industry, it can be changed. It is mostly issued to educational institutions, corporate organizations, visa authorities, construction firms, and mortgage companies. It is requested by employment organizations, construction sites, etc to establish no objection to an agreement or contract with the concerned person.

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Importance Of NOC Letter

Primarily NOC was only used for – No Objection only. Now,

  • It can be produced in a court of law and used as evidence of innocence proof.
  • NOC can be used in lending, for home loans repaid, etc.
  • NOC is enabling you to collect necessary docs and make the process seamless without any issues.
  • NOC can help in removing the lien on the property.

Purpose Of NOC Letter

There are various purposes, NOC letter is mostly issued. Here we mention some of them:

  • For Visa OR Immigration.
  • For Education.
  • For Training.
  • For Reconstruction OR Remodelling of Property.
  • For Banking Related Work.
  • Allowing the employee to work with different organizations for different shifts or changes.

Various Types Of NOC To Use For Certificate

Here is the list of various types of No Objection Certificate to use for the certificate.

  • NOC for GST
  • NOC for Visa ( Employees)
  • NOC from Landlord
  • NOC for banking requirement
  • NOC for Visa (Students)
  • NOC for leaving a job ( Issued by the company)
  • NOC for Property Transfer
  • NOC cum Experience Certificate
  • NOC for court things
  • NOC for Tour
  • NOC for attending the event
  • NOC for course

Some we can describe as – NOC letter format.

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How To Write NOC Certificate/ Letter?

To write No Objection Certificate, you need NOC format first, there are a few elements that must be mentioned in the letter. It is an official letter to issue in the organization, so it will be written properly.  These are details to add:

  • Name Of Person In Favor Of.
  • Date Of Issuing NOC.
  • Name Of Person Issuing.
  • Contact/Address Of The Issuing Authority.
  • Official Signature.

Important Tips For NOC letter

To write any kind of NOC letter, it is necessary to know– how to write the letter. You need to consider the NOC letter format and important components added to the NOC letter. You should consider these things while writing a No Objection Certificate:

  • The letter or certificate should be short and point to point.
  • Don’t use difficult words.
  • Follow simplistic language to write a letter.
  • Make sure to add all details related to a NOC format.
  • NOC letter or certificate should be written on a letterhead.
  • The tone of the NOC should be clear.
  • Time – due date should be mentioned in the letter.

No Objection Certificate

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

How UBS Can Help You With The Same?

After reading this blog you mostly understand what is No Objection Certificate letter, how to write a NOC letter, what to add to a No Objection Certificate letter etc. But still, if you are confused about this letter you can directly download the documents like government forms & HR letters from the HR Toolkit. We have 300+ HR documents that can help you to know more about HR work and get it done easily without any hassle.

If you are wondering to do these complicated processes in one click, then you must check our Payroll Software. We will love to help you and for that let’s connect.


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