Thank You Letter - How to write an Impactful Letter to your Employees?
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Thank You Letter – How to write an Impactful Letter to your Employees?

January 16, 2023
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Thank You Letter

Organizations often neglect their employees after a long and tiring working week. Here, we are not talking about long chats with them or long presentations.

We are simply talking about how many of you say a simple “Thank You” to the employees and show that you appreciate their work.

When was the last time you took out time to show gratitude towards your employees for their hard work and efforts at the workplace? Perhaps this is the time you start writing Thank You Letter to your employees and expressing gratitude.

According to studies, thanking someone offers advantages for both the person thanking them and the person receiving them. It has been associated with increased well-being, happiness, and physical health. An optimistic view of life results from taking the time to concentrate on the good rather than the negative. In turn, this will improve the culture and morale.

Thank you letters are a wonderful way to acknowledge and appreciate your staff. This article outlines some guidelines for creating effective thank-you letters and provides templates that you can customize for your notes.

What is a Thank You Letter to Employees?

An employment thank you letter is a formal document sent to the employees to recognize their efforts and hard work, and show gratitude for having them on the team. Thank you letters are usually hand-written, typed, or in email format. Receiving appreciation for the work boosts employees’ morale and makes them feel valued and important. Employee recognition strengthens team relationships and promotes a positive company culture.


What are the Reasons to Say Thank You?

There are several reasons to thank your employees. Some reasons are mentioned below:

  • Excellent Performance,
  • Hard Work,
  • Volunteering,
  • Sales Performance,
  • Doing more than what’s required,
  • Excellent Leadership, and more.

Best Practices for Thank You Letters

In this section, we will discuss some of the best practices to write thank-you notes to your employees. When writing a thank you letter to your employee, you should be:

  • Sincere

Think about what the achievement meant, and how it made the work easier and benefited the team or the company as a whole. Use words that sound genuine and simple.

  • Specific

Writing the details will help the employee feel recognized and make the appreciation specific. You can ask other team members for feedback so that the employee can know that you have taken his/her entire efforts into consideration.

  • Personal

Think about the unique skills and abilities your employees bring to the table. Make sure to acknowledge these attributes in your letter.

  • Timely

To make the letter impactful, write the letter immediately after the accomplishment or the event.

  • Brief

Lastly, the letter must be short and precise.

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How to Write a Thank You Letter?

Follow these steps to thank your team members with a Thank You Letter:

1. Choose a Method

This choice often narrows down to the company culture, nature of the accomplishment, timing, and relationship with the receiver. Decide the mode of the letter, you need to decide whether email, a handwritten note, or a formal letter would work best. A handwritten thank you note seems more personal while a letter is the most formal type. The advantage of the letter is that the employee can keep the letter as a keepsake.

2. Write a Clear Subject Line

Always include a clear subject line in your letter.

3. Write a Salutation

Being your letter with a salutation. For example, Dear, or if you want to be less formal, just write, “Hi”.

4. State the reason for your letter

Clearly and briefly explain the reason why you’re writing this letter.

5. Explain why you’re grateful

In the letter, write a few words or sentences about how the employee’s achievements were beneficial for the company. Show gratitude for how the accomplishment improved the work of other team members or enhanced the process. Try to be specific about the employee’s impact.

6. Close the letter with high hopes

End your employment thank you letter with a note for the future. Say that you look forward to continued success, wonderful ideas, and more great work.

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7. Proofread carefully

Before sending the letter to the employee, check it for any grammatical errors or typos. Read the letter loudly to make sure that it talks sense.

Following the above steps will help you write a genuine and well-crafted letter of thanks. Still, if you have other work that restricts you from writing a letter, UBS HR Toolkit has a solution. Be it a thank you letter or any other HR document, we have got readymade, customizable templates for your requirements.

Below we have given you the readymade Thank You Letter Template and Examples. You can edit and download the letter and save time.

Here you go!!

Thank You Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Thank You Letter Format

Thank You Letter Format

Thank You Letter Example

Thank You Letter Example

What Elements Make Up a Thank You Letter Work for Your Staff?

We know that a simple thank you letter can motivate employees to work hard. But, how will you make sure that the letter you are sending will have the desired impact on the recipient?

There are 3 things that make up an impactful letter of thanks, and they are:

  • Personalization
  • Recognition
  • Encouragement

Always keep the above three things in mind when you are writing a thank you letter to your employees. Write your letter with the utmost honesty and sincerity. Make sure not to sound like a bot.

Use UBS HR Toolkit’s Thank You Letter for your Employees

We know that being a manager, you have to perform a lot of other duties in your daily routine. Therefore, taking out time to write the letter can be a bit difficult. The letter of appreciation needs to be customized, printed, and then given to the staff. If your business deals with a lot of employees and is a large one, the situation becomes substantially more complicated. The same is true when writing letters of gratitude for multiple people.

This is where ready-made HR Letter templates come in handy. With UBS HRMS Software, you can get any HR document ready as per requirement in a minimal time. Writing personalized documents is what is our USP. 


Employee morale can be dramatically impacted by sending thank you letters to employees for their dedication. It enables your staff to feel respected and cherished by your company. Your company will profit from contented workers who generate higher-quality work.

However, producing and mailing thank you letters to employees regularly can be quite a headache. It is difficult to manually send year-end thank you notes or to send them to many employees. Downloading UBS HR Toolkit is the best course of action.

UBS offers you customized pre-designed layouts to better engage with your audience. In conclusion, UBS can help you save amounts of time, money, and resources. Get in touch to know more.


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