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7 Most Useful HR Certifications in 2022 That Will Get You Noticed

October 10, 2022
HR Certifications

Like any other field, in the human resource department, a person needs to grow every single day in order to stand out. If you are not aware of the new trends in the industry, you might face issues landing new jobs.

So, If you are an HR, how can you manage to grow simultaneously doing a job?

This is where HR Certification courses come in. Free courses with HR certifications are the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

If you want to learn a new skill or improve your existing one be it recruiting, managing, or conflict resolution, you will get a free/paid course available on the web. After thorough research, we have listed various Online HR Certifications to up your skill game.

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However, let’s come back to the HR Certifications.

HR Certifications

Are online HR certifications really useful? Or are they valid?

Let’s dive deep!!

What are the Benefits of HR certifications?

Human Resource is a department where it is important to be able to demonstrate how knowledgeable and skillful you are. This department is continuously evolving, so one must stay up-to-date with employment laws, HR best practices, and other relatable.

HR Certifications can support your long-term career success.  Also, if you want to start a new career, online HR certifications can help you head start. HR certification may help you even if you have years (or decades) of HR experience by validating your expertise, keeping you up to date on the most recent best practices, and updating your resume to future-proof your job. It also offers plenty of networking opportunities.

The good news is that HR certification may be obtained in a variety of ways, including the ease of online HR certification courses. We’ve included HR certificates in this blog that are available to people worldwide.

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SHRM Certification Courses:

  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) 
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM -SCP) 

Certification Overview

The Society of Human Resource Management is one of the best and largest HR organizations that focuses on the professional development of HR professionals. IT started offering its own HR Certifications just a few years ago. It supports the aspirations of HR professionals to succeed professionally and personally.

Organizational strategy and leadership success are the main topics of the course and assessments. They do provide specialty services, such as ones that concentrate on creating a single HR department, immigration regulations, workplace investigations, talent acquisition, inclusive culture, and people analytics.

Who is it for?

Candidates for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification are usually those that perform HR-related tasks or formally enrolled students who want to confirm, reaffirm, strengthen, and/or expand their HR capabilities. The applicant must not be currently employed, and SHRM membership is not necessary.

Cost of the Program

SHRM-CP: For SHRM Member – $300USD, For Non-members – $400 USD

SHRM-SCP: For SHRM Member – $375USD, For Non-members – $475 USD

Online/In-person: This program is available in-person and online both in order to make it feasible for the candidates to pursue them.

Training Duration: 4 Hours (including 3 hours and 40 minutes of testing time)

Exams Required: Candidates for the SHRM-CP certification are not required to hold an HR position or have prior HR experience, however, it is advised that they have a fundamental understanding of HR practices and principles or hold a degree from a program that is academically aligned.

The SHRM-CP test is designed to evaluate operational HR expertise. Implementing policies, providing ongoing HR assistance, and serving as a point of contact for staff and stakeholders are all included at this level.

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HRCI (HR Certification Institute) Certifications

HR Certification Institute

Certification Overview

HRCI offers a suite of eight certification courses for each stage of the HR career. This certificate is a lifelong commitment and shows commitment and credibility to clients, staff members, employers, and peers across the globe. Your commitment to your HR career will be clear from your HRCI accreditation, which also establishes your standing in the industry.

Online/In-Person – Online and in-person, candidates can access the exam in both ways.  

The Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

The PHR certification validates your knowledge of the operational and technical aspects of Human Resources, including policies and guidelines. This program is for the HR professionals helping them understand everything about a tactical/logistical orientation, program implementation experience, and accountability to other HR professionals in the organization. It also puts light on various HR department-focused responsibilities rather than the entire organization. 

Program Cost

Exam Fees – $395 + Application Fees – $100.

Exam Required

It is a computer-based exam conducted at a Pearson VUE testing center or at your phone/office using OnVUE. The assessment duration will be around 2 hours (plus 30 minutes of administration time).

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Certification Overview

SPHR affirms your comprehension of the strategic and policy-making facets of human resource management as practiced. The credential is designed for strategic decision-makers who plan rather than execute HR policy. Organizations look for SPHR experts because of their proven responsibility for HR department goals, breadth and depth of expertise in all HR disciplines, and comprehension of business concerns outside of the HR function.

Program Cost

Exam Fees – $495 + Application Fees – $100.

Exam Required

It is a computer-based exam conducted at a Pearson VUE testing center or at your phone/office using OnVUE. The assessment duration will be around 2 hours and 30 minutes (plus 30 minutes of administration time).

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

Certification Overview

This certification is ideal for boosting your career growth. The aPHR certification is the very first certification designed for two different groups of people: human resource people who are just starting out their HR career or the non-HR professionals who manage people.

Program Cost

Exam Fees – $300 + Application Fees – $100.

Exam Required

It is a computer-based exam conducted at a Pearson VUE testing center or at your phone/office using OnVUE. The assessment duration will be around 1 hour and 45 minutes (plus 30 minutes of administration time).

Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)

Certification Overview

The GPHR certificate shows your knowledge of multinational HR responsibilities like globalization strategies, developing HR policies, and initiatives that support organizational global growth.

Program Cost

Exam Fees – $495 + Application Fees – $100.

Exam Required

It is a computer-based exam conducted at a Pearson VUE testing center or at your phone/office using OnVUE. The assessment duration will be around 2 hours and 15 minutes (plus 30 minutes of administration time).

AIHR Certifications

AIHR – Academy to Innovate HR. This is where you can develop your skills and learn the skills you would require in an ever-changing HR industry. This academy has members in over 140 countries and offers HR courses that are accredited as the most comprehensive course of study.

Who is it for?

This certification course is designed for HR professionals who do not have a technical background or have little or no experience in managing HR operations.

Training Duration

If you study for 4 hours per week you can finish the course in 10 weeks.


This is an online course and is self-paced. You can study at your convenience.

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HR Generalist Certification Program

Course Overview

You will receive the information, resources, and templates you need from the HR Generalist Certificate program to be successful as a one-person HR department. You can build and implement important HR practices, have uncomfortable conversations, and offer value to the company with the help of this online training course. The HR Generalist Certificate Program, which combines bite-sized on-demand video classes and useful downloadable materials, is the go-to tool for ambitious HR generalists looking to make an impact.

Program Cost

Rs. 39500

Digital HR Certification Program

Course Overview

You will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to spearhead HR’s digital transformation and make sure your company does not lag behind as a Digital HR Specialist. Start utilizing technology to enhance HR performance and give staff members the resources they require to be successful and happy at work.

Program Cost

Rs. 39500

HR Metrics and Reporting

Course Overview

As an HR reporting specialist, you’ll have a wide range of skills that cover the full reporting process, from automating reporting in enticing and user-friendly HR dashboards to adding crucial HR indicators. Making informed HR decisions requires you to have strong reporting techniques and accurate data.

Program Cost

Rs. 39500

HR Metrics

Certifications by Human Capital Institute

Course Overview

This program helps HR professionals with the operational and organizational capabilities to successfully volunteer human capital initiatives. These courses enable the HR teams to curate impactful and positive culture within the organization. There are several courses, a few of which are listed below:

Certification 1 – sHRBP (Strategic Human Resource Business Partner) certification

Certification 2 – PAHR (People Analytics for HR)

Certification 3 – CMHR (Change Management for HR)

Program Cost


Training Duration

4 weeks 


These HR Certifications are available in person as well as online to study according to your convenience.

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Middle Earth HR – HR Certifications

Course Overview

The HR E series is a complete series of 18 best skillful workshops that you may do over 6 weeks and complete in 3 weeks to help you master the abilities you require in your difficult times. Each program has 15-30 thoroughly developed learning bytes by internationally recognized faculties, 6 action learning projects supported by a learning support team, and coaches to ensure practical learning.

Program Cost

It starts from 12900 INR + GST and goes to 17900 + GST.


It is a mixture of live and recorded sessions with all the details in their calendar. 

Training Duration

4-6 weeks

Altogether, Is the HR Certification Worth It?

Although HR certifications are not necessary to work in the HR field. You may be someone who is just starting out or making up your mind to pursue your career in HR. However, if you are a professional who has spent a few or more years in this industry, HR certifications are the best way to advance your career. HR certifications are an important move towards promotion and new job opportunities.

On your list of things to do to advance your career as an HR professional, you should include acquiring at least one HR certification. Above is the list of best HR certifications, we hope one of these becomes the following step toward a rewarding career! Check out UBS HRMS for additional guidance and resources for HR professionals of all experience levels.

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What are the certificates for HR?

Just like other departments, skill advancements are required in the HR department too. There are various HR certifications available to advance your career in the HR field. Check out the above blog for the best HR Certifications.

Why is HR certification important?

You can build a comprehensive approach to hiring, orientation, analysis, and all other facets of human resources with the help of an HRM course. Studying human resource management also gives you insight into how such strategies are developed, put into practice, and evaluated in a global setting.

How long does it take to get HR certification?

Mostly, every HR certification course lasts for 30 to 40 hours. The lectures are all recorded in the online mode and you can study at your convenience. These lectures are accessible for up to 12 months after enrolling.

Which certification is best for HR?

Among so many HR certifications available on the web and in physical mode, choosing the best HR certification might require some research. Research and choose the one as per your need. Look for the above blog for some of the best certification courses.

What are the 4 types of HR?

The four types of HR Specialists includes: Recruitment, Labor Relations, HRIS (Human Resource Information System) professionals, and training and development.

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